Chapter 10 A sword placed in front of the knee, a sword passed through the blood

“Victims of the Big Figures….”

While Ning Que looked at this scene and thought silently, he felt a gaze to the side of him. When he turned, he saw Sang Sang look at him quietly in the face.

They looked at each other for one or two seconds, a brief moment but it felt like time had slowed down and felt like an eternity.

Once again, Ning Que lost to his little maid. He couldn’t help but make a sigh and slightly tightened up the muscle on his legs. He tiptoed through the fallen trees, into the wet soil, and prepared to go into the battle.

Far away, the path of the North Mountain became gloomier as the sun fell. Between the black branches, a big wind suddenly blew up from nowhere. The newly born branches, hidden under the old bark’s protection, did not get harmed, but the fallen leaves on the ground were being blew up into the air, making a sound, then slowly fell down.

In the spring time, countless (a line of poetry, don’t know how to translate)

One stalwart man, wearing a dark colored light armor, appeared on the path of the North Mountain. As he made a shout as loud as thunder, his armor gave out a light green glow. It shined for a moment then disappeared, like the God’s occasional glance from the sky.

He lifted his two big arms, and  threw a heavy rock, like shooting a cannonball, toward that luxurious wagon!

Such terrifying power that could even turned a person into a long range Catapult!

The heavy stone broke the air and came with a high speed, destroying all the branches it encountered. Along a projectile, it unstoppably traveled over a hundred meter, precisely hitting on the first wagon!

Along with a muffle, the luxurious yet firm wagon suddenly collapsed apart. People could faintly see broken arms and blood inside.

The Tang’s guards, who had been held their knife and stayed in the periphery of the wagon since the very beginning, still kept their cold and indifferent faces. It seems that they couldn’t see the wagon behind them already became fragments, and it seems that the princess they would fight till death already got smashed into pieces. They did not even look surprised. Instead, they faintly seemed to feel relieved and calm.

“Line up in the front, shoot!”

The head of the guards gave out the command.

Three subordinates kept their half-kneeled form, let go of their right hand’s hilt, and placed the powerful military bolt horizontally in front of them. They targeted the deeper portion of the jungle and rapidly pulled the trigger.

Like lightning, nine bolts passed through the slowly fallen leaves, accurately shooting on that godlike man. Yet that stalwart man simply waved his hand, whisked off the two aimed on his face, and gave no care towards the ones that aimed on his chest.

Because of the high speed of the bolts, after defending them with his bare hands the stone like man’s hands were only slightly shaking. The bolts on his chest only went through the armor . Like a bug that could not stay still, the arrows quivered twice then fell on the ground. The arrows had a small hint of blood on them. The man probably had a minor wound.

Because the distance was too far, the wave of bolts did not do any other impact besides the small hint of blood. The head of the guards already had thought of this. His facial expression did not change at all. He looked towards that stalwart man, raised his right hand, said, “Stay!”

Three guards put down the bolts and held their knives with their right hands again.


Because of Sang Sang, Ning Que was planing to find an opportunity to save the poor scapegoat inside the wagon. But the situation of the battle changed too fast. He could not even react fast enough. That godlike man suddenly appeared in people’s sight and then the heavy stone flew across the air. Immediately without delay, the luxurious wagon and the woman inside were all crushed..

Was Ning Que feeling pity for the substitute or ashamed that he had betrayed Sang Sang’s trust? No matter for what reason, at the moment he looked at the man on the way of North Mountain, he seemed angry.

From using one mystic method of Xiu Xing,  that big man obtained such unbelievable power. However, throwing such a heavy rock for a such long distance still costed him a lot. His face was now red, sweats came out of the armor through the holes made by the arrows, and his legs were slightly shaking. Unexpectedly, he seemed to exhibit a sign of passing out.

For unknown reasons, facing such a good opportunity, the guards did not choose to attack, yet still cautiously stayed at the periphery of  the second wagon.

The elder, sat on this wagon, with his eyes still closed.

Suddenly, the elder’s white hair moved. Between his knees, a horizontally placed old sword began to hum. The sword within the sheath constantly colliding with the inner layer, seems like it can’t wait to get out and seek for blood.

Weng….Weng …..Weng!


A clear and melodious sing!

The sword autonomously flew out of the sheath, transforming into a green light, noiselessly stabbed into that godlike body!


On the entry of the path of the North Mountain, during the last light of the day, it seemed like there was an invisible mirror as the sword flew out of the sheath from the elder’s knee. It transforming into a light. At the same time, a sword faintly visible passed through the air in the form of a grey shadow from the forest!

Like lightning, the sword was mixed in with the fallen leaves and was unnoticeable. The next second it flew across the air with the speed of lightning outside of the path of the North Mountain. The low and deep hum from the very beginning transformed into a thunderous roar before one could even make a blink.

The grey shadow’s speed was strangely fast. The power and influence brought along with it shattered all the leaves instantaneously. The fragmented leaves behind the shadow formed a straight line. At the end of the line, it was none other than the elder whose sword had already flew out of the handel. The grey shadow flew straight through the air toward the elder!

“Great Sword Master!”

Feeling the unstoppable momentum of the gray shadow, the statue-like guards that were calmly waiting for their command finally changed their expressions. Some of they were shouting to warn the formation. When the elder, the strongest out of the group, finally decided to enter the fight, his sword slid off its old handel and pointed straight at the huge man in the depths of the forest.

When the enemy appeared, it felt like thunder and wind came with him.

