Chapter 103: Fall in Love with Your Bed

He walked towards the bed and shook the person inside his blanket gently. The clear sensation he felt on his finger reminded him that he should switch to a thicker blanket… Perhaps, the autumn days were getting colder?

Mo Yu opened her eyes and woke up. She took off the earmuffs and sat up on the bed. She yawned and stood up like nothing happened. Then, she walked in front of the bronze mirror to check her complexion. She first combed her dark hair and then started to wash away the leftover makeup on her face.

Once again, she showed off the unique technique of Starfusion xiuxingists. Countless water drops appeared magically from her thin fingers and reflected gem-like rays under the sunlight.

Watching her smoothly rub her face with the water drops, Chen Chang Sheng couldn’t help but shake his head.

After the last time he saw the scene of Mo Yu waking up and fixing her makeup, Chen Chang Sheng thought back and felt that it was a waste of life.

Yes, not a misuse of her ability, but a waste of life.

Those pure water drops were formed from her qi. Qi is absorbed from starlight during meditation, and meditation requires time. Time is life.

She was able to achieve such a high stage in xiuxing but she uses her ability to wash away makeup on her face. Obviously, she was wasting her life.

Looking at the youngster’s expression in the bronze mirror, Mo Yu knew what he was thinking about and said, “Only the water that is taken from the heaven and earth is of the purest form. Since it doesn’t need any containers to hold it, it isn’t contaminated. This type of water is the best kind to wash one’s face.”

Chen Chang Sheng was silent.

Mo Yu took out a towel from the drawer and lightly dried away the water on her face thinking that her explanation was pointless to a male.

Suddenly, she felt something strange.

She thought to herself, why was she explaining this to him?

“The recent peace of Tradition Academy will sustain until the Great Trial.”

She stood up and looked at Chen Chang Sheng expressionlessly, “You should understand what kind of sympathy and kindness this is and you should stay put as well.”

Chen Chang Sheng thought about it, but didn’t say anything.

“I heard…….you are preparing to claim the championship of the Great Trial?” Mo Yu asked interestingly.

Chen Chang Sheng was a little surprised.

Of his journey from Xi Ning to the capital, his most important goal was to take first place at the Great Trial. But if this was known to the public, it would attract more mocking and discussion than marrying Xu You Rong. Because of his fear of this, he only told his two most trusted peers.

Luo Luo and Tang Thirty Six knew about it… plus the dark dragon.

Where did Mo Yu hear about such a thing?

He remembered something, perhaps he brought up the topic when he was talking with maid Shuang Er in Dong Yu General’s Mansion.

He didn’t want to present his goal to the entire world, but when someone was asking him, he couldn’t object. Lying and covering up isn’t his way of life.

“Yes, I want to try and test the possibilities.” He looked at Mo Yu and said.

Mo Yu’s expression slowly turned solemn. Due to Chen Chang Sheng’s calm expression when he replied, she couldn’t mock him.

She wrinkled her eyebrows slightly and said, “Although I don’t like you, I know you are not an arrogant idiot.”

Chen Chang Sheng answered, “I just want to try.”

“Have you seen anyone recently?”

Mo Yu suddenly asked. She asked him if he saw anything, but didn’t add any specific details, not even a name. Because she was confident that if Chen Chang Sheng saw that person, he would remember and would know who she was talking about.

The Divine Queen told her that Chen Chang Sheng wanted to claim the first place in the Great Trial.

The peace of the Tradition Academy was also given by the Divine QUeen.

She never understood why the attitude of the Queen suddenly changed that night. She tried to find any hidden connection between these events.

Chen Chang Sheng was stumped. He had been xiuxinging and reading in Tradition Academy for the past few days. He didn’t even step out of the academy’s door, how could he encounter…….

He suddenly remembered that middle aged woman who sat in Herb Garden and drank tea with him. He grew cautious. Is Mo Yu trying to ask about the middle aged woman? What is her purpose? Mo Yu has dominant influence in the palaces and he was worried that she may bring trouble to the middle aged woman.

“Who?” He didn’t admit nor object. He was only asking a rhetorical question.

It was a suitable reply. Mo Yu didn’t think too much about it. She looked at Chen Chang Sheng’s clean complexion and thought back to the Divine Queen’s expression when she talked about the youngster. She knew something strange was happening.

After a moment of thought, she looked at Chen Chang Sheng and laughed. The usual cold and prideful eyes suddenly became seductive and she asked quietly, “I slept on your bed two times, perhaps there is some fragrance left over. Did you smell it at night when you were sleeping?”

When she laughed, her eyes squinted. Although her voice was a little husky, it was nice to hear.

Chen Chang Sheng stepped back and kept his distance while answering, “I did not.”

Mo Yu followed up and widened her eyes. She looked at him and asked sincerely, “Why?”

Although she seemed to not do it on purpose, her eyes brightened and it made men nervous.

“Because after you left that day, I changed the blankets.”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “After you leave today, I’ll change the blanket again.”

The room got quiet and the golden leaves outside the window were waving back and forth in the wind. It seemed like the leaves were mocking the crickets that were jumping in the grass.

