Ze Tian Ji Chapter 98

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Hey guys. Here’s another chapter. Apologies for the delay. We’ll see if we can get two more out this week.
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Ze Tian Ji Chapter 97

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Hey guys, hope you guys are doing well. Chapter 97 is up. Expect another one tomorrow (hopefully).
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Ze Tian Ji Chapter 96

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Hey guys. Here is another chapter! Thanks for reading, we appreciate it.

Ze Tian Ji Chapter 95

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Well as promised, chapter 95 is up. Thanks for reading.
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Ze Tian Ji Chapter 94

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Hey guys. Another chapter is out and I will try my hardest to get chapter 95 out later today. Thanks for reading.


Just announcement

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I don’t know what happened but we are not Saiyonara yet… just things are a bit busy still… don’t ask me because i can’t say anything for the tranlsators who didn’t translate… They WERE suppose to do 2 chapters a week -.- but 1 ditched so yea… i meant 1 slacked off not dtiched* But yea.. LOL … was writing cover letters for internship position(he was..)  BTW 94 is done apparently… probably post that up after edits on Friday?

Edit: Binggo lied. Binggo fuked up and didn’t realize that 94 was translated. Binggo is repenting now………

Ze Tian Ji Chapter 93 (Regular)

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Hey guys. Sorry for the slow updates. We are going to try to get 2 chapters a week and then try to bump it up to three later when we have more time on our hands.

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Sorry guys if our updates are slow right now. The translators are trying to balance out our work with out lives….And I personally is just trying to finish my hw every week. 2 essays a week, 2 lab reports like scientific papers a week… and a presneation a week.. then theres the math and chem classes…. Well the rest of the guys besides editorer is also like me basically.. =D Hopefully next month we start getting the hang of our new lives. -Binggo

Z e Tian Ji Anime if anyone is interested

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An anon posteted this link for the ZE TIAN JI Anime:


Ze Tian Ji Chapter 92 (Sponsored)

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Hey guys. I killed myself trying to get this one out.

Nevertheless, thank you A.K. and thank you readers. We hope you enjoy the story.

Here is chapter 92: Enjoy

Chapter 90 and 91 Ze Tian Ji (Regular)

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We apologize for being late but here are two chapters. Thanks for being patient and thanks for reading!

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