Chapter 44 My name is Luo Luo

Chen Chang Sheng looked at the stage.

On the stage was Tian Hai Ya Er, who felt the stare from Chen Chang Sheng, looked back at Chen Chang Sheng. His bloody but thin lips slightly curved up forming an arc. His immature but pale face revealed a contemptuous laugh, no need to ask the meaning of his laugh was obvious.

The heavily wounded Xuan Yuan Po was carried down the stone platform, the teacher from the Heavenly Academy quickly did some emergency care, then let students from the Starseeker Academy send him out of the place. Tian Hai Ya Er retrieved his sight, look at the spectators under the platform, laughed and said, “I know, you idiots all dislike me, but so what? I don’t need you to like me, I only need you to afraid of me. No matter how much you hate me, What can you do? Do you really dare to do anything to me?”

“The Ivy Festival was truly funny, a bunch of idiots dream of fish leaping over the

dragon gate, but you never think that, only the real dragons can leap over the gate in the sea of cloud! You poor people from those poor places, you really think you have that chance?”

Tian Hai Ya Er sneered at the crowd, “I came to join the Ivy Festival, not because I want to kindly wake you idiots up. I am came to do two things. After I finish those I will leave, so you guys don’t have to stare at me for so long and pop your eyes out.”

Like what the high status people had thought, the Priest Academy sent this crazy little monster to participate in the Ivy Festival, obviously wasn’t for getting the first place. There must be hidden reasons. Probably, the incident that little monster participates in the Ivy Festival, has nothing to do with the Priest Academy at all!

Now hearing Tian Hai Ya Er’s words, the stage became quiet. People really wanted to know, what are the two things he wanted to do.

The fight he had with the Yao boy from the Starseeker Academy, was obviously an accident. It’s probably not one of the two things he had to complete today.

“I come to participate in the Ivy Festival, because Tang Thirty Six said he wanted to destroy me. So I came to destroy him,”

Tian Hai Ya Er looked towards the seats for the Heavenly Academy. “Although he is your student, but I think, since he could say that sentence, you can’t really stop me, but interestingly, the idiot come from suburb actually doesn’t dare to show up.”

He looked towards Chen Chang Sheng in the corner and said contemptuously, “The second thing I have to do, is related to this useless garbage.”

“Several days ago, besides I heard Tang Thirty Six wanted to destroy me, I also heard a very crazy thing. The Tradition Academy…basically the broken graveyard on the Hundred Blossom street…..actually got a freshman. Ahhh….I totally can’t believe in my ear.”

Tian Hai Ya Er, like he heard the most funny thing in the world, rubbed his stomach and laughed, his voice was extremely horrible.

Suddenly, he stopped laughing, a shout echoed like thunder in the Heavenly Academy.

“How dare you!”

Tian Hai Ya Er looked coldly at Chen Chang Sheng and then looked at the bishop and many people’s faces. His voice was extremely deep and cold, completely unlike the sound that a twelve year old boy could make. “I don’t care who did this. I just want to ask him, does he want to die?”

The professor from the Heavenly Academy looked at the direction of rostrum, seeing that the bishop’s face was still calm.

Rationally, even Tian Hai Ya Er, could not criticize and even threaten these high status people,

But surprisingly, he did it and surprisingly, the stage was still completely silent.

Because he was probably representing the Pope, or possibly the Divine Queen, who wanted to ask some conservative forces in the Tradition, wanted to ask those people who wished to use the Tradition Academy to cause some trouble, what do you want to do?

No one could answer this question.

“You useless trash. You can’t even purify successfully, and you still want to revitalize the Tradition Academy? What a joke!”

Tian Hai Ya Er looked at Chen Chang Sheng and said, “I know that you know Tang Thirty Six. Since he doesn’t dare to show up, then you should come on stage and let me destroy you so I can finish both things at the same time. It will save me time.”

A complete silence.

The people who had laughed before laughed towards the decline of the Tradition Academy and the silence of the couple.

