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Because someone generously donated to us we decided to finish another chapter within 24 hours. (well probably be released in 10 to 11 hours from now?) Thank you SK ^.^

Also there should be another Ze Tian Ji chapter this week and a Jiang Ye Chapter this week too.

Btw: If you guys want chapters we can do donation system. 60$ per chapter and if you want a specific please say Ze Tian Ji or Jiang Ye specified. Also a maximum of 2 donation chapters a day on weekdays. (OR I WILL DIE) Other than that we will do as usual 3-4 chapters a week sometimes more sometimes less because of real life stuffs. The free chapters will always be guaranteed whether we get donations or not if no problems arise. But i will need to find out how to make a bar to show you guys how much is donated ect……. But probably won’t be any so it is fine =D  Well donations are up to you guys ^.^ See you tomorrow.


One thought on “Update

    ⒼⓞⓀⓊ ☁ said:
    June 6, 2015 at 4:02 am

    tyyy donation bro


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