Chapter 50: The Bronze Needle

Chen Chang Sheng looked at Xuan Yuan Po who was in front of him and thought for a moment, “Try to transform your right arm.”

Xuan Yuan Po never had any hope for him to heal his wound and he was already irritated after sitting on the floor for such a long time. Now hearing Chen Chang Sheng wants him to transform his already handicapped right arm, his face turned nasty and he looked at Chen Chang Sheng as if he was about to eat him whole.

“Did you not hear what the master said?” Luo Luo said.

Xuan Yuan Po’s anger was put down and he began to try to transform.

Although his right arm was already handicap, but he could already transform himself without much thought. After a few moments, his arm was changed dramatically and kept on growing. It bursted out of his shirt and black furs began to grow out of the skin of his arm.

Chen Chang Sheng held his wrist and felt that strong heart beat. He could already feel the crooked veins and  the messed up qi inside him. He searched sincerely and tired to understand while comparing the wound to the records on the Scrolls of the Way.

Time slowly passed and Xuan Yuan Po suddenly looked at him with some hope and nervousness.

A long time has passed and Chen Chang Sheng opened his palm.

Luo Luo asked, “How is it, Master”

Chen Chang Sheng didn’t answer her question. He first asked her to get a needle box from his luggage in the small building, then he picked out a single bronze needle and casually placed it into Xuan Yuan Po’s arm.

This needle was the thickest in the needle box, its main purpose was to enhance blood flow, but now he was using it for another purpose.

The surface of the bronze needle reflected a cold light and the tip was extremely sharp. But after Xuan Yuan Po’s arm was transformed, his skin would be very touch and even normal weapons couldn’t penetrate it. Logically speaking the needle shouldn’t be able to pierce through his skin but yet it easily went through the thick fars and stabbed into his flesh.

“What do you feeling? He looked into Xuan Yuan Po’s eyes and asked.

Xuan Yuan Po was confused. He focuses a little and said, “A little…..numb?”

Chen Chang Sheng lightly twisted the end of the needle and asked again, “What about now?’

“A little sore.” Xuan Yuan Po’s expression turned excited.

No matter sore or numb, any feeling would be a positive thing, even pain would be nice. His right arm was like a stone recently! but now at least he felt something.

Xuan yuan Po looked at Chen Chang Sheng and his lips were shaking slightly. He was utmost surprised.

Although it was just a small change, but Chen Chang Sheng really accomplished something that even the instructors and the royal doctors couldn’t!

Looking at his expression Luo Luo smirked, it seemed like she was extremely proud and satisfied.

She never once doubted Chen Chang Sheng’s ability, she believe that he only contained it within himself due to some secret.

Everything happened from the days at Herb Garden to the Tradition Academy all proved her belief to be correct.

Now even her people like Officer Jin and Officer Li were about to be convinced by her.


“It wouldn’t be an easy thing to forfeit all the qi and reattach the veins in his body.”

Chen Chang Sheng reorganized the needle box and looked at Luo Luo, “It may take a long time, I suggest for him to stay in the capital instead of returning to his clan.”

Luo Luo answered, “We will follow your suggestion.”

Chen Chang Sheng looked at Xuan Yuan Po and said, “Just stay in the Tradition Academy, there are still a lot of empty space.”

The Tradition Academy was large and currently only hold two students, Chen Chang Sheng and Luo Luo. It was kind of too empty and one extra person wouldn’t be any trouble.

At this moment Xuan Yuan Po was still overwhelmed by the previous excitement and joy, then he thought back to his rude attitude towards Chen Chang Sheng and felt insecure. But suddenly he heard his response and was embarrassed. He closed his lips tightly and wouldn’t speak because he felt he didn’t deserve such sympathy.

Chen Chang Sheng looked at Luo Luo and said, “You finish this.”

Luo Luo raised the stick of discipline and looked at Xuan Yuan Po, “Speak for yourself.”

Xuan Yuan Po wasn’t going to speak. He wasn’t going to speak even if she kills him under the stick.

Luo Luo has no other way but to ask Chen Chang Sheng, “Master, what should we do?”

Chen Chang Sheng told Xuan Yuan Po, “Sometimes unwilling to accept any sympathy or help isn’t pride, but stupidity.”

Xuan Yuan Po was bothered, he scratched his head and said, “I know, but I just can’t do it.”

Chen Chang Sheng sighed and didn’t speak any further.

Luo Luo was irritated and asked, “What could make you stay?”

Xuan Yuan Po replied with a troublesome expression on his face, “I’m not a student of Traditional Academy.”

Luo Luo’s eyes brightened up and said, “This is easy to solve.”


“We can just turn you into a student of the Tradition Academy.”


“No need for testing.”


“We just need to register.”

Luo Luo got permission from Chen Chang Sheng and took out the namelist of the Tradition Academy from the closet and prepared a brush and ink. Then she handed them to Xuan Yuan Po’s hand.

Xuan Yuan Po opened his mouth slightly and held the ink brush. He looked at the two names already on the namelist and felt this process wasn’t serious enough.

Even if the Tradition Academy is in ruins, but it is still one of the Six Ivies. How could he become a student just by writing his name?

He thought for a while and still landed the brush.

He wrote down his name one stroke at a time. His writing was a little sloppy, it was clear that Xuan Yuan Po wasn’t used to writing.

Luo Luo said, “Congratulation, you have became the third student of the Tradition Academy.”

Xuan Yuan Po asked, “What is the rules of this school?’

“There is no rule.”

Luo Luo said, “The words spoken by Master is the rule. You have to follow whatever the Master tells you to do.”

Xuan Yuan Po asked confusingly, “Is there no principal or teachers?”

“My master is the principal.”

“My master is the teacher,”

“Of course, my master is also the student.”

“It is the trinity combination, therefore the master is the Tradition Academy.”

Luo Luo never felt that her words were like religious brainwash of the priests of the Tradition, because she really felt that way.

Xuan Yuan Po was a little stumped, “Then I will study under him?’

Luo Luo didn’t want Chen Chang Sheng’s time and energy to be wasted on other people, even if she really liked this youngster of her race. She shook her head and said, “I’ll teach you.”

Xuan Yuan Po was overcome with joy after hearing that Luo Luo will be his teacher. He thought to himself that if this news was passed to his clan, then the entire village would be proud.

Luo Luo continued, “Since master is my teacher, then he is your Grandfather of Teaching.”

Xuan Yuan Po was stumped again, suddenly he has a grandfather of teaching?

Chen Chang Sheng was stumped as well, suddenly a grandson of teaching?

Luo Luo said, “Greet the master.”

Xuan Yuan Po was impressed by Chen Chang Sheng and since Luo Luo requested it, he kneeled on the floor without any hesitation and give three kowtow to Chen Chang Sheng. The dusts on the floor was flying everywhere and they twirl around in the lamp light.

Chen Chang Sheng was speechless, he kneeled toward the rising sun outside of the window in the eastern direction.

He never thought he would be a grandfather of teaching when he was only fourteen years old.

Master, do you know?

Senior, it seems like our sect would grow in the Tradition Academy.

When he was just feeling nostalgic, he heard a sound coming outside of the window.

Tang Thirty Six’s face popped into the window.

He looked at Chen Chang Sheng who was kneeling on the floor and was surprised, “What did you do wrong? why are you kneeling to me?”

Chen Chang Sheng looked at his pale face and asked surprisingly, “You are wounded?”


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