Chapter 60: Entering the Palace

Xiao Ming Palace was a thousand four hundred and ninety-four yards away from the south entrance of the royal palace in the western direction. It was seven hundred or so yards from the Wei Yang Palace. How long would it take her to get to Wei Yang Palace without alarming the guards in the palaces? And what chapter was the music in the Wei Yang Palace up to?

The southern ambassadors have definitely arrived and been seated already. The Ivy Festival was about to start and she should be able to catch its beginning later but first she needed to know the reason. Luo Luo thought about all these things and was silent. Coldness climbed up on her face and seemed to freeze up the entire palace.

The good thing was that besides the one female servant, there were only two other people in the palace — Luo Luo and the owner of this building. Therefore, no one would rebuke her for her impolite expression.

Xiao Ming Palace was the quietest and most luxurious palace in the royal palaces because the beloved and only daughter of the Divine Queen lived there. Princess Ping Guo, the young girl who sat in the host’s spot, was pretty. She wasn’t exactly matured yet but her expression showed hints of amorousness.

Facing the beloved Princess Ping Guo of the Zhou Dynasty, normal people wouldn’t even dare to breathe heavily, but Luo Luo’s attitude didn’t change. Her words were rather sharp, “Ping Guo, you deceived me and led me here to not participate in the Ivy Festival. Don’t you want to tell me your reason?”

The female servant represented Princess Ping Guo earlier and invited her to Xiao Ming Palace. Little did she know that after arriving Xiao Ming Palace, the female servant would keep on delaying her. When she realized what was happening, Princess Ping Guo finally showed up. But a long time had already passed.

She knew that Princess Ping Guo did this because someone asked her to, and the reason would be related to the Ivy Festival. She only focused on the followers of the Divine Queen who was trying to bring the Tradition Academy down, but she never knew that their intention was always on Chen Chang Sheng.

Hearing Luo Luo’s rebuke, Princess Ping Guo didn’t get angry. She smiled and said, “It’s been a few months since we last saw each other. I heard you were pretending to be a nice student in the Tradition Academy and was a little curious. By the way, what kind of person is your master?’

Luo Luo didn’t bother with her question and stared into her eyes while continuing her questioning, “Why?”

“Mo Yu knew I was close to you so she wanted me to keep you busy for a while. But why…..she didn’t really tell me.”

Princess Ping Guo answered and her expression was rather calm. It seemed like it wasn’t a big deal.

But Luo Luo saw the pretentiousness in her eyes – many people knew that Princess Ping Guo and Lady Mo Yu wasn’t exactly in a friendly relationship, but because of the Divine Queen, they kept a lively surface in the public’s eyes. Luo Luo obviously didn’t trust her explanation entirely.

Princess Ping Guo said, “Just don’t think about it too much. Mo Yu was asked by my mother to host the last night of the Ivy Festival. What she cared about the most was the marriage proposal between that phoenix and that child of Family of Qiu Shan. She told me to keep you here because she was afraid of you jumping out at the last second and interrupting their business.

Since the princess’s face was young, it was kind of strange of her to call Qiu Shan Jun a child.

Luo Luo wasn’t used to her expression and wrinkled her eyebrows slightly and said with disgust, “Talk normally…..I’m not you, why would I interrupt anything.”

Princess Ping Guo’s eyes lit up and said shyly, “Why would I interrupt anything? You sure do like to joke Luo Luo.”

Luo Luo said, “Everyone who lived in the royal palace knew that… don’t like Xu You Rong.”

Princess Ping Guo’s smile vanished from her face and said coldly, “Why do I have to like her just because my Mother does? Besides, that child of Qiu Shan Jun is perfect and outstanding. It would only be right for him to become the prince of Zhou Dynasty. Why should he marry a dirty monkey like her!”

Luo Luo mocked lightly, “Even if you bring up that fight you lost against her when you guys were young, it wouldn’t alter her status in the hearts of the Divine Queen or anyone. Talk less of Qiu Shan Jun, even I would rather marry her and not you.”

Princess Ping Guo was furious, “Which side are you on?’

Luo Luo said, “It’s not like you never knew. I always liked her – of course but if you let me leave, I can stand on your side.”

Princess Ping Guo stood up and looked at her quietly and then suddenly smiled, “This is the first time that Mo Yu seeked help from me. Do you think I will fail her?”

Luo Luo stood up and said, “You never did anything that wouldn’t be beneficial to you.”

Princess Ping Guo sighed, “I’m a princess. I need to do something for Zhou Dynasty.”

Luo Luo thought for a moment and realized what she was talking about. It should be related with tonight’s proposal from the southern ambassadors, but she didn’t understand why her appearance in the Ivy Festival would have an effect on it. Although Luo Luo respected Qiu Shan Jun, she never had any thoughts about him.

She raised her hands towards her belt. She could take out the Whip of Falling Rain easily.

The person who was standing in front of her was Princess Ping Guo of the Zhou Dynasty. She was beloved by the Divine Queen. Even Luo Luo couldn’t do much against her but right now, Luo Luo grew a desire to kill her. She just realized that although the princess only dared to deceive and get her in Xiao Ming Palace, Mo Yu could target her master!

