Chapter 78 Another Seven Stars at the Remote Dong Lin

After hearing this, everyone’s face was blank. But Chen Chang Sheng was a little surprised – the four and nine in this sentence obviously meant the ranks on the Honor Roll of Green Clouds. So Guan Fei Bai was ranked fourth, and Luo Luo was ranked ninth? He only saw the ranks of the Honor Roll of Green Clouds once on the wall outside of the Priest Academy and he didn’t exactly remember who was ranked ninth.

“In the inn outside of the Mausoleum of the Books, I told you, besides Xu You Rong, on the Honor Roll of Green Clouds, there are two other people that I don’t want to bother.”

Tang Thirty Six said near him, “One is the wolf bo in the north and the other was… the mysterious girl. Of course, she is not mysterious to you at all, so…..this thing isn’t interesting as I thought it would be. By the way, when can you let me show off a bit.”

Chen Chang Sheng now recalled, Tang Thirty Six had mentioned that there was a mysterious girl from Yao race whose rank was even higher than that of Zhuang Huan Yu on the Honor Roll of Green Clouds. Even then, many people had guessed it that that girl should be the princess of Yao. Then he remembered, at the first night of the Ivy Festival, he asked Luo Luo how she knew Zhuang Huan Yu and Luo Luo responded by saying that because her position was so close to Zhuang Huan Yu, it would be hard to not know him.

What position? Now, he understood. She obviously wasn’t referring to geographic location because the neighborhood of the Herb Garden was the Tradition Academy, not the Heavenly Academy.

Position was the position on the Honor Roll of Green Clouds.

No matter how little Luo Luo cared about secular things, she would still know the person’s name right below her on the Honor Roll of Green Clouds.

Chen Chang Sheng then realized why one as arrogant as Tang Thirty Six would leave Guan Fei Bai to Luo Luo.

Luo Luo’s expression didn’t change. Holding the handle of the Falling Rain Whip with her right hand, she looked at Guan Fei Bai and said, “If one only looked at the rankings, then why would we even need to hold the Ivy Festival and what is the meaning of the Great Trial? To determine who’s stronger or weaker, after all, requires a fight. Otherwise, how could Tang Thirty Six defeat your youngest junior?”

Guan Fei Bai said indifferently, “That’s only because someone helped.”

Hearing this, Tang Thirty Six got furious and yelled, “Sounds like your senior doesn’t have a mouth!”

Gou Han Shi extended his hand to signal Guan Fei Bai to stop. He looked at Luo Luo and said calmly, “What princess said is reasonable.”

Then he turned around to Guan Fei Bai and said, “Junior, try your best in the fight. Please don’t let the reputation of our sect down.”

Guan Fei Bai no longer spoke a word. After thinking quietly for a while, he took out his sword, looked at Luo Luo and said, “Princess, please enlighten.”

Although the Great Zhou was strong and the capital was big, amongst the young generation, only Xu You Rong could beat this person. If he was only arrogant and angry all the time, how could he be one of the core disciples of Li Mountain and how could he be one of the Seven Rulings?

As he held onto his sword, he suddenly calmed down and all of his arrogance disappeared.

The arrogance all fused into his sword.

It was a very common sword.

Of course, the Li Mountain Sword Sect cared a lot about talented disciples such as Guan Fei Bai. Even if they didn’t treat him like Qi Jian by gifting him the Iron Rule, they definitely had presented him with an extremely sharp sword, but he didn’t accept it. He insisted to use this common sword because he had sworn that before he surpassed the oldest senior, Qiu Shan Jun, he would never switch swords.

Everyone knew Qiu Shan Jun’s sword was called Reverse Scale, but only his close schoolmates knew that the sword their oldest senior used was actually very common. It was made by a regular blacksmith on the bottom of Li Mountain and was worth only three silver coins.

He viewed his oldest senior Qiu Shan Jun as his role model, and a goal that he must transcend, so he only wanted to use a common sword.

The sword was common, but the person wasn’t. The people standing on the staircase looked at Guan Fei Bai as he slowly walked to the center of the square. Their expressions changed.

As he walked forward, the arrogant and cold young elite’s aura gradually became calm and soft, but the sword in his hand became stronger and stronger.

He stored all of his spirit into the sword.

“Don’t you worry?”

Tang Thirty Six looked at Chen Chang Sheng’s face, seeing that his expression didn’t change, he felt a bit surprised. Only by looking at the steps Guan Fei Bai took as he walked into the center of the square, only by looking at his ability to store qi into his sword, Tang Thirty Six knew that he definitely couldn’t beat him. Although Princess Luo Luo’s ranked was higher than his, did she have a chance of defeating him?

Chen Chang Sheng looked at the field and said, “Luo Luo will win. Why do I even worry?”

