Chapter 43: The Little Monster of the Academy of Priest

All of the officials and professors attending the Ivy Festival knew why this professor of Heavenly Academy contained such hatred toward the Traditional Academy, which was already in ruin. Even if the Tradition Academy only has two or three ants left, he wouldn’t let go of them and wanted to squash them into dusts.

They were all long time citizen of the capital and they were familiar with the government’s rules. If it weren’t for that pair of students, the Tradition Academy would be forgotten and destroyed next year. But not everyone thought this change was so simple. Officer Xin, who told Chen Chang Sheng he had some business to take care of, was now standing behind the Bishop of Department of Education, Mei Li Sha.

He lowered his voice and said, “It seems that someone wants to force Chen Chang Sheng to join the competition.”

The face of bishop always contained a trace of sleepiness. It seemed it he could never get enough rest. After hearing this, he struggled and opened his eyes and said casually, “Is that child this idiotic?”

Officer Xin was troubled, “He is not an idiot, but rather a young man. I’m just afraid that he would be aggravated by the crowd.”

The bishop glanced at the Tradition Academy’s position through the curtain and was surprised to see the angry young girl sitting next to Chen Chang Sheng.

The girl may appear small through the crack of a door, but she couldn’t appear tiny through the crack of eyelids, because the bishop knew that young girl.

He signed, “Then….let us pray for that professor.”


The professor of the Heavenly Academy stared expressionlessly at Chen Chang Sheng who was sitting at the corner. He didn’t purposely try to give off an oppressive and cold aura. Rather he just looked at him as if he was a small insect waiting to be frozen to death.

Chen Chang Sheng never thought of the next step. If he participate in the written competition and Luo Luo attend the fighting arena, then they will still have a chance. But he knew clearly that if someone was trying to put down the Tradition Academy on purpose, then nothing would go with his plan.

His goal was the Ling Yan Pavilion. He needs to participate in the Great Trial and obtain the first place. Before this happen, he hoped that nothing would disturb his plan to succeed. If he actually enter the competition tonight, no matter victory or defeat, it wouldn’t be a good choice for his plan.

Since he wouldn’t enter the competition, then why should he stay in the building and endure these mocking laughters? Why should he try to act calm under the cold stares from the professor of the Heavenly Academy?

Therefore he made a decision that no one expected.

“Let’s leave.” He told Luo Luo who was sitting next to him and stood up to leave.

The mocking laughters in the building suddenly stopped. Everyone saw his action, but they didn’t understand. Facing the mocking, scoffing, and laughter, Chen Cheng Sheng ignored these negative attitude. It may be viewed as cowardice, but couldn’t it also be treated as unimaginable bravery?

Luo Luo never spoke against his decisions. She stood up without hesitation and was ready to walk out with him.

Looking at those people who mocked them before but were now surprised, Luo Luo shutted her lips and thought to herself. My master is definitely no ordinary person. His endurance is excellent and was able to withstand all of the unbearables. She should learn from him and not think about ripping all of these people into piece just because they mocked him.

The world is beautiful so why should she be so irritated?

As they were walking out, someone spoke from outside of the building, “What do you guys think the Ivy Festival is? You can enter whenever you want and leave whenever you want?”

The speaker of this sentence was young, but his voice contained pride and coldness. It even sounded crazy and hid violence inside. It seemed that the speaker would kill anyone for the the tiniest reason.

Chen Cheng Sheng didn’t like this sort of character.

He stopped and looked toward the entrance.

Several hundred people in the Ivy Festival all turned around the looked at the entrance.

A youngster was standing there. His face was pale, his eyes were merciless, and his lips were crimson. His age seemed to be around twelve or thirteen years old, but he appeared to drown in liquor and sex for many years. Especially his complexion, it gave off a ruthless feeling and sent shivers down people’s spines.

Many people have yet to know this youngster.

But many people from the Heavenly Academy and the Starseeker Academy were familiar with him.

They knew who this youngster was and therefore no one said he was late. There was only silence and Zhuang Huan Yu wrinkled his eyebrows slightly. He wasn’t particularly happy with it.

