Chapter 69: The White Emperor as last name (2)

The sword spirit is an invisible sword.

This sword began from the depths of the palace and thrusted its way all the way towards the palace door. Elder of Mountain Li used his past experience and whether or not the sword was visible or invisible, it would be chopped into half by this sword. No matter if Luo Luo or Chen Chang Sheng placed the sword horizontally in front of his chest, no one could defend against this sword.

Something or someone broke the air. Like lightning, a shadow came before the sword.

Pa, the seemingly unstoppable sword spirit from Xiao Song Gong was actually blocked!

More shockingly, what blocked this sword spirit was simply a pair of hands!

The hands were shrouded by the sword’s light which emitted a golden color like it was made of actual gold!

A complete silence.

Elder Xiao Song Gong’s sword spirit and the hands interacted, Pa Pa.

Next moment, in the darkness outside the Wei Yang Palace, the Pa Pa sounds came up again!

The sword and hands were motionless in people’s eyes but the surrounding air was about to break.

The darkness outside seemed to have broken already.


The barrier outside the Wei Yang Palace suddenly broke up!

Cold wind blew in from all the doors and windows. It blew up teachers and students’ robes and even the light emitted from the Night Pearls seemed to be shaking!

Some who were close to the door were even falling backwards. Their faces were pale as they couldn’t breathe and obviously, couldn’t make any sounds.

Such a strong Qi crash paved way for terrifying consequences.

It was still dead silent in the palace. There was only sound of wind blowing.

The sword spirit gradually diminished.

The hands were slowly taken back.

The owner of the hands was only an ordinary looking middle age man. The man looked a bit fat and he wore clothes with copper coins all over it. He looked like a common rich man in the countryside but he didn’t look like an elite at all. He therefore, appeared extraordinarily unfitting in the palace.

The middle aged man took his hands back and looked at Xiao Song Gong in the depth of the palace. He revealed a meaningful smile and then retreated to Luo Luo’s back.

When he stood in front of Luo Luo, he looked like a normal rich man. After he stood behind Luo Luo, he also looked like a normal rich man. He did not reveal any manner as an elite and he neither tried to hide his aura nor pretended to be a butler.

Because he, currently, was just an ordinary rich man. He only loved money, especially gold.

However, people wouldn’t believe so. They looked at the man shocked and confused.

A man who could tie with the elder of Mountain Li Xiao Song Gong, at the very least should be at the same level with the principal of the Heavenly Academy. How could he be a regular rich man?

The Southern ambassadors felt even more shocked; especially the young disciples of Mountain Li. They couldn’t understand that even though their granduncle casually attacked and controlled his power because he was in the Great Zhou royal palace, how could this man block the sword simply by using a pair of hands!

Xiao Song Gong looked at the middle aged man standing by the door and had mixed feelings. He remembered something, but dared not to believe it.

A extremely soft breaking sound came up.

This sound was so light that only the disciples who stood closest to Xiao Song Gong could hear it.

Furthermore, only they could see clearly that on the sheath tied to Elder Xiao Song Gong’s waist, a fragment appeared!

As disciples of Li Mountain, how could they not understand what it represented?

It was not a draw. The seemingly ordinary middle aged man actually defeated Elder Xiao Song Gong!


The palace was very quiet. Everyone’s look fell on the ordinary man who was standing behind Luo Luo.

Xu Shi Ji was so mad that his face turned green. He also felt so shocked. He knew that the female student of the Tradition Academy, Luo Luo, had an uncommon background but he never expected that she actually had subordinates with such terrifying strength! Who was that middle aged man? Who is this little girl named Luo Luo?

The rope on Xiao Song Gong’s bony body slowly moved because wind was blowing it up. His hands were also trembling slightly in his sleeves.

The previous fight ended very quickly. It seemed like there was no win or lose, but he knew he lost. He was injured, his vessels were harmed, and his Qi was spilling out….but what really shocked him, wasn’t the man’s strength, but something that he faintly recalled, someone.

Something in the past, someone in the past.

Xiao Song Gong looked at the middle aged man, squinted. He was still uncertain but he asked, “You are…”

The middle aged man who stood behind Luo Luo coughed. It can be seen that he was also injured from the previous fight.

The cough was very soft, but it was like a thunder strike in Xiao Song Gong’s ears.

The middle aged man said, “Yes, it’s me.”

Xiao Song Gong’s emotion suddenly changed. His old cheek became as pale as snow and infinite anger appeared in his eyes. He could not hide his fear in the depth.

“Jin Yu Lu!”

“How are you here!”


Xiao Song Gong’s angry and resentful shout echoed in the Wei Yang Palace.

Besides it, there weren’t any sounds.

Everyone was dumbfounded. They looked on the middle aged man and no longer contained confusion but instead only contained shock, respect and fear.

