Way Of Choice Chapter 1 Finally Out

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Hello guys hope your doing well. The first chapter is finally out for The Way of Choice. It is Mao Ni’s current and running working with so far a bit more than 100 chapters out right now. My friends REALLY love this so we are translating this as well. The Summary can be found here and the chapter can be found here. I am LOVING this main character MUCH more than Ning Que. I think you guys will too 😉 Enjoy. I think we will be able to post up another chapter of this tonight and a chapter of Jiang Ye tomorrow. So look forward to the chapters. ^.^   ALSO please excuse me for the grammar errors with the tenses… our best editor is taking a 2 week break for tests. So i am doing the bad editing for the next 2 weekish….


Jiang Ye: Chapter 33 Finally out >.>

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Sorry guys tests and things are rolling in and well some of my friends take test on days that we don’t and ect… Scheudal is really messy right now so translations speed IS very slow right REALLY sorry T.T But here is the Chapter. Enjoy =D


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After a few weeks of struggle I am finally able to launch the website for my friends and I. As a celebration, our group decided to pick up another work of Mao Ni called Way of Choosing (tentative title for now). We will still continue posting Jiang Ye as well we plan to translate the chapters alternatively. Well guys I hope you guys enjoy the website I tried making and have fun reading.