The expression of the professor of the Heavenly Academy was calm. It was obvious that he knew this youngster would appear from the beginning.

He looked at Chen Chang Sheng and Luo Luo. They thought if they decided to endure the embarrassment and not enter the competition, they could save the last breath of the Tradition Academy?

Due to his background and some complex reasons, he couldn’t personally fight against the pair of students of the Tradition Academy. Also he couldn’t let the students of the Heavenly Academy help him. But he had already chose the best person from the schools of the capital.

No matter background or strength, this little monster from the Academies of Priests was the best choice to send Tradition Academy to its way of demise

And there wouldn’t be any problem afterwards.

The professor of the Heavenly Academy took a peek at the spot of the Bishop.


Many people in the capital knew that there was a little monster in the Academy of Priests.

That little monster was strong. Due to his young age, he didn’t enter the Honor Roll of Green Cloud yet, but everyone knew that he has the strength to enter the top fifty in the Honor Roll. It was rumored that this little monster was the apprentice of the Pope, but he never admit to this rumor. Also in another rumor, this little monster killed many xiuxingists in the Meditation Stage and including another young genius on the Honor Roll of Green Cloud when he was only ten years old. Of course, he didn’t admit to this rumor either.

The little monster didn’t attend school at the Heavenly Academy like the Pope did when he was young. He also didn’t follow the Pope and study at the Academy of Li Palace. Instead, he went to the school with the strictest rules and harshest xiu xing techniques. The reason for this is that he didn’t want to follow the same road as the Pope.

But the strict rules of the Academy of Priests didn’t stop the murders of the little monster. But the harsh xiu xing did make him stronger and stronger. Not many people dare to challenge him in the capital. Even the powerful xiu xingists would take a step back when facing him, Perhaps it was due to the rumor – the student of the Pope is always unique, but most importantly it wasn’t due to this rumor, but rather a fact that was known by everyone – The name of this little monster of the Academy of Priests was Tian Hai Ya Er, he is one of the Family of Tian Hai.

The Divine Queen’s last name is Tian Hai.

The little monster of the Academy of Priests was her nephew.


Under the view of countless eyes, Tian Hai Ya Er walked into the building and he was arrogant. His pale and unhealthy face was full of indifference and mockery. It was the indifference toward life and the mockery…..toward everyone.

He was reached twelve years of age this age. He was really not a youngster but rather a boy. But he has already killed many people and saw many things. His powerful background and strength twisted his view of the world, he was truly a monster.

Chen Chang Sheng looked at the boy who was a head shorter than him walking toward him. He sensed that the bloody smell got stronger and stronger, and he disliked Tian Hai Ya Er more and more.

But Tian Hai Ya Er didn’t even look at him for a moment. He glanced over the young students on the scattered tables, but in fact nothing entered his eyes. He mocked coldly, “A bunch of idiots thinking they would benefit from attending this festival? Still characters who would be mocked in the end.”

The young students sitting on the scattered tables all endured many difficulties and passed the semi trial of the Great Trial, and at last obtained the permission to attend the Ivy Festival. Although they knew they were just background of the students of the Six Ivies, they still had hope in their heart. But this moment they heard the ruthless words from this young boy, they started to get angry.

Tian Hai Ya Er rolled his eyeballs and his voice spilled out from his teeth like a sharp blade, “You guys want to die?”

The information of the background and strength of this boy was passed around in the scattered table. Although the young students were angry, no one dared to stand up. Talk less if they could actually win against this young boy, but even if they could, do they dare touch him?

“Enough.” The principal of the Academy of Priests wrinkled his eyebrows slightly and spoke.

Tian Hai Ya Er scoffed coldly. Although he didn’t speak further, but the unhappy expression on his face showed that he didn’t really respect his own teacher.

But the weird things is, logically speaking the professor of the Heavenly Academy didn’t want to restrain this little monster for some reason, but there were many truly powerful figures in the field. For example, the Bishop of the Department of Education, or Dong Yu General Xu Shi Ji. They have enough strength and influence to keep Tian Hai Ya Er in check.

