Chapter 38: Flower, Wine, and Fruits. As Expected

Going to the brothel was to track down Zhang Yi Qi, going to the brothel was to avenge Zhuo Er, going to the brothel was to earn equality for the country men slaughtered in Yan Kingdom, going to the brothel was to promote justice for those killed in the general’s mansion!

Thinking in a such way, Ning Que walked into the brothel. He then noticed that the excuses were all lies. If he insisted in thinking in such a way, Little Black would have definitely came back from ghostdom and give him a hard kick.

Because he was thinking of all these things and because he was about to open up a new era in his life, Ning Que felt nervous. Until he entered, he recalled that he did not see the signboard of the brothel. In fact, this brothel did not even have a signboard.

With the two waiters diligently calling him over, he passed a small yard and walked into a building ablaze with lights.

Ning Que scanned the hall casually and calmly. He was somewhat surprised that the brothel seemed noisy from the outside but was actually very quiet, which was quite different from regular brothels. Obviously, he had never been to a brothel before. There was one time when he glanced at a brothel from afar when he was taking Sang Sang to see a doctor and to buy Extreme Senses. So more accurately, the brothel was very different from what he imagined.

Inside the hall was very bright and there were traditional string and woodwind instruments playing. The music was clear but not lustful. In the middle on the stage covered with red blanket, several slim and pretty girls were playing qins (a chinese 7-plucked instrument). They were concentrated on playing the musical instruments. Their eyes were soft and gentle, but not flirty or provocative which was unexpected.

After entering the hall, the entire world seemed to calm down. The girls that were leaning on the fence and laughing at him became very distant and inaudible. However, immediately on the second floor, the sound of small footsteps came up. Ning Que guessed that it must be of the girls that were rushing to see him so he hurriedly looked down to hide his embarrassment.

The waiter quietly asked him what service he wanted. The waiter was careful not to show any disrespect because of Ning Que’s young age and because he was being laughed at by the girls upstair. Ning Que weighed the silver coin bag in his pocket and guessed that the several dozens of silver coins that he secretly stole from Sang Sang would probably not do much at this place so he casually pointed at a desk in the corner.

A pot of wine, two dishes of almonds, two dishes melon seeds, four dishes of desserts, one cold and one hot towel, and even the little bucket used to hold the melon seeds shell was an extremely delicate lacquer. On the black paint of the lacquer was a red plum blossom which was very beautiful. All of these summed up to four silver coins. He did not feel that it was overpriced at all because the service and luxurious arrangements gave him, a poor kid who lived in the frontier for many years, an enjoyment that he had never experienced before.

He drank two cups and ate a few fruits. The stringed and woodwind instruments concert already changed into a dance. The body wrapped under the unlined light garment rotated and jumped in circle following the music. As the girls extended their arms and legs, their fair skins became visible and the previous calm mild atmosphere in the hall then warmed up.

In the hall, beside the guests, there was a pretty and yielding girl sitting down. She was smiling and the atmosphere came like the arrive of night. The distance between man and woman naturally became closer. They leaned on each other and occasionally there were people kissing. For the rest, what soft parts the man’s hand in the big sleeves was touching was unknown because the building had strict rules which stated that there weren’t supposed to have any exceedingly intimate scenes happening.

Now, Ning Que who sat alone in the corner appeared to be so different from the current atmosphere. He did not have any girl sitting next to him which was truly an embarrassing thing in this place especially when the girls on the second floor laughed and teased him. Even the girls embraced in the guests’ arms started to occasionally look teasingly at him. The embarrassment was unbearable.

A young man glanced at Ning Que and saw his problem. He saw the new clothes on the youngster so he did not think that Ning Que did not have money. Instead, he thought that Ning Que was too embarrassed to call girls over. So he laughed out loud and indicated to the girls in his arms to invite Ning Que come, so that he wouldn’t be too lonely.

Tang people were generous and fond of liveliness. They had good hearts. Complete strangers sitting together at the same table and chatting and drinking was not out of the norm in brothels. Ning Que was a little confused but after receiving the invitation, he didn’t want to be seen as a bad mannered person so he gestured and let the waiter move his poorly looking dishes and wine to the other table.

There was no rule in the entertainment field to address each other’s name and background. They were all people seeking pleasure and even if they met, they did not need to know each other. The young man didn’t ask who Ning Que was, instead he just kept on drinking and laughing. After drinking a few cups of alcohol, he started to open up as well. Since Ning Que was a talkative person from the start, he replied to the young man a few times and the table became much more lively.

The young man seemed to be in a good mood. He eyed Ning Que a little and said to the manager generously, “Send these two ladies for this young brother. Their age and origin don’t matter but they must be funny, understanding and knowledgeable on how to serve people.”

Ning Que thought to himself, doesn’t this mean ages and ethnicity aren’t barriers? I never thought the people of Chang An would make such an open statement and was laughing to himself when he suddenly realized what the young man actually meant and he was shocked. He waved his arms and gestured that there was no need for such a request.

“No trouble at all…… no need to be modest.” The young man laughed a little, but it sound perverted, “Young brother, if I didn’t observe wrongly, are you still a virgin?”

Ning Que wrinkled his eyebrows in embarrassment and the unnoticable freckles on his face suddenly started to show. He thought to himself, right now am I supposed to gesture to him and yell, brother, you observed correct!

The manager accepted the request in a hurry and told the young man not to worry. The manager then turned around to make the schedule. The young man saw the odd expression on Ning Que’s face and guessed, “Does young brother not like mature women who know how to take care of people? Do you favor the pretty younger ladies?”

Ning Que sat in his chair dumbfounded like a piece of wood. His eyes were floating everywhere and it was hard to guess what he was actually thinking. Suddenly he made a decision and smiled gently, “To speak from my heart, I still like girls around my age.”

“Good, good, good. This is the nature of a man. We should be straightforward and not act fake.”

The young man held his fan and praised. He then started laughing, “You are still a teenager, if you want girls your age, then they are definitely new in the business. I never knew young brother liked this type of play.”

Ning Que raised his eyebrows slightly and was ready to speak about his condensed imaginations from the past few years but suddenly a young maid ran down from the stairs and walked to their table expressionlessly. She said with her clear voice, “Young mister, Madam Jian invited you.”

Just before Ning Que was able to enter a new age from the help of a friendly young man, a young maid was interfering. Ning Que opened his mouth slightly and thought back to the storyline of countless tales. Whenever the male protagonists of the story enter a brothel, there would be all sorts of accidents and interruptions in his business. Some of the accidents include the brothel being burned down, people fighting against each other, jealousy, or the bold wife showed up in the brothel.

After thinking about this, he started to feel nervous and disappointed. He didn’t even know who Madam Jian was. But the tables of customers were surprised after hearing the name. They all started to look at Ning Que with admired or even jealous eyes.

The young man was stunned for a moment and then, he patted Ning Que on the shoulder and laughed, “The fortune is in your favor.”

Ning Que woke himself up with his heavy palms and then noticed the expressions on the customers’ faces. He was confused but Ning Que started to become interested and curious of who this “Madam Jian” was. Of course, it included many erotic imaginations.

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