But now, no one laughed because of the violence Tian Hai Ya Er showed before. Because people knew, if this freshman from the Tradition Academy actually went up stage the fate waiting for him must be worse than that Yao youngster. It probably would be death.


Tian Hai Ya Er looked at him, smiled and said, “You can publicly announce that you quit the Tradition Academy, then kneel down to beg for my pardon. Maybe I will let you go.”


Chen Chang Shang wouldn’t withdraw from the Tradition Academy, because this was the General’s Mansion…more accurately, the only choice the high status person who hid behind the Xu Mansion gave him. If he doesn’t have the identity as a student of the Tradition Academy, then he couldn’t participate in the Great Trial next year.

After hearing Tian Hai Ya Er’s words, he was obviously very mad but at the same time he was very confused – He didn’t understand, why would the young elite from the Priest Academy be hostile to him, a suburb youngster from the Xi Ning town. Yes, even hostility needs qualification, needed reason.

This is because he didn’t know that, when he was calmly xiu xing and reading in the Tradition Academy and didn’t care about the wind and rain outside, didn’t look at landscapes in the surrounding, in the capital there were already many things happening underground. Many people began to notice him. One such figure was the Heavenly Academy’s professor, such as some people from Li Palace, such as people from the royal palace.

The engagement between Xu You Rong and him was an unknown secret. Those people obviously didn’t know it’s an accident that he went to study in the Tradition Academy. Those people thought, when the Tradition Academy was about to become a forgotten dust in history, suddenly there was a freshman, representing some old forces in the Tradition — Those who were still loyal to the Chen royal family, were doing some type of feeler, or those old forces were attempting to make some type of announcement. More importantly, those people did not see Chen Chang Sheng’s recommendation letter, did not see the Pope’s signature, so the attitude that department of traditional education later put up, made them even more confirmed their judgement.

Such feeler or announcement, was not acceptable to those people. They unhesitatingly chose to suppress it. The time they chose to do so, was the Ivy Festival. The person who was particularly responsibly to this was obviously the Heavenly Academy professor who was hosting the Ivy Festival and finally who would?

There were still many officials and priest who were loyal to the Chen royal family in Zhou, so those people didn’t want to make it too obvious. Therefore the little monster of the Priest Academy was the best choice, because he’s Divine Queen’s nephew, also he had background from the Tradition.

Both the Divine Queen and the Pope probably didn’t know that there was a freshman in the Tradition Academy at all, but this didn’t change Tian Hai Ya Er’s last name and succession of teaching. And the best thing was, Tian Hai Ya Er was only a twelve year old boy…..not to say humiliate or suppress, even if he killed that person on stage, so what?

Little kid doesn’t know much, this is always the best excuse, isn’t it?

Tonight the two most important spectators on the Ivy Festival, the bishop from the department of traditional education and the Dong Yu General Xu Shi Ji, clearly knew this inside story. Xu Shi Ji knew Chen Chang Sheng’s origin and identity, yet because of the engagement, of course he would remain silent, no matter Chen Chang Sheng was destroyed or killed, both were images he wanted to see. As for the Bishop’s silence, it represented deeper meanings, because he knew more things.

Such as the identity of the little girl sitting next to Chen Chang Sheng.


Kneel, or not kneel, leave, or get killed. This was the multiple choice question Tian Hai Ya Er gave to Chen Chang Sheng. There were many choices, only to show that the Tradition Academy was already a history. After all he was a little kid. His method was brutal and straightforward, basically was the word humiliation.

No one wanted to stand such humiliation, Chen Chang Sheng also didn’t want to. Yet what made him feel even more sad was, Luo Luo was taking such humiliation with him. This made him feel really sorry to this little girl who obviously was living well ever since she was born and never suffered any humiliation before.

Luo Luo was indeed very mad. She had never suffered such humiliation in her life before, but Chen Chang Sheng remained silent for the whole time, so she could not say anything. In order to not let others see the anger gradually formed between her eyebrows, she looked down deeply.

At this moment, she heard Chen Chang Sheng’s apologizing voice.

