Chapter 58 Break Through the Dragon Pond

Knowing the living exit of the Tong Palace doesn’t mean you can get out of it. Finding the living exit doesn’t mean he could be safe. As a matter of fact, since the ancient times, many infinite elites had been trapped in Tong Palace but none dared to step into the living exit of the Tong Palace.

Anyone who needed to be imprisoned in Tong Palace was not ordinary. They knew the principle that living is death, understood that the Pope who built Tong Gong would absolutely not leave anything out. Once they stepped into the living exit, it means they stepped into death.

It’s not necessary that hope can be seen in the hopeless abyss. Who actually dared to find life out of death? Therefore, seemingly simple and straightforward paths can actually be the most dangerous. Prisoners would rather find other methods. Even staying and waiting in the same place was a better choice.

Chen Chang Sheng should be the weakest one among the prisoners of Tong Palace, but also the most special one. He was different from the people that Tong Palace had imprisoned before. He had been attempting to find hope in the hopeless abyss since the very beginning. Every day and night, he was finding life out of death.

He is the person who cared most about time in the world. He didn’t want to spend time on meaningless things such as hesitating. After he confirmed his conjectures using the conversation he had with Mo Yu, he quickly made his decision, and stepped into the cold deep pond unhesitantly.

At that time, he didn’t know that the deep pond he was about to enter was called Pond of Black Dragon but it didn’t matter if he knew because he wanted to — he wanted to leave this place and run to Wei Yang Palace to do that thing. No matter how dangerous the pond was, he would try.

The reason why the ruined garden was extremely cold was because of this deep pond. Obviously water inside the pond would be even colder. The moment his feet touched the surface of the pond, he realized that the water had already solidified into ice. Ka Ka (sounds), the ice was broken into icy chips.

Chen Chang Sheng didn’t feel his shoes get wet because his feet did not even step into water. Ka Ka, the sound of breaking ice continued. As the thin layer of icy surface fragmented, the water under the ice also fragmented. A stone staircase extending towards the depth of pond appeared!

The staircase gradually lowered down from the shore to the base of pond. Its surface was extremely dry as it did not have a trace of neither water nor moss.

The pond water was divided by a shapeless force. The image looked very mysterious. The darkness in the depth of stairs seemed to hide infinite danger. However, Chen Chang Sheng looked like he did not see this mysterious image at all as if he knew this path had always been there. He looked calm and steady.

After a little more than ten steps, the stairs all disappeared into the bottom of the pond. The entire path dropped to the bottom of the pond.

The ground on the path was still dry, yet the corner of the wall was stacked with ice. The temperature here was even colder. Stars and music coming from the distant Wei Yang Palace gradually disappeared. The front of the path became darker and darker until nothing was visible. The farther he walked forward, the more he felt as if he was leaving the real world, and falling into an abyss or another world at any time.

Chen Chang Sheng did not pause or slow down. Instead, he walk faster, and ultimately he even started to run.

He ran towards the dark abyss.

After a long time, he ran to the end of the path, and saw that it wasn’t fully dark.

The stars already became invisible and the festival lanterns in the capital could not shine into the place but there were still some weak lights in the back of the path. The weak lights slipped through the clear water, and faintly lit up where he stood, in front of a stone door.

This door was about ten zhang(3 zhangs = 10 meter) high and looked very heavy. On the surface, there weren’t any decorations. It was simply two huge stones placed together that looked like the building blocks that god played with as a child. It also looked like a god’s coffin. It was extremely gloomy.

What caused Chen Chang Sheng to be even more uneasy was the pressure that faintly penetrated through the door from behind.

In the side door of the Heavenly Academy and the side palace of the Wei Yang Palace, he had felt the aura that Xu Shi Ji emitted intentionally, but compared to the aura behind the door, the aura of a strong General like Xu Shi Ji was like a cricket; completely not on the same level.

Yes, the aura behind the door was something Chen Chang Sheng had never even felt before. Chen Chang Sheng never even heard of words that could accurately describe the aura. It completely surpassed ordinary people’s imagination. Getting close to the source would definitely lead to Chen Chang Sheng’s absolute demise, and unsurprisingly, his death.

But it applies to more than just a fourteen year old common youngster like him. Even an elite at Starfusion stage like Mo Yu would find it impossible to defend against the pressure behind the door. Even a saint would probably choose to avoid the fight.

The aura was not intentionally emitted by a terrifying being behind the door. Rather, some of the remaining qi escaped through the gaps but even so, it already made Chen Chang Sheng feel cold inside out. His face was pale like snow and his two feet felt like they had froze.

Nanny Ning worried that he would accidentally enter the living exit, and met the legendary being behind the door. Mo Yu did not think so because she was certain that no one, after feeling the aura behind the door, would still dare to push the door and entered in. For an ordinary young man like Chen Chang Sheng who probably could not even stand still, how could he enter?

No one would think that the actual situation would be different from what Mo Yu imagined.