A few moments later, she slowly stood up and looked into his eyes while asking, “Why?”

Chen Chang Sheng answered honestly, “Sanitation problems.”

Mo Yu’s breath got heavier. She asked coldly, “You think I’m dirty?”

Chen Chang Sheng answered sincerely, “I know being a neat freak isn’t necessarily good, but you never take off your coat when you sleep…..I can’t accept that.”

Mo Yu controlled her desire to destroy the entire building and smash Chen Chang Sheng into pieces. She walked heavily to the door and stopped. She thought about Chen Chang Sheng’s words again and turned around and asked, “You are saying you don’t like my clothes being dirty, not me being dirty?”

Chen Chang Sheng didn’t know how to answer. From his point of view, Mo Yu tilting her head and asking curiously was kind of cute, almost like Luo Luo. How could he connect her to the keen and powerful Lady Mo Yu?

Mo Yu smiled sweetly and asked, “If that’s what you are worried about, then I’ll take off my coat next time, or I will just be completely naked when sleeping in your blanket. If I do that, will you change your blanket afterwards?”

Chen Chang Sheng never expected this kind of situation. His mouth opened slightly but no words came out.

Mo Yu lowered her head and said embarrassingly, “If you are still happy with that…..then I will take a bath first and clean myself up beforehand. That will be fine, right?”

Chen Chang Sheng’s mouth opened wider and could only let out one syllable – that syllable is definitely not the Dragon Tone that Taoist Ji taught him.


“You are shy now?” Mo Yu covered her the smile on her lips with her hand. A trace of pride flashed through her eyes.

“I think it’s best not to.”

Chen Chang Sheng woke up from his thoughts and looked at her while speaking solemnly. “There is a barrier between man and woman, plus you got Min Palace in the Royal Palaces and you have your own house in Orange Garden. Why do you need to sleep at Tradition Academy? Moreover, why sleep on my bed? If anyone else heard about this, it would be devastating to your reputation….”

Mo Yu didn’t have time to hear his lectures. She blinked a few times and asked lightly, “Are you not satisfied?”
Chen Chang Sheng thought for a moment and scratched his head, “I never thought much about the things between men and women, plus……I don’t understand it.”

Mo Yu’s eyes were filled with laughter, “If you don’t understand……I can teach you.”
Chen Chang Sheng moved back another two more steps and arrived in front of the window. He spoke with reason, “Lady, I am in an arranged marriage.”

His room wasn’t too high, it was on the second floor. It would be easy for him to jump to the surface.

Mo Yu laughed happily and said, “Speaking of which, you and Xu You Rong are very similar. If it’s necessarily, you guys can use the marriage vow as a shield. But what if you were not the fiance of Xu You Rong?”

Chen Chang Sheng shook his head, “I still won’t.”

He didn’t even think about it and gave his answer. It hurt Mo Yu’s pride.

She was a little irritated and asked, “Why?”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “Because you are ill.”

Mo Yu was furious, “You are ill!”

Chen Chang Sheng thought to himself, “I’m ill.” But my secret shouldn’t be spilled to others. He looked at her seriously and said, “I’m speaking the truth. You are under constant pressure and have insomnia while sweating too often. I believe no matter where you are, in the palace or Orange Garden, you can’t fall asleep. That’s why you are walking around early in the morning.

Mo Yu raised her eyebrows slightly and stared at him while not speaking. She thought to herself, “How does he know this?”

Just this year she was suffering from insomnia and sweating. She couldn’t fall asleep at night and she needed to help the Divine Queen during the day. She rarely had a moment to close her eyes because of the articles she needed to edit before handing them to the Divine Queen. After days and days of loss of sleep, even as a xiuxingist of Starfusion stage, she couldn’t handle it anymore.

The reason she carries around soundproof earmuffs and fragrance bags is to fall asleep.

But they were of no use. Only until few days ago when Family of Tian Hai was attacking Tradition Academy and she came to the academy to see what was going on so that she could control the level of riot while forcing Chen Chang Sheng to disband the marriage vow did she somehow manage to fall asleep on his bed.

She didn’t understand why.

Chen Chang Sheng’s bed was ordinary besides the fact that it was extremely clean. But how could she fall asleep so easily on it?

The bed has a dull color and its texture was just normal cotton. How did it have a thin scent that could surround her with safety?

Mo Yu couldn’t find an explanation. She thought what happened that day was just a coincidence. But after that day her insomnia got worse, especially after the Divine Queen went to Herb Garden. Mo Yu needed to think about too many things and she just couldn’t sleep. Until today, she finally gave up and came here again.

She told herself the reason she came to Tradition Academy today was to warn Chen Chang Sheng, and at the same time gather some information between the Queen and Chen Chang Sheng. But the moment she saw Chen Chang Sheng’s bed, she knew that she only wanted to sleep on his bed.

“Constant worry?” Mo Yu looked at him and asked, her expression was heavy and the depths of her pupil showed a trace of coldness.

Editor Binggo: LOL i swear reading this chapter legit cracked me up. He shat on Mo Yu’s life so badly. Sanitation problems, You are dirty, I have an arranged marriage. You waste your life not ability but LIFE.

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