Chapter 100: The Age of Blossom Over the Mountain

People of the Yao race were known to be innately strong. They did not need to purify their bodies because their vessels were naturally simple and unobstructed; they could directly absorb starlight and transform it into qi. However, their method also had an disadvantage: they can’t use most of the strong xiu xing methods humans have created. Even though occasionally there were a few geniuses who could use them, they did it through the same way Chen Chang Sheng taught Luo Luo. Because it was merely a simulation, when they reached higher stages, they encounter many difficulties.

Human vessels were as complex as the sea of stars. They could use their qi to simulate nature and demonstrate countless fantastic techniques. The shortcoming was that the human body was relatively weaker so they needed a long time to absorb starlight to purify and they risk their lives when trying to overcome stages.

Demons were regarded as perfect, from their body structure to their intelligence. It was as if they were born to xiu xing but maybe because they were too perfect, heaven felt sort of jealous. Their birth rates are very low and they also have some very troublesome problems.

There is no perfection in the world, and there is deficiency everywhere. This was very obvious regarding the particular case of Chen Chang Sheng.

He read all of the Scrolls of Way since youth. He could automatically understand the books’ meanings if he read them a hundred times which cultivated his spirit to a very high degree. If he could successfully purify, he would undoubtedly be the second Gou Han Shi. Unfortunately, as of right now, he couldn’t even break through the first stage of xiuxing.

“Heaven sure is high and far away, so it is too intangible to evaluate. We should try our best to learn, so we can improve.”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “This is the quote my senior told me. I always keep this in mind.”

“Your senior must be a great man.”

Jin Yu Lu applauded. He then looked at Chen Chang Sheng and Tang Thirty Six and said, “In the future, you two will be great as well.”

Tang Thirty Six was a genius ranked highly on the Honor Roll of Green Cloud, but the reason why he could get praise from an epic figure like Jin Yu Lu was because of his personality. Jin Yu Lu appreciated his determination in dropping out of the Heavenly Academy and how he treated things. He would definitely be uncommon in the future with such an attitude.

Not only Tang Thirty Six, but Jin Yu Lu also anticipated Xuan Yuan Po to achieve great heights because of his excellent talent. If not for his talent, he wouldn’t have had been accepted by the Startaker Academy. In addition, he met Chen Chang Sheng who was a great teacher that could help him improve swiftly.

But the one he valued the most was still Chen Chang Sheng because he was his princess’ teacher. He clearly knew just how much the princess improved in the several months that she studied at the Tradition Academy. These improvements were all due to this seemingly common youngster.

Most importantly, these three kids seemed to not know what fear and frustration were at all. They had their perspectives of the world and they hold onto their ideals firmly. Their hearts were as transparent as stained glass. As the sun fell on them, they would reflect the light more colorfully and dazzlingly.

Jin Yu Lu thought with mixed feelings. Although the Tradition Academy looked broken and deserted now, these three great young students would revitalize the Tradition Academy soon unless a great external storm suddenly destroys it.

Hearing the elder’s applause, Chen Chang Sheng felt a bit shy so he kept waving his hand. On the other hand, Tang Thirty Six felt like they deserved such praise. He grabbed Jin Yu Lu’s hands that were full of callus and shook them constantly. He praised, “Your eyes are as bright as fire.”

Jin Yu Lu took back his hand, placing them on his back. While walking out of the library, he laughed and left a sentence.

“Each age will bring forth new talented people to this land and each will rule its own domain for years to come.”

Yes, the development of this continent was never a straight line. Elites never appeared consecutively based on year. Sometimes even in hundreds of years there wouldn’t be any elite that would reach the Starfusion stage. However, other times it would take a little more than ten years before several saints appeared.

Just like the wild flowers on the hill. In the summer, fall, and winter, there are no flowers at all, but when spring comes, they all suddenly appear. However, the sprout of flowers was related to the weather, what was the birth of elites related to?

Such phenomenon was very strange. There’s no pattern and no reason. There could be peace that lasts for several hundred years as if the continent was taking a rest and then suddenly, the peace would be disrupted as if the continent thought it was time for activities and elites would appear suddenly.

In the recent thousand of years, there were two huge increases in the number of elites on this continent. At first the Great Zhou replaced the former dynasty and established the Tradition. In the several hundred years before this, when the world was in tremendous chaos, the continent was divided into sections. Countless elites seized a region and fought continuously against each causing many elites to pass away. Several hundred years ago, when the demons invaded, the second Emperor united with the former White Emperor. They lead countless elites to fight against the terrifying demons. Because of the war, immeasurable amount of stars that shined in the sky fell.

Those were the two great ages when stars shined and fell.

The Divine Queen, the Pope, the current White Emperor, the host of the Li Mountain, the Virgin of the South, Jin Yu Lu, Fei Dian, and Xiao Song Gong… they were all elites left from the last great age. That age was already several hundred years ago.

The continent had also been peaceful for several hundred years now.

Since several decades ago, more accurately speaking, ever since the Divine Queen was about to ascend the throne, the frequency of appearances of elites on this continent accelerated. Of course, this didn’t mean that suddenly, the continent had many elites on the high stage of Starfusion or even saints, it meant that many talented youngsters appeared.

Some talents are the youngsters on the Honor Roll such as Qiu Shan Jun, Mo Yu, Xu You Rong, Gou Han Shi, the wolf boy in the North, Luo Luo…and more.