Tang Thirty Six didn’t know how to comment. He thought to himself, only because she calls you master? This kid looked dull, but where does his confident and egotistical personality come from?

Everyone felt the same as Tang Thirty Six felt. Seeing the strong aura revealed from Guan Fei Bai, everyone thought Princess Luo Luo had no chance of winning.

Only Chen Chang Sheng knew what Luo Luo had learned during her several months at the Tradition Academy.

Ranked ninth on the Honor Roll of Green Clouds? That was a thing of the past. Now even he couldn’t be certain how strong Luo Luo became.

Looking at Luo Luo who was walking towards the center of the square, looking at the little girl’s dress that was softly blowing in the wind, he suddenly felt a strong urge.

Back in the days when it was only him and Luo Luo in the Tradition Academy, the things Luo Luo learned, the improvements Luo Luo made all stemmed from him. Even though he wanted to be humble, even though he didn’t want to take credit, he couldn’t help but know that  Luo Luo was the student fully taught by him. The strong sensation was the wanting to be recognized.

He really wanted to know, if now Luo Luo fought with Xu You Rong, who would win?

He didn’t purify successfully yet and couldn’t xiuxing, for now, it seemed like he would never have the right to speak to that girl face to face.

But Luo Luo is his student.

If Luo Luo can defeat her, would that represent something?

This thought suddenly came up, and he could no longer remove it from his mind.

After all, he was still only a youngster, in the adolescent period. How can he not have some competitive feelings?


Yet when everyone thought the second fight between the Tradition Academy and the Li Mountain Sword Sect was going to begin, a voice came up.

Mo Yu looked at the field and said, “Princess has a noble identity. Even if there’s almost no danger, I still won’t agree with the fight.”

Upon hearing this, people became wordless. This was the problem that people worried about before. The Li Mountain Sword Sect also had proposed it, but just Luo Luo wasn’t concerned about it herself, didn’t mean the Great Zhou court wouldn’t care. How should this fight continue?

Gou Han Shi felt the stares from the high status people and understood their request. After being silent for a moment, he said, “Only compete on technique, not on qi.”

Hearing the words, Guan Fei Bai lifted his eyebrows slightly but he didn’t say anything.

Everyone knew the Yao race was excellent at comprehension. Princess Luo Luo was the only daughter of the White Emperor and obviously, her talent was rare. If it wasn’t that Yao couldn’t xiuxing with human methods, her bloodline talent would be on the same level as Xu You Rong and Qiu Shan Jun. How would she be only ranked ninth on the Honor Roll of Green Clouds?

If after she grew up as an adult, she practiced the xiuxing method of the White Emperor family, she obviously would be much stronger, but as of right now, she was not an adult yet. In addition, she could not use human xiuxing methods to run her qi because of her race. Then by just looking at the quantity and quality of qi, she obviously wasn’t as good as the disciple of Li Mountain Sword Sect.

Now that Gou Han Shi proposed to only compete in technique, he just discarded Guan Fei Bai’s biggest advantage.

Mo Yu’s words and the high status people’s pressure, looking from one perspective, were unfair.

However, Gou Han Shi said it himself, and Guan Fei Bai agreed to it silently. Sure enough, the Li Mountain Sword Sect was confident, and the Seven Rulings were arrogant.

Luo Luo didn’t expect such change to happen and so, habitually she turned around and looked at Chen Chang Sheng.

Chen Chang Sheng didn’t say anything. He knew Gou Han Shi’s proposal was a choice made under the elites’ pressure. This competing method seemed to give Luo Luo an advantage, but only he knew that this was not good for Luo Lou because he had already helped Luo Luo solve her issue of not being able to run qi in her special Yao vessels using the human xiuxing method.

Because of White Emperor’s powerful bloodline talent, although it has been only a few months, Luo Luo has already stacked her qi to a very terrifying amount. Speaking from general strength, she was now probably already stronger than Guan Fei Bai and because of this, he was certain that Luo Luo wouldn’t lose tonight.

Now the competition only allowed the use of technique and not qi, the one who actually lost the biggest advantage was not Guan Fei Bai, but her.

Luo Luo looked at Chen Chang Sheng.

Everyone also looked at Chen Chang Sheng, feeling confused. It was obvious that the proposal was advantageous to the Tradition Academy so why did it take him so long to agree?

Gou Han Shi thought this youngster didn’t want to accept such arrangement because of his pride and said, “You know that this proposal has another meaning.”

He didn’t say win or lose, neither did he say advantage or disadvantage. He said, Chen Chang Sheng and him.

Only competing in techniques and no use of qi meant that he and Chen Chang Sheng would definitely have to communicate with their teammates.

The last two fights between the Tradition Academy and the Li Mountain Sword Sect were combined into one.

Gou Han Shi wanted to use this one fight to destroy the Tradition Academy.

Chen Chang Sheng looked at Luo Luo and nodded.

