Chapter 43: The Entrance of Censor Zhang Yi Qi

Realizing that the Emperor was the one who was obstructing his career advancement, Zhang Yi Qi became hopeless and gave up his goal to climb the government ladder to obtain more political power. Instead, he put his whole heart into enjoying worldly pleasures. He was able to visit the famous brothels in Chang An every now and then despite the pressures given by his bold wife and the concubines in his house.

But to drown in worldly pleasures, he needed financial and political support. Zhang Yi Qi didn’t want anyone to exploit the fact that he was into prostitution. Using prostitutes as a censor wasn’t exactly a big issue, but if he were to be caught doing this, the Emperor in the royal palace wouldn’t mind taking away his position and exiling him. For this reason, every time the censor left his mansion to seek pleasure, he had to be extremely careful, like a thief stealing from the police department.

It is no exaggeration to say that Zhang Yi Qi exercised the most caution when visiting brothels among the Chang An officials. He was definitely the hardest to catch. For this reason, Zhuo Er was never able to find which brothel Zhang Yi Qi visited regularly and Ning Que had to spend several days and dozens of silver coins to track him down.

A carriage stopped outside of the side door to the Red Sleeve. The censor Zhang Yi Qi disguised himself as a regular rich man. He walked out of his carriage and through the door. He waved behind him and his servants went into some restaurants in the same street to wait for their master to finish his business.

After Zhang Yi Qi entered, he gestured for the waiters to lead the way. Following a stone path hidden in the bamboo forest that led to a certain house around the lake, Zhang Yi Qi entered the yard. The censor could finally be a regular customer instead of an official. The worried expression on his face changed into a carefree and relaxed expression.

He had been here many times and so, he obviously didn’t need anyone to escort him here. He wasn’t afraid of the fact that someone might see him because the back of the Red Sleeve building comprised of separate houses that were extremely private. In addition to this, Zhang Yi Qi always reserves a spot before visiting so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed when he met someone he knew.

Everyone knew Madam Jian had connections in the Chang An government. In fact, Madam Jian had a very good relationship with the queen who managed the brothel. Besides the fourth princess who had just returned from the Great Plains, no one would dare challenge Madam Jian.

Madam Jian was a truly unique character. First, she was invited by the previous emperor from Nan Ji, where she established Red Sleeve as the best dance group in the world. In the past few years, she taught a countless number of Flower Girls and captured the best beauties in the industry. What made Zhang Yi Qi respect her the most was that a person like her was able to enter the palace freely. Rumors say that Madam Jian was treated like a sister by the queen!

Walking on the stone path and watching the small house get closer and closer, Zhang Yi Qi thought about the story of Madam Jian. He thought the person who was able to please Madam Jian would have his path to political power paved and polished. In fact, if it were not for his reputation, he would be willing to ask for help.

But what the censor didn’t know was that just a few days ago, Madam Jian had gained interest in a youngster who had just entered Chang An. Although she wasn’t exactly pleased with him or his actions, they had at least met and talked to each other. What he didn’t realize was that this youngster was leaning on a handle on the third floor and smiling at the sight of the censor’s back.

Although Ning Que made a rough plan that wouldn’t drag Shui Zhu Er into the mess, he wanted to be safe so he had to arrive early at the Red Sleeve. He had been waiting since the afternoon. However, he didn’t go into Shui Zhu Er’s small house like he did usually. Instead, he chatted with the young maid, Xiao Cao. Xiao Cao was surprised and asked him pleasantly with a trace of embarrassment if he had walked to the wrong place.

The moment Zhang Yi Qi entered from the side door, Ning Que noticed him. Having stalked this censor for days on end, Ning Que found it hard to forget how the censor’s back looked like. He smiled and glanced at the image as it disappeared into the bamboo forest, but Ning Que didn’t do anything. He didn’t want to drag Shui Zhu Er into his mess, so he didn’t even enter her small house. Obviously, he couldn’t choose to act in the Official’s small house either.

“I’ll just let this old thing enjoy a little pleasure in the last moment of his life.”

Ning Que watched his target’s back image and suddenly remembered the words Shui Zhu Er said that night. He then thought of the perverted things the censors was going to do next. He shivered and thought to himself, “And give you one last chance to serve the girls?”

The maid Xiao Cao, who was busy serving Madam Jian, smiled after receiving the box of oranges from Ning Que and left. Ning Que smiled a little but still stood at the third floor watching the sunset, the bamboo, and the pink walls.

After Ning Que calculated and knew that it was about time, he casually found the back stairs and circled to the side door. After seeing the marked carriage, he walked towards it and pressed his hands on the wheels.

The horse in the front of the wheels turned its head and looked at him confused. Ning Que had lived in the Wei City for many years and had traveled on the Great Plains a countless amount of times. One of his best skills was treating horses and sheep. He slapped lightly on the horse’s butt and the confused horse turned friendly. It comfortably stepped on the ground with its hooves .

The guard in the restaurant instinctively looked at the carriage for a second but discovering nothing unusual, he lowered his head to eat the food he had just ordered.


Every house has a wooden barrel for showering. But Zhang Yi Qi liked to go to the sauna room around the side door after he was done with his business. He liked to get his back rubbed so that he could regenerate some stamina and the room made him feel comfortable. In addition, it was easy to finish and leave for the carriage.

It was the same today. The censor randomly showered himself, wore his pants, and laid on the cotton bed waiting for the usual woman to come and rub his back.

The lotion required for the back rubbing needed time to prepare. He expected the wait. But as he waited, he recalled the erotic scenes he had previously seen in the small house and thought back to the nice body of Shui Zhu Er. His body got hotter, but his face was filled with displeasure.

Lady Shui Zhu Er again rejected his request to serve him individually. Zhang Yi Qi’s mood was terrible and he whispered harshly to himself, “You are just a damn prostitute who is full of herself. I spent so much money on you and you rejected me so many times.”

“You resent my low rank? Obviously, a woman with no brains. I am a censor of vice sixth rank. If placed in another department, I can exchange for a fourth ranked, no! A vice third rank!”

Just this moment, the door was pushed open by someone.

Foot steps could be heard walking towards the bed.

Zhang Yi Qi stopped complaining and closed his eyes and waited to enjoy his massage. When the warm towel touched his back, he couldn’t help but moan a little.

But immediately, he couldn’t moan anymore.

Another burning hot towel was squeezed directly into his mouth and his hands and legs were wrapped and tightened onto the short bed.


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