Chapter 68: The White Emperor as Last Name (1)

They had been killing birds daily, but today, a bird pecked their eyes or better yet, slapped their faces. This sentence did not exactly correspond to what happened tonight, but after seeing Xu You Rong’s letter and hearing Tang Thirty Six’s words, many people had this feeling. They felt that their faces were burning with embarrassment.

Xu Shi Ji’s face looked very mad, of course. Since the beginning of the Ivy Festival today, his face had always been looking mad. Far away, he stared at Chen Chang Sheng with fire burning in his eyes. In order to retain the reputation of Xu Mansion, in order to retain the Divine Queen’s trust, he had to do something immediately. Even though this was the royal palace, he still wanted to kill Chen Chang Sheng.

The engagement, white crane and elders’ will would mean nothing if the youngster was dead.

Among the soldiers surrounding Chen Chang Sheng and Luo Luo, there was his most loyal subordinate, the so-called man of sacrifice. The man held a knife tightly. His face was just as blank as his comrades but secretly, he stared at the back of Chen Chang Sheng’s neck. To avoid being noticed by others, his look wasn’t cold but it was very attentive.

Once Xu Shi Ji narrowed his eyes to give the signal, Chen Chang Sheng’s neck will be chopped off by the swift knife.

But this bloody scene didn’t happen because when Xu Shi Ji was thinking of giving out the signal, two cold looks fell on his body. One came from the Bishop of the Department of Traditional Education who always closed his eyes. He seemed to be a sleepy elder but he had wise words to say at key moments and simply opening up his eyes which was an extremely simple action, faster than raising a hand and taking out knife, was enough to dissuade further action. Another look, came from an unexpected person – Mo Yu. Xu Shi Ji’s emotion was changing, after all, he did not do anything. If it was only a warning from the Bishop, he probably would still make an attempt, but Mo Yu’s look made it very difficult to decide.

The temperament in the palace was extremely tense now and also extremely embarrassing. The palace was extremely quiet. After Tang Thirty Six spoke those words, he angered the Southerners but they didn’t know how to reply. At this moment, a voice came up from somewhere in the seats at the end of the banquet.

“”Of course we should respect the elders’ will, but…..the connection through marriage between the South and North is such a significant move. In order to fight against the demons, it’s definitely fine for individuals to make a sacrifice.”

Looking at where the person who spoke this sat, one could see that he was just an ordinary student who passed the preliminary exam to the Great Trial. No one knew why he said this but he probably said it because he was just a pedantic young man who cared about the future of humankind.

After speaking this, the entire palace was silent — even more quiet than before. Everyone remained wordless. They were not using silence to show their objection. They obviously knew these words actually were unreasonable at all, but it was their last hope for this engagement to succeed so they all remained silent to keep themselves out of affair They let the youngster who said these words to stand in the front.

Chen Chang Sheng looked towards the youngster. Seeing the youngster’s serious attitude and knowing that he really thought this way made Chen Chang Sheng sad rather than angry. He was ashamed how the first Emperor led the union of the Yao and human army to force the demons back to Xue Lao City but humans still couldn’t get rid of their fears of demons.

“Humans are truly shameless.”

Another voice came up in this quiet palace. This sentence seemed normal but it was actually spoken by a person of a very high position or by a very bitter other side. Commenting on the entire human world  caused the people to be even more furious than before because they could not even object to it.

This marriage, since the very beginning, was a great event in the human world. When the Southerners came to propose and did not tell Xu You Rong, the South and the Great Zhou court could push the blame onto her parents if any problems occurred later on. When Chen Chang Sheng suddenly appeared with an engagement, people then decided to respect Xu You Rong’s own opinion but when the white crane flew brought a letter to reveal Xu You Rong’s true feelings, someone stood up to argue that individuals should sacrifice for the benefit of the entire human race.

When you talk about promises, they talk about feelings. When you talk about feelings, they switch the topic and talk about morals. When you talk about morals, they then talk about reasons. In short, when they can’t argue against you and when they don’t have anything to back them up, they will change the topic. They will keep changing the topic until the situation is favorable for them and until they emerge as the victors.

This was truly shameless.

It was Luo Luo who took down the masks and uncovered everyone’s shameless faces under the light of the Nightly Pearls.

She did not hide her contempt and anger. She looked at the people in the palace and said, “Do you even care about honor at all?”

The Southerners sitting in the fronts seats could no longer hold their anger. Guan Fei Bai who had held it in for so long suddenly stood up and said, “Don’t you dare!”

Luo Luo glimpsed at him and wanted to curse back but after thinking about Chen Chang Sheng, she held herself back. Instead, she murmured to herself.

Chen Chang Sheng rubbed her head, laughed and said, “There’s no point in arguing with these people.”

Tang Thirty Six shook his head said, “Since we want to fight, we can’t lose in the verbal combat.”

Chen Chang Sheng thought a bit and said, “True, but I am not good at this.”

“If you want to learn, let me teach you.”