To assassinate the princess in the territory of the empire, the enemy sent out two uncommon xiuxingist. One of them was a Great Sword Master! Although the group was terrified in this crisis, the guards still did not show a sign of fear. The only expression on their faces was determination, and the leader of the guards yelled loudly, “Kill!”

Multiple knifes were taken out of its handles, more than ten sharp steel blades slashed towards the empty space in front of the guards with resolution of no return. The guards breathed heavily and continued slashing.

Every slash cut through the air and the imaginary hill, every one of them were forceful and determined. These slashes webbed out a blade net and protected the elder without the sword.

The fast moving gray shadow arrived in front of the blade net.(Blade Net is like a formation formed by the guards.) Right before it was going to be chopped down by the sharp blades, it stopped in midair strangely and dodged to the side magically avoiding the dense blade formation and flew away.

The moment it appeared in the dense wood, the gray shadow had already formed the unstoppable force of thunder and wind. However to everyone’s surprise, when it entered the battle the gray shadow was actually using momentum of agile and nimble.

When the gray shadow flew away, its speed slowed down rapidly. Its true form was finally seemed. It was a thin and dull sword, so light it could be blown away by a weak wind.

A simple thin and dull sword, as light as a piece of paper, was moving so strangely it was like a ghost attacking the group. Its path was hard to predict and when it flew away, the sword touched one of the guards’ lower neck, leaving behind a small trace of blood line.

Right after the thin trace of blood line appeared, it expanded. Blood started to pour out with raging speed. This guard was holding his knife in his right hand, and his neck with his left. The blood overflowed through his fingers and his eyes were staring angrily into the dense forest. He then fell down slowly, but until his death he still did not see the powerful great sword master.

The gray sword shadow drew a curve in the air and came back in front of the knife formation with the speed of lighting. Sometimes it was in front, sometimes it was to the back. Its path was unpredictable and uncatchable. Few moments later, another two guards were slain.

Blood drops were flying in the air, but the leader’s expression was calm and cold. Two hands on his thin yet low knife handle, he stared at that grey shadow. Suddenly his left foot stepped forward and his core was flexed. The knife stroke down powerfully, and he scream, “Bind”

With this formation command, the four guards surrounding the leader swung their knives like a piece of snowflake and forced the gray sword shadow into a tight closed space. Furthermore, that space will then be broken by that leader’s powerful strike, putting all his strength into the blow!

The speed of the gray dim shadow was nimble. It seemed like it was going to be struck down by the knives, but it barely turned around in the tight space and tried to dodge the blow. However, the leader was prepared for this. Hearing his low moan, he pressed his knife handle down forcefully with his left hand and aimed at his target. The grey sword was damaged!

With a small clashing sounds, the nimble sword was like a snaked struck on its weakness and fell upon the thick fallen leaves and mud.

For the first time in the battle, the guards finally hit the sword of enemy’s great sword master once. But none of them cheered, or to be exact, there was no time to cheer. The fallen leaves on the ground vibrated violently. The grey shadow was like an awakened giant snake and  it crawled quickly under the guards’ feet.

Dried-out leaves and wet mud was flying everywhere, the dark grey sword shadow rose and struck like lightning, easily breaking the armor of one guard’s leg and slashed through one of the aorta.

Oppressed deep moans kept appearing around the knife formation. The guards continued to fall down one by one. Rarely when they hit that grey sword, they could not kill it off completely nor break it. Sadness and anger slowly appeared on the leader’s expression. In this solemn and stirring situation, he stepped forward once one, both hands on the knife handle, yelled and slashed once more!

“Bind!” He screamed loudly.

The last surviving guards screamed together, and rushed to that grey shadow uncaring of their lives. They were using their own bodies and knifes to set up one last barrier.

With two soft noise, another two guards’ body dropped lifelessly onto the earth. Half of the leader’s ear was chopped off and blood was spilling all around him. A few more cut appeared on his body.

This was the seventh time the sword shadow got struck by the guard’s knives. Its speed was much slower compare to the beginning of the battle. But it still was not struck down. Vibration and flying slowly, it broke down the knife formation and arrived in front of the elder in the old robe.

Now the mob saw the grey sword shadow clearly. It was a small sword with no handle. Its dim body was extremely thin and had no blood stain on it.

The leader kneeled down on one knee with blood all over his body. He lowered his head and gritted his teeth. “ Just one more strike……just one more strike and my brothers and I will accomplish this impossible mission, except Great Sword Master is Great Sword Master!”


The battle may feel time consuming but the time it took for all the events to occur was inconveniently small. During this time, the elder in the old robe still had his eyes closed after his sword flew away, almost if he did not know he was in great danger.

But no one noticed, the hands that the elder put on his knees were shaking slightly. His two thumbs were constantly switching from his index to his middle finger, it seemed like he was doing some complicated calculation.

Right when the handleless small sword flew in front of him and was an inch away from his eyebrows, the elder finally opened his eyes and glanced.

With just one glance. the handleless small sword froze in air and was not able to move an inch!

The giant man in the dense forest looked at the the iron scrap that was once the white bright flying sword in his big hands. He was confused and stunned for a moment, and suddenly realized what happened. He raised his head and yelled panickingly, “ He is not a Sword Master!”

“………………..He is a Psychic Master!”

Psychic Master – Those who fight with expertise in not controling the sword but some sort of force aka chi

Sword Master – Those who focus with the sword as the main weapon and method of killing


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