Chapter 13: A Crimson Flower Blossomed from The Green Robe


The second arrow followed the first one like chained lighting. The arrow pierced into the middle aged scholar’s chest with a terrifying sound of tearing flesh. The place where the second arrow landed was exactly the same location where the first arrow penetrated the armor.

There seemed to be no time gap just before the third arrow arrived. It again piereced into the same exact location where the two arrow before landed, except now there was no protection blocking its path. The third arrow penetrated through his body!

No one knew how Ning Que accomplished this seemingly impossible task. In just a flash, he used a regular hard wooden bow and shot three consecutive arrows. Furthermore, no one could understand how this normal young soldier obtained such high level of mastery in archery; He was able to shoot into the same spot three times in a row!

The middle aged scholar felt a hard and heavy wooden stick pushed into his chest, and moved backwards for two steps due to its tremendous momentum. He realized there was a warm flow around his chest, until that warmth became boiling hot.

He looked down instinctively, and saw an arrow penetrated almost all the way through his body. Only a small portion of the arrow and feather was seen outside of his clothing. Blood streamed out of his body and a crimson flower blossomed from the green robe.

The scholar looked at the crimson flower on his green robe, disbelieving of what just happened. His face was not only filled with shock and bewilderment, but also with his own blood from the wound.

He lost his strength and slowly sat down onto the ground, which was filled with fallen leaves and mud.

Even xiuxingists, even xiuxingists who used Satanism techniques and absorbed the qi of nature into their body cannot control their spiritual force after their heart got destroyed.

The invisible string controlling the broken finger was tore apart when he fell and sat on the earth.

The bloody broken finger could no longer harm a Psychic Master after its master lose its control, even if that Psychic Master was exhausted of energy and qi.

Lu Qing Chen raised his eyebrows and shook away the broken finger in front of him.

The broken finger slid past his face and flew towards the carriage behind the elder. Hearing a few collapsing noise, half of the carriage was destroyed and fell into the ground, crumbling to debris.

A tiny portions of the qi of nature absorbed by the middle aged scholar was enchanted into the broken finger. Although it lost its controller, it could still cause this terrifying damage. If it wasn’t for the three arrows, this broken finger definitely could cause huge amounts of damage to the elder, and this ambush would be resulted in the death of the elder.

All of the last surviving guards and soldiers knew this, but the scholar was the person that knew the importance of the three arrows the most. He painfully stared at the arrows inside of his chest, struggling to raise his head and glanced at the back of the carriage formation, wanting to see what the archer looked like.

The combination of perfect timing of the arrows and the master level of archery was the reason Ning Que accomplished this seemingly impossible task of killing a Great Sword Master. He saved everyone including the Tang princess from absolute danger……. It seemed to be the time to accept the shocking, thankful, and praising expressions from the group.

However, Ning Que thought otherwise. There was no relieving smile on his face. He still held his hard wooden bow tightly in his hand, the arrows already on the string, and the string was already pulled. He aimed at the Great Sword Master sitting under the tree, but his ears were focusing on the light brushing sounds on top of the tree.

He stayed cautious.

“Xia Hou.”

“Xia Hou!”

“Xia Hou….”

When the maid told him that the Great Sword Master should be Xia Hou’s subordinate, and he also admitted this, Ning Que had been begun repeating this name to himself in his mind.

Xia Hou was not called Xia Hou something something.

His last name is Xia, and his first name is Hou.

As one of the four most influential Great Generals, his Xiu Xing was really high, had many military accomplishments, and was brave yet cold and ruthless. He stationed the troop in the Meng Liu Camp for years, and obtained his fame for being brutal and warlike.

However, while his last name is Xia, he never allowed his children to use Xia as their last name. Instead, he let them to use his whole name as their last name. So, his 1st son was called Xia Hou Jing, 2nd son was called Xia Hou Wei, and so on. When the court’s intellectuals asked about it, Xia Hou answered arrogantly, “I want to create a last name myself, that would pass on for thousand centuries, and I will be the ancestor, so they need to use my name as the last name.”

“Therefore the family name from now is Xia Hou.”


General Xia Hou is a celebrity, but Ning Que kept saying his name in his mind. The tone changing from narrate to surprise to slightly sneering. Obviously the fact that Xia Hou is famous is not the reason why Ning Que repeated the name.

Since he was four, the name, engraved into his blood, had always been hidden deeply in his mind, and he never forgot about it.

He had never seen Xia Hou.

But he knew Xia Hou’s hobby, knew who Xia Hou’s favorite concubine was, knew why Xia Hou wanted to kill that concubine, knew Xia Hou would eat three kilograms of mutton in every meal, and even knew Xia Hou’s daily routine of taking pisses.

He believed that he was the person who understood the Tang’s famous general the most, because he believed that there was no one who wanted to kill this Tang’s famous general more than he did.

Under the rough and powerful figure of that general hid a cold and cunning heart. He was harsh and ruthless, but he only trusted his own hands. Therefore he would not rely solely on the foreign middle aged scholar to assassinate the princess.

For sure that general sent his most loyal assassins and subordinates to watch this ambush and observe how the fight went. Maybe those underlings would jump out at important moments to finish the task.

In Ning Que’s eyes, those moments were the best moments.

Behind the half collapsed carriage a crying little boy stuck out his head. The pretty maid raised her dress and ran towards him nervously.

Ning Que extended his right arm as quickly as a thunderstrike and knocked her onto the ground.

The tree branches on top of the scholar shook violently and broke. The fragments fell onto the ground while two masked men dressed in black appeared and threw two metal balls at Ning Que and took out their long swords from the sheaths behind their backs.

The two accelerating metal ball was painted with red dots. They were firebombs equipped by the elite force of Tang borderline armies; their burning effect? Horrifying.

But Ning Que was no stranger to these firebombs because he was also once a soldier in the army camps,. He threw the bow away as fast as he could and his two hands reached for the sword handle behind his back, then he screamed, “Umbrella!”



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