Chapter 93: Blame it on the Rain

The next moment, Chen Chang Cheng relaxed his tension a bit because he saw long black hair on the bed. He did not relax because the person was female, but because if she was indeed an assassin, she wouldn’t have revealed her location this easily and she definitely wouldn’t have slept on someone’s bed.

Raindrops hit the window and the splashing sound disturbed the lady on the bed. She turned around but didn’t wake up. Faintly, silk earplugs could be seen through her hair. Her complexion was just as beautiful as usual, but perhaps due to her state of sleeping, her usual coldness and power was nowhere to be found.

Looking at her beautiful complexion, Chen Chang Sheng was shocked. He never would’ve thought this person was Mo Yu. As the person most trusted by the Divine Queen, she should be very busy. Why was she in this small building of the Tradition Academy and why was she napping on his bed?

Mo Yu really needed some sleep. For some reason, she slept sweetly and didn’t even need to think of plots and strategies in her dreams. She was extremely relaxed and she snored softly. Sometimes, her tongue would reached out and lick the corner of her lips. This was not to seduce anyone, but it was more like an act of an innocent child.

Chen Chang Sheng wrinkled his eyebrows. He couldn’t understand what was happening. Looking at the make-up that was leftover between her eyes and was surprised that this cunning yet beautiful woman had this innocent and tired side.

He placed the short sword back into its sheath. If Mo Yu was here to kill him, he would be dead even if he held the Legendary Frozen Spear. He pushed Mo Yu’s body a little. Although his finger didn’t touch her body directly due to the separation of the blanket, he still felt the sensation from his fingertips. Her skin was soft and silky.

Just when his finger landed on the blanket, Mo Yu opened her eyes.

Although she didn’t nap for too long, it was still of good quality. She slept much better here than at the royal palace or the Orange Garden. She was satisfied and her eyes were half shut. They were like the willow leaves around the lake, filled with joy.

Then she saw Chen Chang Sheng and remembered where she was, what she was going to do and why she slept. Her eyes became serious and her joy became like the shadow of willow leaves on the surface of the lake as they are destroyed by a silly kid throwing a stone.

Her expression turned seldom and the joy in her eyes vanished. Instead, it was replaced by chilling glares.

She blinked and was now fully awake. She was calm as usual. Not laughing, not cold and not seductive, just calm.

In just a short period of time, she turned from an innocent kid to a cold, powerful figure and then to a regular woman. The transition was quick and flawless. Looking at this scene, Chen Chang Sheng was impressed. If she was wearing so many masks in her life, will she remember her true self in the end?

“What time is it?” Mo Yu asked.

Chen Chang Sheng answered her.

Mo Yu glanced outside of the window and saw the wet leaves in the autumn rain. She said, “The sound of autumn rain falling on the window is making people falling asleep.”

After finishing her sentence, she stood up and walked towards the bronze mirror next to the window. She took out a comb from her sleeve and started brushing her hair. Her actions were naturally and she didn’t show a sign of embarrassment or nervousness.

It was as if she wasn’t in the Tradition Academy, but rather her own house in the Orange Garden.
Chen Chang Sheng’s eyes moved from her pretty belt around her waist onto her face reflected from the mirror. He saw the leftover make-up on her face and the fatigue between her eyes and said, “You seem to be very tired.”

He was sure that only people who are truly tired and under constant stress could sleep as sweetly as she did earlier.

Mo Yu’s hand that held the comb froze for a moment. Then, she continued to brush her hair. She mocked, “What does a child understand?”

From her perspective, Chen Chang Sheng was just a child.

Chen Chang Sheng replied, “Even a child wouldn’t go to another person’s house to sleep.”

Mo Yu’s hand that held the comb froze again.

“I heard Tradition Academy would be lively today so I came to check. But I didn’t expect it would be so boring that I would fall asleep.” she answered calmly.

In fact, she was a little embarrassed but she couldn’t let Chen Chang Sheng know that she was embarrassed or else the situation would be even more embarrassing for her. Just like what she did earlier, right after waking up, she blamed the autumn rain for making her fall asleep.

In truth, even she didn’t understand why she was sleeping, and why on Chen Chang Sheng’s bed. She could only think of reasons such as Chen Chang Sheng was just a kid and he was unrelated to the business in the court. Therefore, she was relaxed when facing him and the scent of the blanket……..was really good.

It was the scent of sun, but not as harsh. It was the smell of rain, but not as humid. It was the taste of apple, but not as sweet. All in all, it was a pleasant smell.

Mo Yu realized she was thinking too much and she wrinkled her eyebrows. She was a little confused. Then she looked at her face in the bronze mirror and was a little displeased. She said, “I never expected such a big mirror in the room of a youngster. I don’t see any makeup on your face, and you don’t seem to be a person who cares about appearances that much.”

“With a mirror, one can adjust their clothing, but they can also adjust their attitude.” Chen Chang Sheng explained.

“True.” Mo Yu stopped for a moment and continued combing her hair.

Few moments later, her dark hair was as smooth as before. She reached her finger out of the window. Although she was far from the rain, a drop of water formed on her fingertip.

This scene was beautiful. If an ordinary people who knew nothing about xiuxing saw this, they would think it was a miracle.

Chen Chang Sheng knew this was the powerful control of Starfusing xiuxingists on their surroundings. But he didn’t understand why she did this.

