Chapter 97: Fall Rain Tradition Blood Case

Suddenly, the young official jumped on the wall and blocked him from proceeding. He scolded in a low voice, “Enough. If you really kill someone, then it won’t be good for anyone. Xuan Yuan Po is big, did you really think no one would recognize him?”

Tang Thirty Six shrugged, threw the rock back into the garden near the wall and said, “Thanks.”

If the young vice general and the Forbidden Guards hadn’t been here today, he still wouldn’t have allowed the crowd to continue humiliating the Tradition Academy and Chen Chang Sheng. But no matter what, he wouldn’t have been as happy as he was now and he didn’t have to be concerned with the consequences.

The young vice general said expressionlessly, “You don’t need to thank me. I only hope you remember what you said.”

Tang Thirty Six’s expression changed slightly. He said, “I said many words today.”

The young vice general patted his shoulder and said earnestly, “You mentioned my sister, and affronted my family. At least you should take some responsibility?”

Tang Thirty Six said without hesitation, “I am concentrating solely on xiu xing now. So I decided to not consider marriage before fifty.”

Hearing his words, the young vice general’s expression suddenly changed. He said angrily, “What the fuck, then how about my sister?”

Tang Thirty Six smiled apologetically, “I mean, isn’t my grandma your grandma? This is improper, cousin.”

The entrance of the Tradition Academy was now completely empty, only rocks and some traces of blood remained. There were also some plum tree branches. This was probably because previously when Chen Chang Sheng was busy delivering rocks, he accidentally mixed in some plum tree branches with the rocks and delivered both of them.

Cheng Chang Sheng looked at the Forbidden Guards that were about to leave and said, “So that’s why.”

Tang Thirty Six sighed helplessly, “You don’t understand, my cousin is scary.”(the cousin here refers to is his cousin’s sister.)

Then, Xue Xing Chuan walked out of the restaurant and got on his Red Cloud kylin to prepare to leave. From his expression, it could be seen that he felt satisfied with the result.

As the General ranked second in the continent, Xue Xing Chuan ruled his soldiers strictly. How could he not know the background of his important subordinate, the young vice general? He obviously knew the relationship between Tang Thirty Six and him, but he still let the young vice general handle the situation so his attitude was very clear.

As people left, the street became empty. Xuan Yuan Po sneaked back too. After thanking Jin Yu Lu, the three young men walked back to the Tradition Academy.

Chen Chang Sheng felt confused. He asked, “Why would General Xue help the Tradition Academy?”

Tang Thirty Six said, “In such short period of time, so many people gathered up to protest. Although one reason is because you are too good at drawing hate from others, there’s definitely someone behind this.”

Chen Chang Sheng asked, “Who?”

Tang Thirty Six said, “Who else can it be?”

Even Xuan Yuan Po knew. It was definitely the Tian Hai family that attempted to destroy the Tradition Academy but failed to do so this morning.

Chen Chang Sheng felt even more confused. He said, “General Xue is definitely one of the people whom the Divine Queen trusts the most, otherwise there’s no way he would be allowed to rule the Forbidden Guards.”

“I told you before. The Divine Queen and the Tian Hai family are not the same.”


“Simply speaking, she’s married into the Chen family. Although her last name is Tian Hai, her son’s last name is Chen. Her next generation will also have the last name of Chen. In the rumor, the Pope had spoken to the Divine Queen and said he have never heard of a case in which a nephew would visit his aunt’s grave.” (It’s a culture in China for one to visit one’s parents or grandparents’ graveyard on particular holidays.)

“But in the rumor, the Divine Queen doesn’t have any of her own….”

“Be quiet.” Tang Thirty Six looked directly to the front and said. “There are some matters that you can’t speak of.”

Chen Chang Sheng thought a bit. No longer wanting to continue talking about this issue, he just said, “Thanks.”

He was giving thanks for how Tang Thirty Six defended him earlier.

Tang Thirty Six said, “Nope.”

Besides the few people in the Tradition Academy, and the Yao who leaned towards them due to Luo Luo, no one in the continent wanted to see Xu You Rong marrying Chen Chang Sheng. Many high officials also expressed their worries and their objections to this. Their opinions didn’t contain any degree of resentment and envy; they were simply concerned for the general situation of the human race. They talked about fighting against the demons and making a union between the South and North. From the Primary Emperor to the current Divine Queen, the union between the South and the North, the true agreement among humans, had always been the most important policy of the Great Zhou.

