Deleting Old Chapters

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Since Gravity Tales is going to re translate the early chapters, I will be deleting 1- 104 once they have finish translating them all.

Chapter 106 + 105 ZTJ

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Another Translator who emailed me made a website and attempted to translate ZTJ as well you guys can go check it out.!!!!

He and the REDDIT one have contacts with each other (I MADE SURE) so that no Stellar Transformation crap pulls on MY NOVEL NOT IN MY BOOK NO UHHH and hopefully things go well. I think it is well well try it out

Someone Translated ZTJ

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Well guys good news over the night when i slept someone tranlsated chapter 105… I am asking if he/she wants to host the chapters here as well bu that is up to him.

Dropping Ze Tian Ji

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Well since there are so many people asking me to drop the series we have decided to drop it. If anyone wants to take it go ahead Well hope for the best. Have fun Guys.


ALSO IF YOU PICK THIS UP TELL ME so i can link the website 😉

bc so many people were asking me to drop it and from those comments my group got depressed and doesn’t wanna work anymore
No joke lol

and we are not able to even give that weekly chapter… Don’t want to keep hold onto the project when others can translate it.

I just hope the next group that picks it up can do it well. And not end up like ST bad translations…. -.- i would cry…

P.S.: WE won’t be translating new series either because well look how this one went….. ANYWAYS IF YOU DO TAKE UP ZTJ PLEASE TELL ME SO I CAN LINK YOUR PLACE THX !!!! ENJOY!!!!

P.S.S: IF no one picks it up by winter vacation we might translate during the vacation but thats it… after that gotta wait till summer or our next break or something. BUT THIS IS NOT DEFINITE ITS A MIGHT…. SO DON’T PUT YOUR HOPES ON THIS LOL . only doing this for all the sad people out there…

Ze Tian Ji Double Chapters (103 + 104)

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Hey guys. Happy to bring you guys two chapters. Still trying to catch up with all the work.
Hope you guys are doing well and enjoy the chapter.
Thanks for reading again, we appreciate it.

Chapter 103
Chapter 104

Note from Bingo:  Translator A owes 1 chapter as of right now and translator Y owes 3 chapters… -.- T.T I am keeping tract for you guys =D [all hai the binggo !!]

Ze Tian Ji Chapter 102

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Been wanting to post this chapter for a long time but an editor is only as fast as his translators.
Anyways, thanks for being patient. Here is Chapter 102, its pretty interesting.

Thank you and enjoy

(Mecha Mushroom saved Jiang Ye) Jiang Ye Update

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GOOD NEWS GUYS. Mecha Mushrooms has decided to save our Jiang Ye by continuing it for us. He will start working on chapter 51 and on wards. We will not be working together and he took on the project so we will stop translating Jiang Ye. Here is the link to their website. for further details please ask them.

Jiang Ye final updates before winter vacation

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Chapter 49 and chapter 50 of Jiang Ye (probably last chapters until our winter vacation!!!! ) These chapters are not really edited… -.-   we might edit it later but not sure ….


Ze Tian Ji Chapter 101

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Hey readers. Another chapter is out. Thank you for reading, we appreciate it and enjoy!


Ze Tian Ji Chapter 100

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Hey guys. Here’s chapter 100!
Thank you all for reading.