Chapter 56 An Equity Problem

Chen Chang Sheng truly felt this way about the situation so he said so blatantly. Others might view this sentence as sarcastic and somewhat shameless. Pretty obviously, Mo Yu thought so, so she said with a deep voice, “Let’s talk about the engagement.”

“That’s an issue between the Dong Yu General’s Mansion and me.”

“You clearly understand that this is not reality. After all, this issue needs to be solved.”

Both of them spoke calmly, and indubitably.

Mo Yu’s voice was as cold as snow, “If there isn’t anyone that insists that you must live, then the the contract in your pocket is simply a piece of trash.”

To such a high status character like her, although there was the Pope’s signature on the engagement which was very special, she could easily make this engagement useless by killing Chen Chang Sheng. If the person is dead, the engagement obviously becomes a piece of trash.

Chen Chang Sheng looked to the depth of darkness and said, “Many people saw me entered the palace.”

Mo Yu said, “Who will care about a person like you?”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “Now that I am a student of the Tradition Academy, many people will care. These days, just because people never show up doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They are looking at the Tradition Academy, looking at me, and also looking at you.”

While speaking this sentence, Chen Chang Sheng naturally thought of the Bishop of the Department of Traditional Education.

Until now, the Bishop still have not said a word to him, but the Bishop knew where the source of change of the Tradition Academy came from.

“Killing me is a very simple thing, but at the same time it is a very troubling thing.”

He said, “You can think of ways to take Luo Luo away from me, but you have no way to take away the attention on the Tradition Academy.”

Mo Yu’s voice became a bit cold, “The fact that I want to kill you is not related to the Tradition Academy. In my eyes, those elders don’t exist.”

“Yes, the fact that you want to kill me is not related to the Tradition Academy, but unfortunately, no one knows and no one will believe.”

Chen Chang Sheng said finally, “Unless you announce the engagement between Xu You Rong and me publicly, then I think, the entire world will support the killing of me, but the problem is that doing so will generate new problems. So I really want to know, what can you do?”

After he came to the capital, especially after he entered the Tradition Academy, it seems like he did not have to be concerned about anything. Only hearing sound of wind, rain and reading books, Chen Chang Sheng lived a calm life while actually being caught up in serious matters.

Recently, Chen Chang Sheng has been studying hard in the Tradition Academy. He didn’t even walk out of the door a single step and just as Mo Yu said previously, he’s using Luo Luo’s identity to frighten the people who intended to harm him. Although Luo Luo proposed this herself, he agreed to it. Simultaneously, he’s using the Tradition Academy’s history and influence of revitalization to limit the other side of the marriage vow, Xu You Rong’s Mansion. Only this way he can ensure his own safety.

The common youngster came from the distant Xi Ning. Facing nobles in the capital and even higher status people from the royal palace, he already made all the responses he could. He could thank his status as a freshman of the Tradition Academy, the so called personality, that let him survive tonight.

“What a villain.”

Mo Yu did not hide her sarcasm and demeanor in her voice, “Unfortunately, insignificant people never saw the ocean. How can they understand what’s called magnificence? If they never took down a star, how can they understand what’s called vast? After all, you are only a summer bug that doesn’t understand what snow is.”

Suddenly, Chen Chang Sheng felt extremely uneasy. His right hand held a button in his pocket and his left hand held the handle of his short sword.

But it was too late.

He felt his mind was in a blur and his vision was impaired too.

Although it was already night and it was hard to see anything, it was clear that there was something wrong with the scenes in front of him.

An unspeakable aura entered his mind and he suddenly felt tired.

The next moment, he pull himself together and woke up.

But the view was different already. He noticed that he arrived at a random ruined garden. In front of him was a cold lake reflecting the starlight. A few trees were growing around the lake but since it was still autumn, the trees has yet to blossom.

He was shocked. How did he come to this place when just a moment ago, he was in the hallway outside of Wei Yang Palace?

What kind of technique did she use to achieve this strange effect?

No one else was in the ruined garden and the only thing that he could hear were leaves sizzling on the trees.

He turned around and saw the palace hundreds of yards away. It was still filled with light and although he couldn’t see the people, it was probably very lively.

Perhaps the southern ambassadors have arrived.

Standing in the ruined garden and staring into a lively garden amplified his loneliness.

Mo Yu’s voice was heard again, but this time it wasn’t in his heart but rather on the other side of the ruined garden and a certain position in the night, “Just observe. Tonight you just need to be an observer and then everything will be solved easily.”

Chen Chang Sheng stared into the dark night and said, “This isn’t fair.”

Mo Yu said, “Such childish words shouldn’t be said by such a cunning person like you.”

For some reason, her voice was tired.

Chen Chang Sheng said, “Such childish words shouldn’t be said by the legendary Madam Mo.”

Mo Yu believed his thought on the fairness of this event was childish.

He believed that Mo Yu’s thought was truly naive.

