Chapter 39: From the Herb Garden to the Tradition Academy

Luo Luo returned to the Herb Garden and her people instantly knew that she was in a good mood because she hopped all the way from the school to the garden. Her quick steps were like stepping on clouds and she was humming a small tune. Her clear voice was like nightingale and her eyebrows were flying.

Officer Jin and Officer Li looked at each other and quickly followed up. They obviously knew the reason for their princess’s happy mood, but they couldn’t see what happened in the library, therefore they were a bit confused. Why was she so happy about having a master? What was the youngster in the Tradition Academy so good at?

Luo Luo simply cleaned and washed herself up and changed into a clean dress. She took the ice tea from a maid’s hands and took a sip then walked to the living room. She looked at her two guards and said, “Ask what you need to ask because I need to sleep early today. I will wake up early tomorrow morning for school and I don’t want to be late.”

Officer Jin thought to himself, when did our princess became so focused on learning? Of course he didn’t say this out loud. “It’s fine to be a little late. Does that youngster dare to harm you, princess?”

“He is my master, stop calling him a youngster over and over again. From now on… guys will call him Sir Chen.”

Luo Luo thought about her master’s serious attitude toward xiu xing and learning and his strict passion towards time. She looked at the two officers and said pitifully, “If I am late for the early classes, my teacher will get mad. I don’t want to be whipped tomorrow.”

Officer Jin was stunned after hearing this. He couldn’t believe what his own ears had heard. That youngster dare to whip his princess??!! If this was known by the people of the Red River of Eight Hundred Miles, then the entire capital would be burnt down!

He was ready to complain harshly about Chen Chang Sheng, but he felt Officer Li faintly pulled his sleeves. Then he noticed that his princess wasn’t unhappy about her teacher and she acted out her pitiful appearance. She was actually excited and joyful!.

Officer Jin was completely lost. He couldn’t understand what happened these few days. He didn’t understand how that youngster named Chen Chang Sheng….. okay, that Sir Chen. What quality did he possess besides bravery and sympathy? What kind of skill did he have that the princess respected him for?

“My teacher is no ordinary person.”

Luo Luo obviously knew what her people were thinking. She saw the confused look on Officer Jin and the worrying expression on Officer Li before she explained.

Officer Jin didn’t speak, but Officer Li couldn’t help but whisper, “He didn’t even reach Purification……could he be even more ordinary?”

Luo Luo said, “Do you guys think that an ordinary person that couldn’t reach Purification could solve a problem that even my father couldn’t?”

Officer Jin hesitated and said, “Perhaps…. it’s all luck?”

Luo Luo thought back to her experience from the evening and said proudly, “No, what my teacher doesn’t need the most is luck.”


(Bingo- GG thats what he needs the most now lmao)


Officer Li asked confusingly, “Then……if this Sir Chen is no ordinary person, then why did he enter the Tradition Academy? What is he hiding?”

“Silently learning and xiu xing, not showing himself nor advertising his names. He only wanted to be the unknown fish in the pound and wait patiently. Wait for the day when the storm arrives and that fish will jump over the Gate of Dragon and transform into a true Dragon. He will glance over the entire continent and his name will be heard all over the world…..”

Luo Luo’s eyes turned brighter and her voice louder. “Teacher’s idea is excellent!”

Officer Jin couldn’t help but laugh. He thought to himself, ‘This is the real world and these fantasies have no place in it.’ Although the princess seemed all grown up, she was actually still a kid.

Next morning, Luo Luo woke up on time – of course. If she followed her regular schedule, the sleepy girl definitely couldn’t get up. Her maids followed her instructions and started ringing the bell from four thirty in the morning. She would wake up even if she didn’t want to.

Luo Luo put a shirt on and rubbed her eyes while opening the door. She whispered angrily, “It’s too loud!”

The maids forcefully suppressed their fear and insecurity and continued ringing the bell. Their faces were already pale and aftering hearing their princess getting angry, they kneeled quickly in fear of punishment.

“I was just saying.”

Luo Luo yawned and told them to get up, “You guys shouldn’t be punished but rather rewarded. Go to Officer Li later and get some money for reward……Just like we said last night, if you guys can wake me up before five o’clock you will be rewarded. If I didn’t wake up, then your salaries this month will be gone!”

The maids looked at each other and knew their princess wasn’t actually angry. They stood up and quickly moved all sorts of tools and started clearing the princess up. Then a servant got dozens of dresses and asked which one would the princess like to wear.

Luo Luo picked out the simplest and cleanest dress before she casually ate a bowl of gruel and a piece of meat cake. Afterwards she opened the lunch box on the table and checked carefully, then nodded her head in approval. She picked it up and started walking to the wall.

Pushing open that new wooden wall, she arrived at the Tradition Academy from the Herb Garden.