“I said, become a student of the Tradition Academy, you will probably have to stand lots of humiliations and suppressions.”

Luo Luo felt that she seemed to have heard such sentence, then she remembered, that’s the conversation she had with master on that day in the Tradition Academy. She thought, ‘was master testing her? Yes, otherwise with master’s ability, how would he let the little monster kept humiliating the Tradition Academy?’

She remembered the words she replied Chen Chang Sheng.

“Master, no one dares to humiliate me.”

Yes, since she was born, no one dared to humiliate her. Then, they also couldn’t humiliate her respectful master, couldn’t humiliate the Tradition Academy that she gradually cared and loved more and more. Anyone who dared to do so, had to pay a deep price.

Luo Luo stood up, made a salute to Chen Chang Sheng. Then she walked toward the stone platform.

The building was entirely silent, countless eyes followed her steps.

Until she stood in front of Tian Hai Ya Er, people then realized what they just saw.

The Tradition Academy actually accepted the little monster’s challenge?

Who is this little girl?


Tian Hai Ya Er looked at the little girl standing in front of him and asked, “Who are you?”

Luo Luo didn’t say a word, looked at Chen Chang Sheng sitting under the stage.

“So you are from that ghost place too?”

Tian Hai Ya Er laughed weirdly for a while, then stopped, said with a serious and terrifying tone, “Don’t worry, you are so pretty. How am I willing to kill you? After I get you, then I will kill that kid. Then I will be back and keep getting you, is that ok?”

This sentence was very obscene, especially when it’s spoken from a twelve old boy’s mouth, it’s more obscene.

Luo Luo was very angry, but she looked more and more calm.

People who were participating the Ivy Festival, all looked at the stage, many professors and offcials’ eyes fell on the little girl. They confirmed that she already successfully purify, unlike the completely useless trash Chen Chang Sheng, but they couldn’t tell her stage, obviously she couldn’t beat Tian Hai Ya Er.

Comparing such a pretty girl to the little monster from the Priest Academy, was originally a very unreasonable thing.

People thought that at the next moment they would see an image of little girl falling in a puddle of blood. Many people felt unwilling and pitiful.

Zhuang Huan Yu suddenly stood up and shouted, “Stop!”


He knew that Luo Luo had an uncommon origin, but no matter how uncommon, how could it be stronger than that little monster’s background? Also this little monster’s method was too horrifying. The fact that the previous Yao youngster was destroyed was the best evidence. How could he watch her get bullied by this little monster?

The bishop from the Priest Academy slightly frowned, which indicated Tian Hai Ya Er to stop, but the professor from the Heavenly Academy appeared on the side of the stone platform, faintly blocking Tian Hai Ya Er’s vision, and then gave Zhuang Huan Yu a cold look.

The bishop of the department of traditional education was about to say something, suddenly Xu Shi Ji said something, and seemingly unintentionally blocked his view.

Tian Hai Ya Er looked at Luo Luo, laughed brutally. Between his red lips, his teeth were as white as bones from the dead.

He wanted to tell her, you see, how many people wanted you to die, but I wouldn’t kill you. I would only destroy you, then go destroy that useless trash.

He knew, if he’s slower, then he might be prevented by someone, so he stopped hesitating.

He flew to Luo Luo’s side, strike down his fist.

His fist was very small, yet it carried terrifying hurricane and lightning.

His mind was very violent. His method was very nasty, but he was truly strong, not to mention he was ruthless!

Wind and thunder, were supernatural phenomenon formed when xiu xingists solidified Qi a to certain point. They at least needed to be in the high Meditation stage before they could xiu xing their Qi to such terrifying extent to make such effect.

As Tian Hai Ya Er began fighting, he used his entire force.

Before, the stalwart and strong Yao boy was destroyed by this fist, much less now in front of him was only a weak little girl?

Below the stage there were countless shocked shouts, implicated with surprising screams, many students covered their face and did not dare to look!


