Chapter 94: Fight the whole Capital (Part 1)

Chen Chang Sheng understood what she meant — if the rumor was true and Xu You Rong actually didn’t want to marry Qiu Shang Jun or for that matter, anyone at all, then the best excuse was to refuse anyone other than him. This allowed her to perfectly shut everyone’s mouth.

That piece of paper would be her best reason and he would be the indestructible signboard behind her.

Yes, this explanation described the current situation the best, and also perfectly corresponded to the words that Xu You Rong specifically wanted Shuang Er to bring to Chen Chang Sheng – ‘please don’t misunderstand’. However, Chen Chang Sheng didn’t agree with Mo Yu’s words regardless of their meaning only because she said it in such a harsh way.

“It looks like the relationship between you and the Miss of Xu Mansion is not as good as I imagined.” Chen Chang Sheng offered.

“This has nothing to do with whether or not our relationship is close or not. Demons have already rested in the North for several hundred years, so the human world needs to maintain the union with Yao and also maintain its union internally. The connection between the South and the North is a very essential thing. Xu You Rong and Qiu Shan Jun’s engagement may not actually change this relationship, but it was at least a symbol. Also, it was the symbol that the entire continent used to judge her thinking and actions as very unwise.”

“But you can’t do anything to her, so you say these words intentionally to agitate me?”

“Don’t you think this is the truth?”

“Any truth needs to be confirmed as truth after it actually happens.”

Chen Chang Sheng thought about the words he spoke in the discarded garden. It could be not nullified because he didn’t want to waste another’s youth and life, but he encountered too many things in the capital. It taught him to not believe in things too easily and that some words needed to be heard in person to be considered true.

“To make me to cancel this engagement is actually not too difficult. Just tell Miss Xu to talk to me herself.”

He looked at Mo Yu and said, “Everyone says she has the tolerance of a phoenix, but at least on this thing, I don’t see it.”

Mo Yu suddenly said, “Actually, I am making this more complicated than it actually is.”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “This thing troubles me too.”

Mo Yu’s black hair gradually spread out and her thin eyebrow looked like sword. She stared at him and said, “If I could, I would rather kill you using one finger.”

Even at a young age, she was already an elite at Starfusing stage, and had the Divine Queen’s trust. In the Great Zhou dynasty, it could be said that she was only below one person and above everyone else. She was truly a great person but she was forced to manage this engagement. There were also some other reasons why she couldn’t do things freely which contributed to her gloominess.

Chen Chang Sheng sensed the danger. Just now, he remembered that the beautiful girl in front of him was not a commoner. He gazed at her eyes and asked, “You came to the Tradition Academy today and had people from the Tian Hai family do what you wanted them to do. Does the Queen know about this?”

Mo Yu laughed contemptuously but didn’t say a word. She could acquire the Queen’s trust, and in only a few years, could climb to the peak from being just a common official. Besides her own ability, the most important reason for this was because she was good at understanding the Queen’s intention.

There were many things that, for a variety of reasons, the Divine Queen could not outwardly show and sometimes when the Queen couldn’t reveal her true intention, Mo Yu would work on it silently behind the scenes to help the Queen accomplish them properly.

Such as this engagement representing the connection between the South and North.

Mo Yu had never failed in this aspect and she understood clearly what the Queen wanted.

“The Bishop in the Department of the Traditional Education, the other elders in the Li Palace and other people who had a lot of authority in the Tradition seemed to want to protect the Tradition Academy, but they actually were just using you. Don’t you see this?”

“I was arranged by you to study in the Tradition Academy.”

Looking into her eyes, Chen Chang Sheng said, “If the elders of the Tradition really wanted to use me, and eventually used me successfully, then before the Queen’s anger fell on my head, it should fall on you first. Is this why you are so urgent in forcing me to cancel the engagement? To compensate your own fault?”

Mo Yu’s feeling changed slightly. It was unsure if this was because he spoke out the thing she was worried about but then she laughed out contemptuously, “The Queen’s trust in me is known to the entire continent. Little kid, you actually think these few meaningless words will have an impact?”

Chen Chang Sheng replied, “Yes. It’s only by chance that you arranged me into the Tradition Academy. The Queen probably will not suspect any other intentions of you but she will remember this. It’s your random decision that is causing her honor to be challenged. Right now the Queen still likes you and trusts you, so there’s no problem, but one day in the future, if the Queen no longer likes you and trusts you, then this event will come back to get you.”

Mo Yu slightly raised her thin eyebrows, emitting a stronger sword spirit.

“Indeed, the current situation of the Tradition Academy is somewhat tense, but the situation you are facing is actually not so good either.”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “Just like the day I said in the garden, I will not cancel the engagement on my own unless she comes and discusses it with me. In this regard, you do not have any power so please return to your mansion and think of some other methods.”