Princess Ping Guo was familiar with her personality, but she wasn’t afraid. She smiled and said, “I heard that you handicapped my distant nephew on another night of the Ivy Festival. Good for you Luo Luo, I can’t defeat you. But……if I’m harmed, can your family handle this?”

Luo Luo looked at her and said, “The Family of Tian Hai is crazy, we can’t handle you guys……but you know as well that my family has a lot of crazy people too. If I got into any accident in the capital, can you and Mo Yu handle it?”

Princess Ping Guo said innocently, “This is the royal palace of Zhou Dynasty, what could harm you?”

There were countless royal guests and xiuxingists hidden around Xiao Ming Palace in the night.

Those people obviously wouldn’t dare to harm Luo Luo, but they could circle and bind her in the palace.

For same reason, Mo Yu couldn’t harm Chen Chang Sheng so she went out of her way to seal him in.

Right now the master and the student were in a similar situation.

“Don’t pretend to be naive, innocent, or pure in front of me. I’m also familiar with that.”

Luo Luo held the Whip of Falling Rain and slowly drew it out and looked at the princess seriously, “If I want to harm myself, who can stop me?”

Ping Guo’s expression turned serious because she felt Luo Luo’s determination. If Luo Luo was actually hurt in Zhou Palace, then she and Mo Yu wouldn’t be able to handle the consequences afterward. The most important thing was that the Queen didn’t know about tonight’s event. What could she do against the rage of the Crimson River of Eight Hundred Miles?

“What’s so good about that youngster named Chen Chang Sheng? Why do you care about him so much?” She looked at Luo Luo confusingly.

“This is not something you should care about, nor is it something you actually care about.”

Luo Luo lifted her right hand slightly and the whip was dragged across the floor. She looked at Princess Ping Guo and said, “I don’t care about your intentions. I just need you to command the people outside to make path for me. I need to go join the Ivy Festival now.”

Princess Ping Guo was silent. Although she seemed to struggle inside, she was actually calculating the time silently. After making sure there was enough time for Mo Yu to trap that youngster in Tong Palace, she then picked up her head and smiled.

“Sure, go ahead,” she looked at Luo Luo, “I hope you still can make it.”


Although the night was getting darker, the palace was still as bright as daylight. Luo Luo arrived at the outside of Wei Yang Palace. Her hairs were lifted slightly and there was sweat on her forehead. She glanced at the shadow in the back of the palace and saw Officer Jin and Li. She listened quietly for a moment and her eyebrows were lifted with rage.

Chen Chang Sheng wasn’t in the palace. In the earlier moment, he was speaking with Yu Dong General, Xu Shi Ji, then Prince Chen Liu spoke with him for a short while. Due to this reason, Officer Jin and Li couldn’t approach him, but little did they know that in the next moment, he disappeared in the night and was no where to be found.

Luo Luo glanced at the Zhou Royal Palace. There were countless buildings and gardens. She was silent. She knew how difficult a task like this would be. She had to find a person in such a vast area. What should she do next?

Some people in the royal family didn’t want her master or her to appear at the Ivy Festival because the southern ambassador was going to propose but why is this? She squeezed the tiny bag in her sleeve and thought back to her master’s words before they left the Tradition Academy. Her eyebrows lifted even higher. It seemed like they were about to take off and fly.

Even though they didn’t want her to do it, she will do it.

Luo Luo didn’t bother to think any further and pushed open the closed door of Wei Yang Palace. She headed for the light inside.

Inside the palace, the southern ambassadors have already arrived and was greeting the students of the Six Ivies and people of the government and the Tradition. Some people who never met each other were introducing themselves. Everything seemed to be peaceful and lively.

Just this moment, the palace door was pushed open.

Although the cool night wind couldn’t get in, the light inside the palace changed and the mood changed as well because the person who pushed open the door was impolite.

After getting a good look on who the young girl standing near the palace door was, the entire building got quiet.

Earlier some people noticed that there was no one sitting on the Tradition Academy’s seats and were surprised. Now they finally saw the aforementioned girl.

Luo Luo’s eyes glared across the palace.

That middle aged man should be the head of the Family of Qiu Shan, Qiu Shan Yuan Xin.

That elder who had all gray hair should be the senior elder of Mountain Li, Xiao Song Gong.

That noble woman who wore a white gown and custom robe of the Tradition should be related to the current Virgin because she was sitting close to the female professors of the Thirteen Divisions of Green Light.

Those three expressionless young men who placed their swords on their knees should be the rumored Seven Rules of Heaven.

She saw the young students of the other six Ivies and the ones who passed the semi-trial.

There were a lot of people in the palace, but Chen Chang Sheng wasn’t there.

Luo Luo’s eyes finally stopped at the seat in front.

That seat was very close to the main seats where Prince Chen Liu was sitting at. It was also very close to Qiu Shan Yuan Xin and Xiao Song Gong’s spot.

A young man was sitting in that spot.

That young man’s expression was soft and kind. His aura was normal, but he was definitely a xiuxingist.

There was a spark in his eyes.

Luo Luo saw that person and knew he was Gou Han Shi of the Seven Rules of Heaven.

The well-praised Gou Han Shi.


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