Among the shocking shouts and surprising screams, suddenly there was an extremely angry, extremely terrifying, also somewhat dazing shout!

People looked at the stage, saw that this shout was actually from Tian Hai Ya Er!

In front of Tian Hai Ya Er’s fist, a fist appeared!

That’s Luo Luo’s fist.

Her fist also carried hurricane and lightning, but the hurricane was stronger and the lighting was brighter!

Ka! La!

Instantly, on the surface of Tian Hai Ya Er’s finger appeared an infinitive amount of breaches. Blood bursted out and the wound was so deep that even his bone was visible!

Those breaches instantly reached his wrist. His bones immediately broke!

Pain! Unbearable pain!

Tian Hai Ya Er’s pupil shrunk into a black dot. A panic but weird shout, came out between his bloodily red lips!

What followed along, was blood.

What’s going on?

Why did this seemingly weak little fist, actually hide such terrifying power?

Tian Hai Ya Er did not have time to think. His mind was taken over entirely by fear. While he was making weird shouts, he tried his best to move backward.

He knew he must go away from this fist, otherwise he definitely would die!

He moved quickly, but Luo Luo chased with an even faster speed.

Her fist, was as berserk as hurricane, as fast as lightning, landed on Tian Hai Ya Er’s fist.

From the beginning to the end of the stage, approximately a hundred meters of distance, her fist was always hitting on his fist.

Terrifying amount of Qi, from her fist, constantly landed into Tian Hai Ya Er’s body!


Tian Hai Ya Er fell on the edge of the stage, his right hand was entirely fragmented. Between the fingers blood was everywhere.

His face was as pale as snow. Inside his pupil was full of fear and surprise.

He didn’t even know what happened, before he lost, completely lost.


On the trees at night, suddenly there were chirping of cicadas.

This was night in the summer, it’s impossible to be quiet.

Yet the surrounding of the stone platform was like a snowless winter night, had all been silent.

Then as if snow melted.

Di Da, Di Da.

Blood dropped down from that little fist, dropped on the ground.

The little girl stood in the wind, looked around and said spoke up.

She was answering the previous question from Tian Hai Ya Er, also she was telling a fact

to people here.

“My name is Luo Luo. I am a student of the Tradition Academy.”

The cicadas’ chirpings became even more irritable. The building became quieter. People looked shockingly at the stage, looked at the little girls whose skirt was floating in the wind and felt what they saw was not real. Everyone thought they would see this little girl lying in a bloody puddle, so they covered their faces and turned around and did not want to look. Who would have thought that the one who actually lied down in a bloody puddle, was the little monster from the Priest Academy.

No one thought they would see such an ending.

The forgotten Tradition Academy, the unknown little girl, gave this world, such a big shock.


This fight began suddenly, even a bit shameless, but it ended even faster, making people delighted.

Luo Luo knew she would win, because she was originally very strong. That night, the assassin from the demon elite was very dangerous, but it didn’t represent she was weak among people of her age. No, among people of her age, she was the absolute elite, especially when comparing the amount of Qi. Rarely anyone would have more Qi than her.

Of course if Tian Hai Ya Er was calmer and chose to compete her in fighting methods, then she probably could not win in such domineering manner, but Tian Hai Ya Er was used to destroy others arbitrarily. How would he know, her bloodline itself was the most noble and arbitrary bloodline in the world!?

Everything was over.

Luo Luo looked at Tian Hai Ya Er and raised her fist again.

She clearly remembered the words this little monster had said when he heavily wounded the Yao youngster before. She clearly remembered the humiliation this little monster gave her master and her. Then, now is the time to return all the humiliations.


Seeing that she was about to continue fighting, many high status people who were silenting spectating suddenly changed their faces.

Before, that Yao youngster could be destroyed, could be killed, people from the Tradition Academy could be destroyed, could be killed, but….Tian Hai Ya Er couldn’t be destroyed, and of course couldn’t be killed!

Because his last name was Tian Hai.

Sounds of breaking air came up, several high status people including the professor of the Heavenly Academy came on stage.


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