But they all kept silent. Perhaps they were just trying to figure out the actual reason for the appearance of this little monster? If this monster enter the competition then blood would definitely be spilled on this field. Surely the Academy of Priests didn’t want him to attend the Ivy Festival. Was this the command from the Li Palace or the Royal Palace?

Or the reason for this little monster to attend the Ivy Festival was actually for the Tradition Academy? Apparently not, the already ruined Tradition Academy couldn’t attract the eyes of this little monster.

He glanced at the direction of the Heavenly Academy and didn’t see the person he wanted to see, therefore he was disappointed and irritated. He screamed loudly, “Where is Tang Thirty Six? Didn’t that rural idiot wanted to handicap me? Where is he? Is he scared now!”

Besides those powerful figures, there were still some people who could care less of Tian Hai Ya Er’s background and strength.

Zhuang Huan Yu looked at him expressionlessly and said, “If you continue to interrupt, then I wouldn’t mind to be the first one to challenge you.”

As the student representation of the Heavenly Academy and the young genius placed on the tenth place of the Honor Roll of Green Cloud. His quiet words was more powerful than the angry of the students from the scattered tables.

Tian Hai Ya Er laughed weirdly and stuck his red tongue to lick his lips, “You can’t bully a child.”

This sentence may seem inappropriate but it showed that this arrogant boy was actually very calm and was afraid of Zhuang Huan Yu.

Yet at this moment, a laugh came up from a direction, obviously he was laughing at how this little monster only dared to bully people who were weaker than him and afraid of challenging stronger elites, such a coward.

Tian Hai Ya Er suddenly stopped laughing, looked at where the laugh came from.

Many people follow him look toward where the laugh was from.

When both the bishop and Xu Shi Ji were remaining silent, and the Heavenly Academy professor was intentionally indulging him. Besides famous young elites like Zhuang Huan Yu dared, who else dared to laugh at this little monster? Was that person really not afraid of death?

The laugh came from the seats for the Starseeker Academy.

That’s a very stalwart young man.

Chen Chang Sheng knew that young man. He knew him when he was taking the entrance exam to the Starseeker Academy.

He was worrying about this young man.

Because Tian Hai Ya Er’s eyes suddenly became very cold, no long brutal, looking at that stalwart young man, as if he’s looking at a dead person.

At this moment, the official who was leading the Starseeker Academy, asked expressionlessly, “Why couldn’t he laugh?”

Even the little monster like Tian Hai Ya Er knew that the Starseeker Academy could not be easily disturbed, especially when he did not have the proper reason. He looked at that big and tall youngster, laughed, revealing his white teeth, like a joey who was extremely calm before he went crazy.


The curtain behind the building was slowly opened, under the thousands of stars, there was a very big stone-made platform. At its surrounding there were around ten copper furnaces, burning and releasing fragrances that can calm people’s mind. Under the copper furnaces, deep into the underground, there buried defensive magical weapons, which were maintained by teachers from the Heavenly Academy, making sure that the Qi during fight wouldn’t influence people outside the platform.

The Ivy Festival officially began. Chen Chang Sheng and Luo Luo did not leave, because Luo Luo slightly grabbed his sleeve, also because he was somewhat worried about the young man from the Starseeker Academy, also because the little monster from the Priest Academy mentioned his friend Tang Thirty Six.

According to the convention in the Ivy Festivals in previous years, in the beginning, there would be educational fights between students from various regions and students from the Six Ivies. The gap between the two sides was too big, which actually made it easy to control, so normally there wouldn’t be any accident.

However, there were so many surprising incidents happened in the Ivy Festival this year. The Tradition Academy actually appeared again in the public, the Priest Academy actually let the little bloodthirsty monster out, faintly, there was a dangerous wave flowing underground, obviously there would be more accidents occurring later.

Before the professor from the Heavenly Academy even announced the fighting roster, a person already appeared on the stage.

Tian Hai Ya Er looked at the direction of the Starseeker Academy and laughed, “Before, someone asked, why couldn’t he laugh? Of course he could, the boring Ivy Festival, was a funny thing originally, everyone can laugh, you see, I am laughing too.”