Mo Yu pressed her fingertip slightly on the space between her eyebrows and rubbed slowly. The leftover makeup came off as the water spread around her face as if a blossoming tree scattered its flowers.

Chen Chang Sheng then realized why she used her power and perfect precision to form the water drop on her fingertip; she used it to take off her makeup. He was confused by the actions of a woman. For this, he had a very different opinion, but after some thought, he held his tongue.

“Do you know what the Queen said?” Mo Yu asked after she took off the leftover makeup from last night.

Chen Chang Sheng was silent. Previously, he had told Tang Thirty Six that he wanted to know the Divine Queen’s opinion but now that it was actually happening, he suddenly didn’t want to know anymore.

“The Queen said, ‘kids just like to fool around.’”

Mo Yu didn’t turn around, but she continued, “Although you are also a kid, the Queen wasn’t talking about you.”

Chen Chang Sheng knew that perhaps even until today, the Divine Queen never heard of his name. The kid she talked about was Luo Luo.

“Emperor Bai and his wife sent Princess Luo Luo to the Queen to take care of her. The Queen is her elder and therefore if she is mentoring her, Princess Luo Luo must obey her words. Previously the princess was studying at the Tradition Academy and recognized you as her teacher. The Queen didn’t want to bother with your business because she regarded this as a game but you guys made too big of a mess at the Ivy Festival.”

Mo Yu looked into the mirror and saw the reflection of the youngster, “the Queen doesn’t want the princess to fool around with you anymore.”

Chen Chang Sheng lowered his head and stared at the floor. He was silent.

“Don’t rely on Princess Luo Luo’s name. You will be left with nothing if the Queen spoke even a word against you. You must understand this.

“I never had anything in the capital and so, I have nothing to lose.” Chen Chang Sheng replied.

“What about your life? I’m surprised that you are still standing in front of me. It seems that Tian Hai Sheng Xue is more careful now than before……oh right, you know nothing about that guy. Don’t be mistaken, although he seems like a sane person, Tian Hai Ya Er isn’t even close to his level when Tian Hai Sheng Xue goes crazy. If he never went training in the Snowing Gate and concealed his temper, you would’ve probably died in front of Tradition Academy’s door this morning.”

Chen Chang Sheng raised his head and looked at her in the mirror, “General Tian Hai’s temper is still not good. This morning, he truly wanted to kill me. The reason I can still stand here right now isn’t because he showed mercy, but rather because he couldn’t kill me…….”

He continued, “Just like last night, I was able to show the marriage vow to the entire world. It’s not because you showed mercy, but rather because you couldn’t seal me.”

Mo Yu raised her eyebrow slightly. She wasn’t particularly happy.

“Usually you don’t talk as much.”

“I also think it’s strange. No matter in front of Wei Yang Palace, in the ruined garden, or right now, I always talk more when facing you.”

Mo Yu turned around and looked at Chen Chang Sheng quietly. For some reason she shook her head.

She didn’t understand. Although this youngster was so ordinary, why Princess Luo Luo respected him so much? Even Xu You Rong sent letters herself to talk about him. Even if Chen Chang Sheng behaved extraordinarily at the Ivy Festival, she still couldn’t understand.

What she cared and was most confused about was still that question.

“How did you leave the Tong Palace?”

Chen Chang Sheng didn’t answer, he just looked at her.

At that moment, Mo Yu had already taken off her makeup. Her skin was white and smooth. Her eyebrows were sharp and her eyes were lively. She seemed to be a lady around twenty eight years old.

But she wasn’t a naive lady. She was the most powerful official of Zhou Dynasty.

She was behind the plans of Luo Luo leaving Tradition Academy for Academy of Li Palace, and she hinted the members of Tian Hai Family to come this morning.

She was the mastermind behind all this and she was also the biggest enemy of Tradition Academy right now.

“Some people think the rise of Tradition Academy and you symbolize something. But both you and I know that it is all a coincidence.”

She looked at Chen Chang Sheng and said, “Previously, Xu Shi Ji requested me to do something, but his daughter sent me a letter as well. I didn’t know how to handle this situation after thinking about it for a long time. Therefore, I forced you into the Tradition Academy and waited for nature to take its course. But I never expected that you would encounter Princess Luo Luo here and rise from this graveyard.”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “Yes, this is how things went.”

Mo Yu’s expression gradually turned cold, “One of my random actions made such a mess. But how can this trouble me? I don’t care about the existence of the Tradition Academy. I only care about the completion of my goal.”

Chen Chang Sheng asked, “What are you trying to do?”

“Everything will end the same way it began and so will this. Since this trouble started from the marriage vow, then let’s end it with the marriage vow. Take out the marriage vow and disband the agreement. It’s your best choice to start over.”

“Xu You Rong has recognized this marriage vow.”

“Did you ever think about the reason why she recognized this marriage vow? Do you really think she likes you? You really believe that a woman like her would marry a stranger just because of her parents’ words? Or do you think that she really cares about keeping promises?”

Mo Yu looked at him and said, “Since you were able to debate with Gou Han Shi, you are obviously a smart person. The moment you saw the letter brought by the crane last night, you should have already realized her intention. Why are you pretending to know nothing about it? Aren’t you ashamed of being used as an excuse?”

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