There was no wooden barrel or a showering youngster on the other side of the wall. The previous experience left a deep scar in Chen Chang Sheng’s memory and the first he did after dinner was to push the wooden barrel into the small building. At the same time he didn’t forget to lock the small building up and add curtains to the windows of the bathroom.

The Tradition Academy was silently going through changes because Chen Chang Sheng didn’t live here alone anymore.

The Tradition Academy now has two students.


Reading and xiu xing.

This was still the main theme of Tradition Academy.

Besides showering outdoor and singing in the bathroom……Chen Chang Sheng felt that the biggest change in his life was his diet, which had improved tremendously. Starting from the second day he admitted Luo Luo as his student, he began eating the breakfast, lunch, and dinner that Lou Lou brought from the Herb Garden.

He was extremely satisfied by the food brought from the Herb Garden. The variety of the dishes, combination of vegetable and meat, and nutrition and taste all far surpassed his imagination – Back in the old temple of Xi Ning Village, his senior was the cook. Although there was no problem with the nutrition, it didn’t really taste good.

He wasn’t only satisfied by the food, but also more satisfied by the actions of Luo Luo. From its core these food were her heart and her present.

Luo Luo was close to him. She wanted to stay with him every moment and every second. When he didn’t pay attention, the young girl would wrap herself around his arm and smell him, just like a cute kitten. If it wasn’t for Chen Chang Sheng’s strong denial, she wouldn’t even return to the Herb Garden to sleep.

But Chen Chang Sheng was just a youngster fourteen years old. He wasn’t used to Luo Luo’s respect and dependence. Although he still thought she was only around ten years old, he was still a little embarrassed being this close to a girl. However the feelings were nice, so nice that he was willing to endure it.

But there was still no breakthrough in his xiuxing. Many days have passed and he continued to absorb starlight and Purify his body. Yet there wasn’t any change in his body. Even as determined as he was, he started to doubt himself. At least he felt his luck was not good.

He didn’t know that Luo Luo told her people that he was the type of person that didn’t need luck.

Luo Luo’s luck was extremely good. If there is such thing as being blessed by Heaven, her blessing was unmatched.

Starting from the night she met Chen Chang Sheng to the day she recognized him as master, dozen of days had passed. Spring hasn’t end yet but Chen Chang Sheng has already helped her find three paths of controlling qi. She has already learned seventeen techniques of the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong.

As the summer approached, the semi trial of the Great Trial has ended.

The streets and avenue of the capital were filled with people. Countless students from all over the world were either filled with extreme joy or despair. They either need liquor to celebrate or forget about everything. The taverns were filled to the maximum and before night arrived, the famous brothels had already put up a color lamp.

Due to the recent xiu xing problems, Chen Chang Sheng’s mood was a little down. He knew that being stressed wasn’t a good thing and he needed to relax. Therefore he walked out of the Tradition Academy and took out half a day to look at some scene. But the interesting thing, or rather something that leaves people speechless, was that he didn’t go to Li Palace to look at ivies, he didn’t go to the Nai He Bridge to count stones, but…..he brought Luo Luo to the end of Hundred Blossom Street and sat down to look at the people passing by.

Luo Luo always listened to him with no objection. No matter what decisions he made, Luo Luo would accept them and believe they were correct. Even if his actions were a little strange, there must be hidden meaning behind his actions. Today, she was finally unhappy.


She sat at the stone stairs and looked at the green moss on the opening of the well. She kicked a piece of small leave in front of her and wanted to complain about the boredom, but she didn’t say anything. She thought that since they rarely left the school, shouldn’t they walk a little further? Shopping with the teacher must be really interesting.

“What happened?”

Chen Chang Sheng held two popsicles and said, “You don’t want to eat it? If I eat two of these I will have a bad stomach.”

Luo Luo thought that her teacher still cared deeply about her and started being happy again. She took the popsicles from his hands and sat with him. They looked at the crowd on the street and stared into space.

She licked the popsicle and asked, “Why is there so many people on the street?”

Chen Chang Sheng bite a small portion of the popsicle off and said unclearly, “When I was buying the popsicles earlier, I overheard people say that the semi trial of the Great Trial has ended.”

Luo Luo widened her eyes, “Ah!”

Chen Chang Sheng turned his head and looked at her, “What happened? Is it too cold?”

Luo Luo looked at him and said unsurely, “I think we might have forgot something.”

Chen Chang Sheng started to think back and his eyebrows started to wrinkle. Then suddenly he relaxed.

“I remember now. I need to represent the Tradition Academy to attend the Ivy Festival.”

Yes, the semi trial of the Great Trial has ended and the summer has arrived.

The Ivy Festival was about to start.

Luo Luo asked, “Should we go?”

Chen Chang Sheng thought for a while and said. “We should go.”

Luo Luo asked, “But no one has announced anything to us.”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “If the Department of Education forgot about it, then we don’t need to go.”

Luo Luo licked the popsicle joyfully and said, “Sure! It’s up to you teacher.”


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