Gou Han Shi, Guan Fei Bai, and other direct disciples all had heard of their granduncle’s biggest resentment. Now they all looked at the middle aged man with a complex feeling.

Even a person as arrogant and cold as Tang Thirty Six was surprised after hearing the name Jin Yu Lu. His eyes opened up widely as if he wanted to make sure if he was seeing the real person.

Chen Chang Sheng knew this middle aged man. He only knew that this man was more of Luo Luo’s butler. The daily foods delivered from the Herb Garden were also arranged by this man. Chen Chang Sheng had a few talks with this man before but did not see anything special. He only felt that this middle aged man was very annoying, like a climacteric middled aged woman.

The middle aged man was the Official Jin in the Herb Garden.

How could Chen Chang Sheng have thought that this butler who was like a middle aged woman would be such a strong man.

However, he had never heard of the name Jin Yu Lu so he couldn’t understand the silence and the weird looks on people’s faces.

Jin Yu Lu was one of the legends in this continent.

During that era, when Humans and Yao united to fight against the Demons, he was the Hay Officer three times.

Being the Hay Officer was extremely important because if he messed up, then unimaginable consequence might occur.

When he said he would deliver the army provisions and weapons to where and when, then he would definitely make it. There were never any accidents.

Because he stood by his words.

Anyone who doubted his decision would die in the North.

Jin Yu Lu, the head of the four Generals of Yao.

The first Emperor of the Great Zhou once praised: His words are the equivalent to gold! (In Chinese, it was supposed to be Jin Ke Yu Lu. The author put his name in this idiom.)


The principal of Heavenly Academy, Mao Qiu Yu sighed, stood up.

Prince Chen Liu felt helpless and stood up.

Mo Yu felt a headache and rubbed the center of her eyebrows. She also stood up.

Based on Jin Yu Lu’s accomplishment and personality, they obviously had to stand up to pay respect. They had to stand up first because Jin Yu Lu revealed his identity. Their action set a precedent for the others in the palace to follow.

The Ivy Festival tonight would definitely be recorded in history.

After a while, the rest of people also reacted.

Their eyes moved from Jin Yu Lu to the little girl in front of him. The eyes moved very slowly because they were so heavy.

The Southern Ambassadors’ faces turned pale. Guan Fei Bai felt so unwilling and reluctant that even his breath got heavy.

Gou Han Shi’s expression became serious thinking that she was actually in the capital.

At the seats of Heavenly Academy, Zhuang Huan Yu slowly stood up. His eyes were filled with pain. He couldn’t even stand up straight as if he had lost part of his soul.

Since the first night of the Ivy Festival, many people had been guessing the identity of the little girl.

People only knew she had an uncommon background, but no one could guess correctly.

Accurately speaking, no one dared to guess in that direction.

Tonight, Jin Yu Lu stood quietly behind the little girl. It was easy now for the people to know her true identity.

Tang Thirty Six looked at Luo Luo with a complex feeling as he was thinking of something.

A complete silence. No one said anything.

There had to be someone to break this silence.

Chen Chang Sheng turned and looked at Luo Luo quietly.

Luo Luo looked down, mumbled, “Master, I didn’t mean to lie to you.”

In the Tradition Academy she had said, as long as Chen Chang Sheng asked, she would definitely say it.

Chen Chang Sheng didn’t ask.

Now, he didn’t need to ask.

But something seemed to be absent.

Chen Chang Sheng looked at little girl’s nervous look, laughed and asked softly, “Who are you?”

She thought and said, “I am Luo Luo.”

Chen Chang Sheng said seriously, “This is not a bad thing. This is something to be proud of.”

“Yes, master.”

Luo Luo looked up staring at the people in the palace. She stepped up calmly.

She was only an ordinary little girl wearing a school uniform who looked pretty but a little immature.

Yet as she walked one step forward, she stood in front of the entire world. She stood in front of everyone.

Her school uniform look as if it transformed into the royal robe. A noble aura was emitting out from her.

Everyone felt the world was lit up.

The entire palace seemed to be actually brighter.

This was the real noble aura.

People subconsciously avoided to look at her eyes. Some even took many steps back.

Not because of fear, but because she was shining.

She was like a rising sun.

Calm but warm, but people had to keep enough respect and stay away enough distance from her.

She looked at people and said calmly and proudly, “My last name is White Emperor. The White Emperor’s last name.”

Yao realm ranged tens of thousands of miles in the West. In the depths of the realm, there was a big city located on the origin of the Forgotten River. The city was very lofty and the Red River of Eight Hundred Miles was flowing around the city.

The city was named the City of White Emperor because the White Emperor lived there.

She was the sole daughter of the current White Emperor.

The two sides of the Red River of Eight Hundred Miles were all her territory.

She was Luo Luo.

She was princess Luo Luo.

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