It wasn’t a twist of words, but rather a difference of view on this world.

Mo Yu said coldly, “Fair, or justice was never the most important thing in this world.”

Chen Chang Sheng was silent for a moment, “When the Wisdom Scholar froze to death in jail for something he never did, he probably wasn’t thinking like that.”

Wisdom Scholar, Mo Wen Shan, a great educationist and literature of Zhou Dynasty was put in jail without trial because he mocked a powerful figure of the royal court. He later was pulled out of the jail in a freezing day during the winter and died from freezing. Every male member of the Mo Family was killed and only his granddaughter survived.

Mo Yu was that grand daughter.

Mo Yu’s cold but furious voice filled the night, “You bold bastard!”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “A person of the world speaks of the events in the world, how is this bold?”

Hearing this, Mo Yu was silent for a long time.

“Yes, it’s not fair, but you are too weak…..compared to this palace. To fight against the demon race, humans need to unite and need new strength. For this, both the Zhou Dynasty and the southern sects will put in their all. That’s why Ivy Festival exists, that’s why Great Trial exists, that’s why…….the marriage between Qiu Shan Jun and her exist.

Mo Yu’s voice slowly became calm, “Of course, these things are not important, what is important is that the Queen favors Xu You Rong and relies on Xu You Rong. She believes that only Qiu Shan Jun could pair with her in this world and so, she could only marry to him.

Chen Chang Sheng didn’t agree to her idea and was going to leave this ruined garden and walk to Wei Yang Palace.

He knew that it would be impossible to leave in front of the legendary Mo Yu. But this ruined garden seemed to be empty and without boundaries; it would definitely be hard to exit. Therefore, he threw the button that he held in his palm into the ground without hesitation.

This button was made out of rhinoceros horn and was a precious magic item – the Button of Thousand Miles.

After Luo Luo gifted him the Button of Thousand Miles, she also taught him how to use it.

A trace of smoke popped up and Chen Chang Sheng disappeared.

But a moment later, he return to his original position.

The cold lake was still there and the trees weren’t moved.

His face got a little pale and a trace of blood was flowing out of the corner of his lips.

There was a powerful boundary around the ruined garden. It was even more powerful than the one released by that demon xiuxingist in Tradition Academy that night.

Zhou Royal Palace wasn’t an ordinary place.

The place that Mo Yu wanted him to stay put in isn’t ordinary either.

Even if it just looked like a ruined garden, he still couldn’t make a move.


“I calculated everything you got, therefore, give up.” Mo Yu’s voice was so calm that it made Chen Chang Sheng’s heart froze.

Chen Chang Sheng picked up his head and rose his right arm to wipe the blood off of the corner of his mouth. He glanced at the palaces during the night and the capital, which he lived in for a several months but still wasn’t familiar with. He saw everyone that he couldn’t see who lived here.

“To be honest, I was really here to forfeit the marriage vow.”

His voice was tired, but still calm as usual, “She was liked by everyone. She was even liked and adored by the Divine Queen. But I never thought about marrying her, I…..really was here to forfeit the marriage. But, why does no one believe me?”

The night was dead silent, and the ruined garden was still isolated, just like the expression on his face.

He was here in the capital to forfeit the marriage. He said this twice in Yu Dong General’s Mansion. Today, he said another two more times in the royal palace’s ruined garden.

Yes, but why did no one believed him?

Just because she is the untouchable True Phoenix’s reincarnation? And he himself is just an ordinary boy who couldn’t xiuxing?

“I understand clearer than most of the people in this world what the importance of living is. It’s more important than marriage, it’s more important than the insults and mockery I received after I arrived at the capital. Therefore, I could careless.”

He switched his gale from the distance to the opposite side of the lake, “But you guys have done too many meaningless actions. You kept on reminding me that I have a fiancee and that she will be married to another man. Even just a moment ago, you guys were still reminding me of this fact…..”

“All right, I must admit that I started to care now.”

“Just like what I said to Madam Xu in the General’s Mansion.”

“This time, I have really changed my mind.”

“I won’t marry Xu You Rong because I dislike you guys and her.”

“But I won’t forfeit the marriage vow either, because I dislike you guys and her.”

“This is fair.”

“This way, if I don’t agree, she can’t marry Qiu Shan Jun, or anyone for that matter.”

“I know this isn’t fair for her.”

“But it’s fair to me.”

The ruined garden was dead silent.

The freezing lake’s coldness can sneak up on people’s spine and pierce their bones.

Mo Yu was silent for a long time. Suddenly, she felt perhaps she did something wrong.

Back in Yu Dong General’s Mansion, Madam Xu had this feeling as well.

But the next moment she started laughing. She was mocking herself as well as the words of this youngster.

“In order to do that, you must let the entire continent acknowledge the marriage vow between you and her.

“Tonight would be the best opportunity.”

“But you need to leave here first.”

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