He’s only a little boy, laughed naively, but his face was very pale, his lip was bloodily red, which made him look very violent.

“Yet…now I am preparing to kill you.”

Tian Hai Ya Er looked at that stalwart youngster as if he was looking at a dead man, asked seriously, “Now, can you still laugh as happily as before?”

The entire building was completely silent, in the seats for the Starseeker Academy, there wasn’t any sound too.

Zhuang Huan Yu slightly stirred his eyebrow, “You know the rule for the Ivy Festival, if you don’t follow the rule, then I have to represent the Heavenly Academy and beat you.”

“I can’t beat you, so I don’t dare to offend you, but if someone dares to offend me, then what should I do?”

Tian Hai Ya Er looked at him, then turned his eyes to the professor from the Heavenly Academy, asked, “I won’t kill him, is that enough?”

The Professor said expressionlessly, “The Ivy Festival is mainly about communication, don’t go overboard.”

Tian Hai Ya Er looked back to where the Starseeker Academy was.

The stalwart youngster remained silent for a while, shook his head and refused his teacher’s indication, slowly walked up the stage.

He’s the most outstanding freshman of the Starseeker Academy this year, yet he was never arrogant, but was rather simple and honest. So all the teachers favored him, gave him high expectation, hope him can participate in the Great Trial next year, therefore they specifically brought him to participate in the Ivy Festival.

Because he’s simple and honest, therefore he’s straightforward. Before when Tian Hai Ya Er was arrogant and disrespected everyone in the building, he thought the teachers would say something, yet they were so quiet, so for the first time he felt disappointed toward Starseeker Academy, so, he laughed out loud.

Yes, he laughed intentionally.

This big and tall young man, wanted to use this laugh to tell everyone, Starseeker Academy was still like it used to be, did not know what’s fear.

From that laugh, he began to prepare for the fight later on.

He knew that he could not beat the little monster from the Priest Academy, butt he didn’t fight him yet, so he couldn’t surrender.

He walked up the stone platform, facing Tian Hai Ya Er, standing under the starlights, he seemed to become even more stalwart.

“My name is Xuan Yuan Po, freshman from Starseeker Academy.”

Tian Hai Ya Er smiled and said, “Tried to say you are just a freshman first, want me to go easy on you? Look at your big and awkward looking, you are probably twenty something, I am only twelve this year, so relax, I definitely won’t go easy on you.”

The big and tall young man called Xuan Yuan Po, said honestly, “I just grow a bit faster. I am actually only thirteen, also I am actually just a freshman. Of course, indeed, I am older than you, so you don’t have to go easy on me.”

“Very good.” Tian Hai Ya Er stopped laughing.

Xuan Yuan Po straightened his waist, became concentrated, tightened up his fist like a rock, said, “Please enlighten me.”(part of the courtesy)

Tian Hai Ya Er was expressionless, casually gave him a punch!

An extremely terrifying hurricane, formed on the stage, spiraling at a high speed.

His fist, was the center of this hurricane!

At the surrounding of the platform, suddenly appeared an intangible barrier.

The barrier actually became slightly deformed, the starlights that penetrated through it, became extraordinarily dismal.

A complete silence.

Everyone looked at Tian Hai Ya Er’s fist and felt shocked and wordless.

Everyone knew, this little monster was very strong, had bloodline from the Tian Hai family, and had been taught by the Pope, how could he not be strong?

But no one imagined that, he was strong to such an extent!

Just a simple fist, would cause hurricane to form would cause the barrier that was maintained by many Heavenly Academy teachers together to deform!

People looked at the boy who was laughing brutally on stage, thinking that he’s only twelve, felt even more shocked.

If he was on the Honor Roll of Green Cloud, what’s going to be his rank?

On the Great Trial next year, which tier would he get into?


No one thought Xuan Yuan Po could defend this fist, even the teachers and students from the Starseeker Academy.

Yet out of everyone’s expect, Tian Hai Ya Er’s fist was blocked!

As the two fists collided, a thunderous sound came up, the barrier was deformed again!

