Chapter 65 She is my fiancee

Without intentionally raising the volume and without intentionally bringing emotion, the voice was very calm. It was as if he was saying an insignificant sentence that was heard very clear. The two words were so clear, that people inside the palace couldn’t even convince themselves they heard wrong.

Therefore, the two words caused the entire Wei Yang Palace to calm down.

The previous hopeful calmness was replaced with silence. The atmosphere was extremely strange.

In the next second, the calm silence broke as the place became noisy.

Innumerate voices were about to break the roof of the palace!

Someone’s against it?

There’s actually someone against this marriage!?

Deep in the palace, Xu Shi Ji suddenly stood up and looked at Chen Chang Sheng who stood by the door. His face looked extremely pale. Prince Chen Liu felt slightly dazed but did not know what happened. Mo Yu also slowly stood up expressionless, but coldness gradually creeped on to her face.

The reaction from the southern ambassadors was obviously much more bewildered. The master of the Qiu Shang family stared at the young man standing by the door. He didn’t recognize him, and forced himself to take a few deep breaths to suppress his anger. But among the ambassadors, some were youngsters who were to participate in the Great Trial next year. They could not hold their anger like their master — especially the three rulings of the Li Mountain. The youngsters became extremely cold and looked at Chen Chang Sheng as if they were looking at a dead man.

Qiu Shan Jun was their most respected senior. They knew how much their oldest senior cared about this marriage and knew how much their oldest senior cared about Xu You Rong, but just when they were about to see the couple finally come together and when their oldest senior’s dream was about to reach, there was actually someone who dared to disrupt them!

Was he trying to commit suicide?

If they were not at the Palace, the three young elites would probably have already waved their swords and killed Chen Chang Sheng, but after all, this place was the Great Zhou Royal Palace. As southerners, they had to hold it in for now and wait for the Zhou people to take action first.

The action came very fast, Xu Shi Ji’s face filled with emotions. He stared at Chen Chang Sheng and shouted coldly, “Trash! How dare you make any noise in the palace! Soldiers, come kick this person out!”

After being deployed back to the capital, Xu Shi Ji and Xue Xing Chuan were in charge of the defense of the royal palace together due to the trust of the Divine Queen. Because of this, the soldiers inside the royal palace were all his own subordinates. Upon hearing his shout, all ten soldiers surrounded Chen Chang Sheng.

Xu Shi Ji stared at Chen Chang Sheng. His look was very unkind, filled with caution, and held killing intent. He wouldn’t give Chen Chang Sheng any chance to speak. If he had to, he would command the soldiers to kill Chen Chang Sheng without letting him speak.

Many people noticed his intention, but they didn’t know the reason behind his actions. Because he was Xu You Rong’s father, they thought that if anyone wanted to disrupt their daughter’s marriage banquet, they would also want to kill the disrupter.

The soldiers did not catch Chen Chang Sheng, because someone stood in front of him. Luo Luo left the seats for the Tradition Academy. She held the Falling Rain Whip and didn’t even look at the soldiers. Her vision directly fell on Mo Yu who was deep in the palace.

Next, another person stood in front of Chen Chang Sheng.

Tang Thirty Six.

Previously after Chen Chang Sheng and Luo Luo left the palace, Tang Thirty Six arrived at the Wei Yang Palace so he didn’t see the two. He paid all of his attention to Guan Fei Bai, the fourth ruling of the Seven Rulings. Later Luo Luo came back to the Wei Yang Palace, but he still didn’t see Chen Chang Sheng. He then began to feel a little strange.

He didn’t know why Chen Chang Sheng was against the engagement between Xu Mansion and Qiu Shan family but he knew there was hostility between Chen Chang Sheng and the Xu mansion. He was also too lazy to think about those problems and since there were people that wanted to kill Chen Chang Sheng, he obviously had to stand up.

Xu Shi Ji’s face was completely covered with emotions now. He looked at Luo Luo and Tang Thirty Six who stood in front of Chen Chang Sheng. “I don’t care who you are or what your background is, tonight I, as the General has the responsibility to catch this criminal. If anyone dares to hinder, don’t blame me for being ruthless. I wouldn’t go easy.”

“Criminal?” An old voice suddenly suddenly came up next to Xu Shi Ji sounding blank.

The person who was speaking is the Bishop of the Department of Traditional Education.

The elder who just opened up his eyes was certainly very blank like he just woke up.

He looked around and then asked Xu Shi Ji, “Where’s the criminal?”

He knew the answer but still asked which made Xu Shi Ji’s face become covered with anger.

The Bishop followed everyone’s vision and looked towards the door and saw Chen Chang Sheng. As if he just realized, he said, “This little kid is a student of the Tradition Academy, I signed the paper myself. It shouldn’t be wrong. Even though he’s late, he shouldn’t be counted as a criminal, right?”

The soldiers looked towards Xu Shi Ji.

Xu Shi Ji got even more angry but he eventually confirmed the Bishop’s position.

Prince Chen Liu, feeling a bit helpless, explained to the Bishop, “Previously he spoke against the engagement.”

Bishop looked at the people, smiled and said, “Since there’s a part called Questioning the World, then obviously it should allow for people to disagree. If it doesn’t, then why would Prince ask before? If there’s no respect for the rule, then you can make the engagement as you want to. Why would you come to the Great Zhou to propose?”