At the court conference today, because of the expected marriage between Chen Chang Sheng and Xu You Rong, the officials argued feverishly. The officials who leaned towards the old royal family liked to see such a thing happen but against the officials who cited the righteous cause, they were losing ground. Ultimately, the court conference reached one conclusion – the marriage would need to be discussed in greater depth until it actually becomes a reality.

Of course, their opinions were not important because marriage was a private thing. No matter how much power these high officials held, they still couldn’t actively intervene. They could only express their attitudes. As long as the Pope’s print was still on the engagement document, and the Divine Queen didn’t say a word about it, no one could negate this marriage.

Immediately, news of the bloody event that happened at the entrance of the Tradition Academy quickly spread over the capital. Some professors furiously hit their desks and stood up immediately after hearing this, some high officials harshly criticized Xue Xing Chuan for not regulating this thing fairly, and some citizens even started a march to express their anger. They gathered in front of the Department of the Traditional Education to ask the Bishop to suspend Chen Chang Sheng, and to kick him out of the capital.

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were focused on the Department of Traditional Education. People all wanted to know how the Bishop who seemed to never sleep enough would solve the complicated situation given the Divine Queen and the Pope’s ambiguous intentions.

Surprisingly, the Bishop did not concern himself with the Divine Queen’s and the Pope’s attitudes at all. Unlike how people imagined that he would procrastinate, he instead used the most simple and direct method — dispelling the people in front of the department.

The Bishop ordered the guards of the Tradition to ride their horses straight into the crowd. Dust went all over the place. Some people cried and countless bones were broken. The crowd dispersed. It was just like the scene that happened in front of the Tradition Academy except this was more bloody and more terrifying.

Everyone felt shocked and speechless to what had happened in front of the Department of the Traditional Education. It wasn’t until now that they realized that the Bishop was actually so tough. The fact that he deployed so many guards of the Tradition without consulting with the Pope had some people thinking that the Bishop was far stronger than they had imagined him to be.

According to statistics, from the two events that happened in the Tradition Academy and the Department of Traditional Education, three people died, more than three hundred people were injured, and more than seventy people were heavily wounded. Compared to the number of casualties, the actual scene was more bloody and violent. Its impact would be immense.

On that day, there was a fall rain. This case would be recorded as the Fall Rain Tradition Blood Case.

In the back of this Fall Rain Tradition Blood Case, many people saw the trace of the Tian Hai family.

There was a quiet manor in the west city of the capital, the base of the Tian Hai family.

A middle aged man, sitting on the bamboo chair next to the trees, looked in the direction of the Department of Traditional Education and said, “Look, some elders finally couldn’t wait to act.”

Standing next to him, Xu Shi Ji frowned slightly. No one knew what he was thinking.

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    kirindas said:
    October 4, 2015 at 3:18 am

    Thanks for the chapter! Lol! Bishop bulldozed the mob. XD
    I’m reminded of protests where people block the road and they toss tear gas and what not. If you cause major interference, you should be prepared for consequences.


      Prometheus said:
      October 4, 2015 at 4:33 am

      There’s a difference between a mob and a protest. People are general fine with protests because it usually wont affect them, but they hate mobs because mobs will always affect them.
      The Bishop was so badass, even if he didn’t do anything.

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        kirindas said:
        October 4, 2015 at 4:50 am

        Yeah. I was thinking about if there was a word when a mob forms from a protest, but couldn’t think of anything, so I went with just protest.


        xandarth said:
        October 4, 2015 at 5:25 am

        This is pretty much a rent a crowd.

        The likelihood of peasants actually giving enough of a shit about the wedding to stop working for several days is pretty low without some sort of financial backing for at least the rabble-rousers (although Roman mobs did form over chariot teams losing or winning a match and other such inanity, but that too could probably be the fault of paid members of their supporters).


        blackhawkrider said:
        October 4, 2015 at 5:43 am

        I agree….there is a difference between a “peaceful” protest and an angry mob…..