Chen Chang Sheng felt extremely uneasy but he did not fall down. His mind remained calm and clear.

He did not understand why, although he never encountered the aura before, his body and his spirit naturally generated some extremely tiny responses to allow him to stand in front of the aura.

He did not know that when he was just born and eyes weren’t even opened yet, he had already met a being similar to the one behind the door.

The sober aura was still there.

Chen Chang Sheng’s body was rigid. He did not fall, but also couldn’t leave.

Subconsciously, he grabbed the little sword tighter because he felt that if he held the sword tighter, he would be able to stand the pressure more easily and more comfortable, as if there was some kind of power flowing from the handle into his body to protect him.

He did not know what that power was but he guessed that it was courage.

The little sword was gifted from his senior Yu Ren, when he was preparing to go out.

He read all of the three thousand Scrolls of Way but had never found anyone braver than his senior Yu Ren.

So he thought senior’s sword was the source of bravery.

He held the little sword, lifted his leg and stepped forward. His hand fell on the door and he pushed forward.

Silently, the heavy door slowly opened.

In the bottom of the underground in Zhou capital, a door that was never opened after being constructed opened up tonight.

Some dust floated up. That was the dust of history.

This segment of history was already thousands of years old.


Behind the door was darkness, absolute darkness.

Chen Chang Sheng placed the sword horizontally in front of his chest using one hand, and used the other to took out a Nightly Pearl and put it in air.

This Nightly Pearl which was shiny, dazzling and as round as a melon, was the one that Luo Luo gave him to convince him to become her master.

Soft light was emitted out of the Nightly Pearl in his hand and it spreaded out in different directions. But even after so long, it still did not light up any walls.

This was an extremely vast space which was so empty and big that it could hold a real palace.

Chen Chang Sheng could not imagine that, in the ground under the royal palace, there was actually such a big space. Considering the time he ran for before, the place he was standing on now was probably no long in the range of the Zhou royal palace, but somewhere unknown in the capital.

The light of the Nightly Pearl gradually emitted farther and the endless space gradually became more real.

Faintly, there was a silver light far away. It was very dense, like infinite layers of silver chips. It looked as like all of the stars in the sky fell to the world.

Chen Chang Sheng lifted the Nightly Pearl and walked towards the light. He was shocked to discover that the silver light was made up of silver coins!

Countless silver coins formed a silver sea.

In the middle of the silver sea, there was a golden mountain made of gold.

On top of the golden mountain, there grew a extremely red coral tree.

Among the dense branches of the coral tree, there were infinite fruits made of diamonds and crystals.

Golden mountain, silver sea, red coral tree, and ten thousands of gem fruits.

This image was truly worldly, because it’s too affluent, unspeakably affluent.

Chen Chang Sheng was so shocked and wordless that he almost forgot about that aura.

He had never seen this much money.

Accurately speaking, no one on this continent had seen this much treasure.

The surface of the silver sea was made of silver coins. There was a thin layer of frost.

Many silver coins’ on the surface already began to fall out, like wood shavings randomly stacked, the silver chips he saw previously were these.

The underground space was very cold, even the silver coins could not stand.

Suddenly, a cold wind blew by.

Waves formed on the surface of the silver sea. An infinite number of silver chips were flowing, the frost got deeper and the depth of the silver sea actually began to stack snow.

This cold wind blew for a really long time.

A layer of frost formed on Chen Chang Sheng’s skin. His eyebrows and eyelashes were already colored white.

But his heart was even colder.

Because the cold wind that blew for so long was only a breath.

An extremely long but terrifying breath.

In the darkness, two dim fireballs suddenly appeared.

The two fireballs were pure but cold. They had no color.

As if it was the cold fire coming from hell.

The two fireballs slowly got close to Chen Chang Sheng.

The terrifying aura shrouded the entire underground space.

Chen Chang Sheng could no longer stand and blood began to spill out of his lips.

Suddenly, among the two fireballs, there was something new — emotion.

In the beginning, it was surprise, then shock, then excitement followed by curiosity. Ultimately, it all became coldness and violence.

This was obviously not real deathfire. It was a pair of cold eyes larger than Chen Chang Sheng’s entire body.

How big would the being who owns this pair of eyes be?

The Nightly Pearl left Chen Chang Sheng’s hand. It floated up and eventually fell on the roof of the space.

Suddenly, the entire roof lit up because of the thousands of Nightly Pearls decorating it. Previously when Chen Chang Sheng looked at the silver sea, he thought that the stars of the sky all came to this world but now he realized that the stars were actually Nightly Pearls.

The underground space gradually lit up.

A black rock appeared in the air.

Immediately, more and more black rocks appeared.

The black rocks were absorbing the light emitted from the roof. They did not spill out any.

Chen Chang Sheng saw it clearly now. It was not a rock, but a scale.

In this world, only one type of scale can be this huge – dragon scale.

A terrifying black dragon slowly appeared in the air.

It was looking down at Chen Chang Sheng. Its two eyes were like deathfire, cold and violent.


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