Logically, his words couldn’t be argued against.

So the Southern ambassadors got even more furious. Many looked angrily at the Bishop, but the elder closed up his eyes again as if he wanted to continue sleeping. He completely did not care about these looks that were as sharp as swords and as cold as snow.

The Bishop kept closing eyes. What he said set the trend of this thing. At least viewing from the surface, it represented the Tradition’s attitude.

There weren’t many people who could question his words. Mo Yu obviously was one of them, but she didn’t do anything. She slowly sat back at her seat. She looked a bit surprised, because she noticed before that when Chen Chang Sheng walked into the palace, a black goat disappeared in the darkness simultaneously.

She obviously knew what this black goat represented.

The black goat carried Chen Chang Sheng to the Wei Yang Palace. What did this represent?

Prince Chen Liu didn’t expect her to remain silent andfelt a little surprised.

At this moment, the elder of Li Mountain, Xiao Song Gong stood up and said, “Prince, what’s happening?”

The marriage between Xu You Rong and Qiu Shan Jun, was not as simple as a connection through marriage between Dong Yu General’s Mansion and the Qiu Shan family. Before tonight, the court  and the various forces in the South definitely had discussed many times until they eventually settled that the Southern ambassadors would come to propose.

The so-called proposal was simply a showing of respect to the courtesy and rules. It was just a definite procedure. No one expected such accidents to happen. Xiao Song Gong’s questioning, obviously had its own reasons. Since this was at the royal palace, since both sides already settled the negotiation beforehand, then the Zhou people obviously had to explain.

Prince Chen Liu smiled bitterly and didn’t say a word thinking that Divine Queen was

simply making me come to host the event tonight. He didn’t say anything, you guys asked me to explain, who should I go ask? The Bishop closed his eyes, Mao Qiu Yu put his head down and was drinking wine. These elders… mean for giving him the responsibility to explain the situation.

After thinking for so long, he thought he only could ask Chen Chang Sheng himself, “What….is happening?”

Prince Chen Liu looked at Chen Chang Sheng and spread out his hands. He appeared very innocent.

From this detail, it could be seen that he certainly kept some kindness for Chen Chang Sheng. He otherwise wouldn’t let him explain first.

“Previously outside the palace, I heard Prince ask if there was anyone against to the marriage between Qiu Shan Jun and Xu You Rong.”

Spoken to this point, Chen Chang Sheng paused a bit and then continued, “So I said, I object.”

This answer was not an answer, but a repetition.

He did not emphasize his tone, but the two words came up again. It caused the aura in the palace to be even more depressed.

His attitude was very clear: I object Xu You Rong’s marriage to Qiu Shan Jun.


“Why do you object?”

“Why can you object!”

Two voices came up at the same time in palace. One of them came from Prince Chen Liu. He frowned, felt a little confused, and felt a little worried. The other one came from elder Xiao Song Gong. He raised his eyebrows and looked extremely angry. His attitude was tough.

These two problems were also the problems that everyone wanted to ask.

Xu You Rong had the phoenix bloodline. Qiu Shan Jun had the dragon bloodline. Both possessed ability and potential that were rare to be seen even in a thousand years. They were seen by the human world as candidates of leaders to fight the demons. They both xiuxing and study in the South, belong to the same sect, live together, and could be counted as childhood sweethearts. Moreover, this marriage was extremely important to the union of the southern and northern sects. Anyway, there were many reasons that they should stay together, yet they couldn’t find any reason why they shouldn’t stay together.

What is the godly companion? In people’s eyes, these two were godly companions to each other.

This entirely wet, poor looking youngster actually dared to object this marriage.

Why did he? Why could he?

Chen Chang Sheng just used one sentence to answer the two questions at the same time.

“I have an engagement with Xu You Rong.”

He said, “She is my fiancee so obviously, she can’t marry others.”

The palace was deadly silent again.


He said Xu You Rong was his fiancee?


People were all shocked. They looked at Chen Chang Sheng and could not say a word. They did not dare to believe at all and thought that this must be fake!

Xu Shi Ji looked at Chen Chang Sheng. His face was pale and his two hands slightly trembled.

He said it. This kid actually…finally…said it!

He felt very regretful. In the very beginning, he should’ve killed him, destroyed him into dust and have thrown it into the Luo River!

After tonight, the Dong Yu General’s mansion would become a joke!

The southern ambassadors were just as angry as Xu Shi Ji, but they didn’t believe in what Chen Chang Sheng just said. They simply thought that this youngster was ordered by a party to disrupt the marriage on purpose. This action humiliated the Li Mountain Sword Sect and even the entire Southern sects.

The master of the Qiu Shan family got extremely mad, the female disciples of the Mountain Virgin all frowned and didn’t say a word. The youngsters of the Li Mountain Sword sect were all angry. Guan Fei Bai’s expression even appeared pale due to extreme anger. His right hand already held to the handle!

“How dare you! Where did this shameless villain come from. How dare he humiliate the Mountain Li!”

Xiao Song Gong suddenly turned, looked at Mo Yu and said, “Why don’t you kick him out right now! What are you Zhou people doing here!”

How can that youngster be Xu You Rong’s fiance!

Many people then realized, all stood up angrily, and started scolding Chen Chang Sheng.

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