Mo Yu thought what she heard was very interesting. Her thin eyebrows slowly simmered down, and her voice slowly turned calm,

“A little kid like you dares to tell me to leave?”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “No I don’t dare to, I am asking you to leave.”

Mo Yu laughed for real because she found it very surprising, “How dare you treat me like this?”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “Dissidence of opinion makes it useless to talk.”

In this conversation, he appeared to look like an adult but in reality, he was only a youngster. It looks like he is well-spoken because of his ability to speak sharply but with his still immature face and his swinging of his arm, he actually looked very cute and very dull.

To Mo Yu, only cuteness and dullness were true about Chen Chang Sheng. So Mo Yu also became angry for real. She perceived the previous words as words to speak against her but at last, she became certain that Chen Chang Sheng actually wasn’t scared of her.

Since she began to serve for the Divine Queen, no one dared to treat her like this. In addition, no one dared to tell her to leave — not the prime minister, not the nobleman in the Tian Hai family and not even the big figures in the Tradition. Even the Pope treated her kindly, but Chen Chang Sheng did it.

“Are you really not afraid of death?” she bit her lip and said harshly.

Chen Chang Sheng said honestly, “If you can kill me, then last night next to the Black Dragon Pond I would already be dead. And since I didn’t die, then there are definitely reasons why you can’t kill me. So I am afraid of death, but…… I am not afraid of you.”

The more real the words are, the more it hurts people, so his words hurt the most.

Mo Yu’s eyes turned colder and colder.

“True, I promised someone that I can’t kill you….but there are still so many other people who want to kill you. Even if there is an engagement arranged, so what? It’s impossible for you to marry Xu You Rong, and it’s impossible for her to marry you. Because she’s the unique phoenix of the continent, her status is holy and her marriage with Qiu Shan Jun has been talked about for years.

Everything related to her, in people’s hearts, should be the finest. Now, a dirt like you appears and thinks people will be fine with it?”

Looking at Chen Chang Sheng, she sneered, “Do you know what you are doing? You are destroying everyone’s beautiful imagination or expectation. These imaginations and expectations are admittedly childish, but if you successfully make the entire world unhappy, do you know how this world is going to treat you?”

With that, Mo Yu left the Tradition Academy. Chen Chang Sheng, as the owner of the Tradition Academy, sent her away. He didn’t walk with her to the entrance, but instead, he stayed in the school in the depths of the forest. He watched her pass through forest and eventually disappear. He stood in place for a long time.

There’s a wall in the forest. It is the wall between the Tradition Academy and the Herb Garden. The wall extends into the depth of the forest. Faintly, the evidence of erosion on the wall can be seen and there was a thick layer of moss on the bricks. Between the bricks, there was a gate that had not been opened for a long time.

That was the wall to the royal palace. Mo Yu returned to the royal palace through that gate.

Normally, standing on the lake or big pagoda tree, he could faintly see the structure of the royal palace so he knew that the royal palace was near. But today, he found out that there was actually a gate in the depths of the Tradition Academy. He didn’t know that the royal palace was actually so close.

Because of the Ivy Festival, he went to the royal palace once. He remembered the huge group of buildings, he remembered the middle aged woman by the pond, and of course, he couldn’t forget about the Frost Almighty Dragon who was imprisoned by iron chain under the Black Dragon Pond for countless years.

He had promised the black dragon that he would go visit when there was time to chat. He didn’t forget about his promise, but he didn’t know when he could go to the royal palace again. However, after finding out about the old door covered with mosses today, he suddenly realized that it was actually possible.

Yet the royal palace was huge. Even if he took the risk to sneak in, how could he find that discarded garden? That night when he was able to find the Wei Yang Palace, he owed it to the black goat. Now that he didn’t have the black goat, he didn’t dare to go in blindly.
The words that Mo Yu said before leaving soon became real.

After the rain stopped, several hundreds of youngsters came to the entrance of the Tradition Academy. There were students from the Heavenly Academy, workers in the Thirteen Divisions of Green Light and scholars from the capital but the majority of them were common people. The group was very diverse, but they all had the same idea.

People surrounded the Tradition Academy’s broken door. They waved their arms furiously and shouted.

“Tell the kid with the last name Chen to roll out!”

“What a villain, everyone can kill kim!”

“Who do you think you are!? How dare you want to marry Xu You Rong!”

“You think you are Qiu Shan Jun!”

“Give up the fake contract!”

“Countryman, get out of the capital!”

“You are only an ugly toad compared to Xu You Rong. How dare you eat the phoenix!”

Harsh scoldings echoed in the entrance of the Tradition Academy. The sound became louder and louder. The words became harsher and harsher. Countryman, shameless thief and at last, it turned into dirty curses. More and more people came to the entrance of the Tradition Academy to either join in the cursing or to spectate the rage….

After all, by now, the entire capital didn’t show any kindness to the Tradition Academy.

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