Luo Luo looked, calmly saluted and then turned around.

Now looking at this scene, people already didn’t feel as shocked as they were previously in the palace when she respected this seemingly ordinary youngster so much, because in the previous fight between Tang Thirty Six and Qi Jian, Chen Chang Sheng already proved a lot.

Luo Luo walked onto the field.

Guan Fei Bai coldly raised up his sword and placed it horizontally in front of his chest.

His mind was already as calm as frost. In his eyes, there wasn’t a cute little girl or the Princess of Yao race, only an opponent.

Luo Luo raised the Falling Rain Whip. The tip of the whip flew up and broke the air. It then paused in the darkness.

The two stood about 33 meters apart from each other. Unless one used qi to form sword waves to attack the other, there wouldn’t be any danger.

Seeing this scene, Mo Yu was satisfied and the rest also stopped worrying.

As long as Luo Luo didn’t get hurt, no one really cared whether the Tradition Academy or the Li Mountain Sword Sect won.

Instead, the high status people all looked towards Gou Han Shi and Chen Chang Sheng who were standing at the two sides of the square, eager to find out who would win.


Luo Luo lifted the Falling Rain Whip, but the one who began was not her, but Chen Chang Sheng who was standing behind her.

If she was an arrogant youngster like Tang Thirty Six or Guan Fei Bai, she might have felt somewhat unhappy or at least give some resistance, but Luo Luo wasn’t arrogant. In the last few months, her school life in the Tradition Academy seeded a belief in her mind that whatever her master did was always right and that whatever he did was good for her.

So when she heard Chen Chang Sheng’s voice, she unhesitatingly used the whip as a sword. She stabbed towards Guan Fei Bai who was around thirty meters away.

“Lift earth.”

This is the first move of the Wind and Rain Sword technique of  Mountain Zhong. It was the starting move.

He began the fight with this move which was surprising because it was so normal.

Everyone thought the fight move Chen Chang Sheng would let Luo Luo use would be rarely known or at least be a very powerful move.

Who would think he used this common move?

The wind and rain of Mountain Zhong lifted the earth and caused a small momentum of wind and rain. Where can fear be found and where can crying be heard?

Just like playing chess(the Chinese type of chess), he placed the first piece on the three three spot which was again, not surprising.

Some people even felt disappointed.


The Falling Rain Whip flew up as it broke the air and made a roar that seemed powerful.  Luo Luo’s qi didn’t move and so, this sword move only had its form and no spirit. Because they were around thirty meters apart, it obviously couldn’t hurt Guan Fei Bai. But since it was a competition, he had to take the move; so many elders and elites were watching.

Normally when faced with this common sword move, Guan Fei Bai would react it himself, but since the competition tonight was not a fight between individuals, but a fight between the Tradition Academy and the Li Mountain Sword Sect, he had to wait for his senior’s advice. It was already humiliating to know that the famous Li Mountain Sword Sect was actually challenging the Tradition Academy that had fallen for more than a decade and that their trustworthy youngest junior actually lost to a student in the Tradition Academy. He was under a great amount of pressure and had to handle this seriously.

Gou Han Shi spoke as he heard Chen Chang Sheng’s words.

“Third Move of Dong Lin Seven Stars”


A complete silence.

People looked at Guan Fei Bai moving his sword in air and didn’t know what to say.

Chen Chang Sheng raised his eyebrows because he was certain that he never saw this sword technique before.

The Scroll of Way was like the ocean. There were countless sword techniques whose name contained the word star and there were more than ten sword techniques whose name contained Seven Stars.

Yet, he truly never saw this Seven Stars sword technique before, and never heard of it.

He said, “Last move.”

He didn’t speak the name of sword technique but straightforwardly speaking, the last move was obviously the Wind and Rain Sword technique of Mountain Zhong.

The last move was named: Hug the Rains.

It was a retreating move, a defensive move. The move with most dense defense in the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong.

Chen Chang Sheng never saw the Dong Lin Seven Stars, so he only hoped to defend against it first.



The principal of Heavenly Academy Mao Qiu Yu softly smoothed out his long beard as he looked at the field and applauded.

As an elite in the capital, his comment obviously grabbed many people’s attention.

Xu Shi Ji asked, “Have you even seen this sword technique before?”


Mao Qiu Yu said, “That’s why I said great.”

Suddenly someone shouted out, “That’s the sword technique of the Qing Jiang Sect in the Dong Lin Province.”

After hearing the voice, people looked towards where it came from and saw that the one who said it was an unknown young student from the Southern Ambassadors.

Someone asked, “Qing Jiang sect? How come we never heard of it?”

Many people were staring at the young student so he felt a bit nervous. He explained, “That’s a small sect. I am from Qing Jiang, so I know.”

Mao Qiu Yu sighed and said, “Sure enough, it’s extremely great.”


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