Blood flowed out from Xuan Yuan Po’s lip, his eyes became a little bleak, his feet stepped deeply into the hard stone floor, his clothes were already broken due to the wind blowed up by Tian Hai Ya Er’s fist, he’s about to lose, yet at least he did not fall, did not move back for even one step!

Because at the moment the two fists collided, something strange occurred!

The youngster was originally big and tall, so his fist was extremely big, now it became even larger!

More surprisingly, a very thick layer of black hair appeared on his fist, even his right arm was filled fully with long black hair!

His right arm suddenly enlarged, in a second, it was bigger than a normal person’s leg!

Those strong muscles, like iron pillars, seemed to have infinite power inside!

Only so, he could defend the horrifying fist from Tian Hai Ya Er!



“He’s actually Yao!”

Many shouted out surprisingly, especially those students sitting on the end of the banquet. To many, it’s the first time in their life seeing such image, so they kept yelling shockingly.

The teachers and students from the Six Ivies, were also extremely surprised.

Only the Starseeker Academy’s teachers who knew this fact beforehand remained wordless, but even they didn’t expect this Yao freshman, under Tain Hai Ya Er’s horrifying pressure, could actually use metamorphosis to exert strength that was much stronger than his normal xiu xing stage.

Tian Hai Ya Er also didn’t anticipate that this opponent, who he looked down on, could actually defend his fist.

This made him feel a little humiliated.

This made his feel very angry.

He crazily screamed out, like a child whose toy got stolen.

The teachers from the Priest Academy heard the scream, their face suddenly changed.

The hurricane was formed again!

Several lightnings faintly were shown inside!

Tian Hai Ya Er’s fist continued punch forward, destroying Xuan Yuan Po’s strong defense.

“Don’t you dare to defend it again!”

On the stone platform, the body scream crazily.

On Xuan Yuan Po’s metamorphosized arm, there were green smokes rising up, instantly blown away by hurricane.

A horrifying power, along his wrist transmitted to his shoulder.

He could no longer support himself, spit out blood and moved back.

Tian Hai Ya Er followed up like a ghost, and gave him another hit!

Xuan Yuan Po gritted his teeth, shouted angrily, then raised his heavily wounded right fist, defended reluctantly.


Under the stage, Zhuang Huan Yu shouted coldly.

Almost at the same moment, teachers from both Priest Academy and Starseeker Academy stood up, shouted urgently, “Stop!”

Only people with enough stage, could see that Xuan Yuan Po already lost, but the reason why Tian Hai Ya Er gave out this fist, was to destroy his arm!

Yao people innately had strong body, especially after metamorphosized, yet if they were heavily wounded when they were in metamorphosis, then they could hardly recover!

Tian Hai Ya Er, was actually trying to destroy this young man’s future!

Ka! La!

Xuan Yuan Po kept spitting out blood, flew back due to Tian Hai Ya Er’s power, heavily fell on the stage, causing dusts on the entire ground to fly up.

He stubbornly attempted to stand up again, yet he already had no power to stand up.

His right arm that he formerly felt proud of, his formerly extremely strong right arm, was falling down powerlessly, it’s useless now.

The entire building was deadly silent.

On the Ivy Festival, there rarely was any bloody incident, yet this image was so sad and brutal.

The professor from the Heavenly Academy walked up, shook his head and said, “You went too harsh.”

Tian Hai Ya Er slightly frowned, said, “I promised you I won’t kill him but I never said I won’t destroy him.”

“I heard that you Yao people were very powerful?”

Tian Hai Ya Er looked at him, laughed contemptuously, “Just so so.”

Xuan Yuan Po looked his destroyed right arm, suddenly cried out.

He’s a stalwart and brave Yao youngster, yet after all he’s only thirteen.

The entire stage was silent, although people from the Starseeker Academy were very

angry, they could only remain silent.

The corner for the Tradition Academy, was also very silent.

Luo Luo looked at the stage.

She looked at the boy’s bloody right hand.

Her right hand in the sleeve slightly moved.

She looked at Chen ChangSheng.

Chen Chang Sheng was also looking at the stage.


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