Tang Thirty Six looked at him said. He then turned around and looked at where the Southern ambassadors were sitting. His vision fell on Guan Fei Bai and he scolded, “I am talking to you guys! Even a little girl knows that you are shameless, how can you not feel that yourself? Don’t you dare? Don’t your mom dare?!”

Guan Fei Bai was furious to the max degree and his look matched his anger.

At this moment, the white crane lightly used its beak to touch Chen Chang Sheng’s hand.

Chen Chang Sheng felt a bit surprised. He looked at the crane and although he hadn’t seen it for many years already, he faintly understood its meaning. He thought a little and since he had already achieved the goal tonight, he figured that he should leave early to avoid further embarrassing the other people.

“Let’s leave.” He told Luo Luo and Tang Thirty Six.


The elder of the Mountain Li Xiao Song Gong looked at them and said coldly, “You three little kids, you think you can just leave like this?”

Hearing this, Luo Luo slightly raised her thin eyebrows. Chen Chang Sheng’s desire to take her and Tang Thirty Six away was simply giving the Southern ambassadors a step down, but in others’ view, they were giving in first which made she feel uneasy. Now that the opponents seemed unwilling step down, how would she still give in?

“You old son of a bitch, do you actually dare to stop us from leaving?”

Elder Xiao Song Gong suddenly became mad. Every one of his wrinkles began to emit dangerous aura. He was only one step away from saint and the first moment he noticed Luo Luo, he faintly knew that she wasn’t a human. Because of one thing happened in past, he disliked people of the Yao race. More accurately speaking, he detested Yao.

He was the elder of the Li Mountain. How would he care about such a weak Yao. What’s going to happen even if he killed her?

Xiao Song Gong said coldly, “You were so disrespectful to me before, so I’m going to help your parents to teach you a lesson.”

Hearing the words parents, Luo Luo raised her eyebrows and said with slight anger, “Who do you think you are? How dare you say this!”

At the first night of the Ivy Festival, she almost said the exactly same words to the Professor of the Heavenly Academy.

On the third night, she spoke this again but Xiao Song Gong was the elder of Li Palace. He was far more respectable than the professor of Heavenly Academy, but in her eyes, what’s the difference between them?

Xiao Song Gong originally thought that after all, he was in the royal palace. He had to save some reputation for the Zhou people. It would especially be a problem if he bothered the Divine Queen, but tonight he got humiliated continuously, especially by this little girl who didn’t respect him at all. He just couldn’t control his temper anymore!

The light emitting from the Nightly Pearls was flashing. Elder Xiao Song Gong still stayed at the same place, his sword was still in its sheath, but an extremely sharp sword spirit already came out of the sheath and dived towards Luo Luo!

Although on the first night, Luo Luo already demonstrated her strength, she was only a young little girl. It was even impossible for Qiu Shan Jun to defeat Xiao Song Gong who was only one step away from saint, facing such strong sword spirit, how could she defend against it?

Obviously Xiao Song Gong still had his worries, so the sword spirit was mild. It should not kill Luo Luo, but it would definitely hurt her.

Only by doing so, he could release his anger and teach the youngsters a deep lesson.

He thought he was tolerant enough, but he didn’t think that there were some people whom he couldn’t even hurt.

“No!” Prince Chen Liu’s face turned pale as he shouted urgently.

Mo Yu’s willow eyebrows lifted up and yelled, “Stop!”

Xiao Song Gong’s stage was truly high. They couldn’t even stop him and only hoped that he would listen their voices, and make a pause on the brink of his attack.

In the palace, the only one who was as strong as Xiao Song Gong was the principal of the Heavenly Academy, Mao Qiu Yu. Only he could block Xiao Song Gong’s attack.

Mao Qiu Yu stared at the sword spirit that was breaking air and his eyes were like god’s eyes, there were smoke and rain inside.

Prince Chen Liu, Mo Yu, and Mao Qiu Yu were the ones who reacted fastest but they were not the first one to react.

The one who reacted first was Chen Chang Sheng.

No one noticed when he stood in front of Luo Luo.

Just like that night and also like the other night.

Since Luo Luo became his apprentice, he really saw Luo Luo as his own student, and wanted to protect her.

This is his duty. It became an instinct.

Chen Chang Sheng appeared in front of the sharp sword spirit.

Xiao Song Gong looked at him expressionless. Since he could not kill anyone in the Great Zhou royal palace, heavily wounding Chen Chang Sheng would be even better.

If he destroyed this youngster, would Xu You Rong still marry him later?

Of course, if this youngster was unlucky and died, that might be the best thing.

Mao Qiu Yu already prepared to do something.

He lifted his two sleeves as if he was about to dance in wind.

Yet the next moment, his sleeves suddenly stopped moving.

Not because he wanted to watch Chen Chang Sheng die, but because someone already did something.

A shadow suddenly flew onto the field from the corner of the palace!

The shadow was unimaginably fast, as fierce as fire. It caused a harsh sound in the  air!

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