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        binggodude said:
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        mobs are never peaceful lol….


    lordcattank said:
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    Jaeger said:
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    Just a question. Is the pace of the translation is going to be forever like this? The story is slow paced coupled with the one chapter/week translation is killing me. The story is still at “being bullied arc” and people really wanted to skip where he will gain to stand up for himself. As readers, you imagine that you are the mc of the story, and in this arc, it feels like we’re being tortured. I now know the feeling of Theon Greyjoy being flayed with this slow translation and story pacing.

    Also, I’ve been deceived. Many of the reviews of the story said that the MC is smart and weak person yet always solves his problem with wit and cunning. But, reading the chapter till now, all I can say that the MC is just fucking lucky meeting powerful to protect him. There’s no cunningness in him like the MC in ATG or tales of demon, he’s basically a wimp. If this pacing continuous then I will drop it and don’t recommend this to others because of the feeling of left hanging.


      JY said:
      October 4, 2015 at 6:41 am

      Personally I like this pace(as in being almost 100 chapters in and he still a pretty ordinary human)…it gives a more detailed backstory to the MC and builds the world more then ATG imo.

      The thing that makes me like this more then ATG is that the MC is still innocent, like how he didn’t expect to be insulted when he went to cancel the marriage for the first time and ended up refusing afterwords because his fiance’s family is made up of a bunch or D**KS. He’s learning the ropes of the world and the way of the world is often cruel to those who are ignorant about it. This resulted in him being obstructed from getting into the 4 schools he initially applied to. He’s basically a kid learning to walk atm with the chapters that we have translated on this site.

      What keeps me still super interested ISN’T the fact that he will get OP at some point, BUT the fact that he will die at 20 if he doesn’t change his fate. As of right now, only himself, the Dragon, his deceased master, and the Divine Queen know about his impending doom and i want to see his interactions with other’s when they find out that he has this disease(which we don’t know what it is e.e’).

      He’s the only MC from all the Chinese Novels that I have read that actually feels like he’s growing. Don’t get me wrong, because i still enjoy novels like ISSTH where they rely on pills to cultivate or MGA where they randomly find a treasure that instantly makes them OP all of a sudden, but that gets old really quick imo. He seems to be the only MC(from the novels that i’ve read so far) that still has a human element attached to him and doesn’t have that “stroke of luck” at randomly finding a treasured item/skill.

      I like how the author is putting more emphasis on the interactions between the characters rather then the MC’s base cultivation or XuiXing(not sure if spelled right). In my opinion,this Novel is leaps and bounds above a lot of the Chinese novels out there and this might just not be the novel for you because you seem to like the more fast paced action series like Coiling Dragon or ISSTH.

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        goodygoodguy said:
        October 4, 2015 at 3:21 pm

        The only problem is the slow translation. Someone else should pick this up. If only I knew chinese


        Butter said:
        May 2, 2017 at 9:30 am

        Yeah he is rely on luck from friend protection . All problem starting from his arrogant to cancel married vow. Just make it simple why should make trouble anywhere


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        fireballun said:
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      ratatoskr2 said:
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        Horos said:
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        i dont think so how is that possible he was found in a cradle when he was a baby and the dragon was there too his name was given by his master i think its just a coincidence that they have the same surname if he really was her son than wouldnt she have noticed this and tried to help him at least the shadows :/


        binggodude said:
        October 4, 2015 at 2:49 pm

        or maybe she doesn’t even care about her son =O


        ratatoskr2 said:
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        or she couldn’t recognize him. he was abandoned as a baby. not like he got a birthmark like a scar on his forehead or something. haha


        Dusty said:
        July 27, 2017 at 12:21 pm

        But she has helped him though…

        Albeit, not in any grand gesture, but still…


    ratatoskr2 said:
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    Is tian hai actually a really shameless family that flaunt the divine queen name as a proof of thwir righteous cause eventhough the queen didn’t say anything?


      binggodude said:
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      well that is basically what EVERY powerful people do… like if you got power you flaunt them. That is the stereotype for back in the days unlike modern days. actaully even modern days are like that a bit. just not to that degree..


        ratatoskr2 said:
        October 4, 2015 at 3:01 pm

        i wonder why the masses didn’t have 36 mentality, the tian hai and the divine queen isn’t the same. sooner or later the tian hai would flaunt the divine queen name for somethin stupid, like saying the only way to eat soup with rice is to pour soup on the rice because that is the righteous way and the other way are a heresy. haha


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