When compared to the several hundred years of life a xiu xingist has, they were all considered youngsters. They may be only in the Seethrough stage now and mean nothing when compared to the elder elites, but everyone could see their potential and envision their future. Everyone knew that they could walk very far on the way.

In the recent years, the two Honor Rolls of Green Cloud and Midas, the Ivy Festival, other activities held by the sects, and the Great Trial are being valued more heavily. The sects and schools also pay much more attention to their young disciples or students because everyone notices this trend.

Jin Yu Lu believed, because of various reasons, that the three youngsters of the Tradition Academy would probably not walk an easy path like other youngsters would, but in the future they would definitely exhibit their own color and ignite their own glory.

Walking out of the library and standing on the staircase, the elder, who experienced fighting against the demons, stared at the various stars quietly in the sky. When he remembered an event, his emotions became heavier.

According to Zhou Du Fu’s words, the frequency of appearances of elites on the continent was related closely to fate. In the several hundred years after the war with the demons, the continent was peaceful so the number of elites that appeared was little.

Now the young elites appeared drastically. Did that mean peace would end soon?

Because absorbing starlight to purify never worked, recently Chen Chang Sheng would make a habit of not meditating the whole night. This was not out of frustration, it was because he had a more efficient way of using his time. When he stopped meditating, Xuan Yuan Po also stopped his physical training.

Xuan Yuan Po’s right arm was severely injured, so he temporarily still could not xiu xing, but he could still do some physical training. Even though Chen Chang Sheng felt sorry for the big trees next to the lake that suffered, he wouldn’t slow down the curing process for Xuan Yuan Po. Because Tian Hai Ya Er was too harsh and cruel, Xuan Yuan Po’s right arm was completely broken. Because a Yao’s body was different from a human’s body, it was also difficult to cure. The difficulty was so high that even the guest doctors from the royal palace had no idea how to treat it. Although he recalled some methods from the old medical documents, these methods would still take too long to completely cure him.

Washing his hand using warm water and wiping the sweat on his forehead, Chen Chang Sheng told Xuan Yuan Po to take a break.

However, he couldn’t fall asleep himself even though he was so tired. Seeing that the stars were bright tonight, he went to take a walk in the forest next to the lake.

He climbed up to the big pagoda tree and looked towards the streets outside of the school.

Standing on the tree to see the landscape had already become a part of his life and had also become a landscape in the Tradition Academy.

There were countless stars in the sky. There were tens of thousands of families of light in the capital as well, intersecting with each other as far as you can see. You couldn’t actually figure out which side was the sky, and which side was the earth.

He stared at it for a long time because he wanted to ascertain which part of the tens of thousands of family lights belonged to the Li Palace. He wasn’t sure if there was anyone there staring back at the Tradition Academy now.

Although Luo Luo only left a few days ago, the number of times he climbed up the tree increased a lot.

Suddenly, he heard a low voice coming from far away. He turned around and saw only the darkness in the forest, but a dull light penetrating from a very far away place. It should belong to the Herb Garden and it looked like someone was there.

He felt a little surprised since Luo Luo and her clansmen had all moved into the Li Palace. There should be no one in the Herb Garden. After a few dark nights, why did light and sound suddenly appear there? He subconsciously looked towards the entrance.

Seeing the new little wooden house was still lit up, he thought Official Jin should be still in the house, so who was in the Herb Garden?

Was it Luo Luo?

He knew that such a possibility was too small – if Luo Luo really left the Li Palace, then she definitely would come to the Tradition Academy first. Because he hoped on it, he jumped down from the branch and walked towards the light.

Coming down to the ground from the big pagoda tree, he could no longer see that dull light. It was blocked by the high wall between the Tradition Academy and the Herb Garden. According to his memory, he continued walking until he came to the wall behind the building. He pushed the door.

That was the door that Luo Luo opened up.

Since the appearance of this door, the Tradition Academy and the Herb Garden were basically connected together.

Chen Chang Sheng opened up the door. He looked at the runner vines and the stone hallway in front of him. He remained silent for a while, then walked by.

The Tradition Academy and the Herb Garden were only one wall apart — connected by a door. However, for some reasons, in the past he didn’t want to get too involved in Luo Luo’s life. Before, he didn’t want to know Luo Luo’s real identity to avoid creating embarrassment between them so this was actually his first time walking into the Herb Garden.

As the former royal garden, the later place that was managed by the Tian De Palace of the Tradition and used to cultivate rare herbs, the guards of the Herb Garden was obviously strict. However, they were all concentrated on the walls close to the Blossom Street and the East and South direction. There were actually no one near the Tradition Academy.

There’s way more than hundred types of plants in this garden. With the starlight, Chen Chang Sheng easily saw countless rare herbs recorded on medical notes. He also saw precious fruits such as Red Fruit slowly swinging on the branch along with the wind.

He wasn’t new to these herbs and fruits. In the past several months, because of Luo Luo, he had eaten lots of them.

The ground of the forest was stacked with fallen leaves. Because it was a little wet, footsteps were silent.

He followed the road in the forest that was formed by other’s steps as he got closer and closer to the dull light.

Finally he came to the front of the light.

There was a simple stone table in the forest. Above the table, there was a normal oil lamp.

The one sitting next at the table was not Luo Luo, but a middle aged lady.

The oil lamp shined on her face. Although it was only a common face, it gave him a very mysterious and uncommon feeling.

Or, was it because the forest was too dense and the light was too dull?

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