Chapter 72: Please Enlighten

Dropping out of a school is a big thing. Dropping out of Heavenly Academy is an even bigger thing.

The reason why Vice Principal Zhuang’s reaction was so strong was because he knew clearly that if a student left the Heavenly Academy, other schools would not dare to accept him. Yes, Priest Academy, Li Palace, Startaker Academy, and Thirteen Division of Green Light all had their own backgrounds, but ultimately, in the capital, the Heavenly Academy was the special one….

How could he expect such a twist in the sequence of events? The Tradition Academy stepped up to take Tang Thirty Six.

Zhuang Huan Yu saw Zhuang vice principal’s worrying expression and felt bitter. He looked at Chen Chang Sheng and said, “He’s a student of Heavenly Academy. The Tradition Academy doesn’t even have a principal or teachers yet and you don’t know the rules. You can’t just accept him like this.”

As Zhuang Huan Yu said, Chen Chang Sheng didn’t understand the hidden rules and never thought that the Tradition Academy couldn’t accept Tang Thirty Six. Nevertheless, Chen Chang Sheng turned around and reminded Luo Luo, “After we return, remember to add his name to the list. Don’t forget to get his finger print as well.”

After hearing this, Tang Thirty felt a little weird. He thought he just sold himself and was counting money for his owner.

Luo Luo agreed without a trace of hesitation.

The people in the palace were a little surprised, especially the teachers and students sitting in the seats near them. They could see clearly that her attitude toward Chen Chang Sheng was exactly the attitude of a student to a teacher. The crowd was even more shocked. What did this youngster named Chen do to make Princess Luo Luo respect and admire him so much?

“Sadly, it’s a little late.”

Since he said he would join Traditional Academy, it was obvious that Tang Thirty Six wouldn’t take back his decision. He was only a little dissatisfied that he didn’t enter the Tradition Academy earlier because the night would have been more interesting. He would’ve went out of his way to help a friend and maintain the face of an academy in ruins. How cool would that be? But now the entire continent knew Princess Luo Luo was studying in Traditional Academy and just now, he joined the school. He never did maintain the face of the academy, but rather, it felt like he was trying to find a fast way out of trouble.

Chen Chang Sheng knew what he was thinking about and thought he was thinking too much, “Don’t worry about these details. You don’t have to worry about other people’s opinions. Right now, there are only us in the academy where simplicity is at its finest. It’s meaningless to make things complicated.”

Tang Thirty Six thought the reasons were true but he was irritated that Chen Chang Sheng was giving advice already. Tang Thirty Six mocked, “And now you’re starting to teach me already?”

The people in the palace were looking at these three talking about their business in Traditional Academy. Their feelings were complicated, but they all knew that after tonight the school that once was in ruins will truly gain a new life. Tradition Academy which was forgotten for many years, has officially returned to the eyes of the world. Yes, although the current Tradition Academy only had four students with no principal, no teachers and no servants and it was still as quiet as before, after tonight, who would dare to ignore Tradition Academy like before?

Clapping suddenly started in the palace. It was loud and steady and without a hint of hesitation or fakeness. It wasn’t dragged out intentionally and it wasn’t done in mockery.

After the applause, Gou Han Shi’s voice was heard as well.

He looked at Chen Chang Sheng and the other two and then said sincerely, “Congratulations, Tradition Academy.”

Everyone’s face froze.

This was the second time Gou Han Shi spoke in tonight’s Ivy Festival.

Previously when Chen Chang Sheng showed his marriage vow and silenced the entire palace, Gou Han Shi’s first words asked Chen Chang Sheng to consider Xu You Rong’s feelings and decision. His words were calm and easy, but it pointed to the softest and weakest spots of human’s heart. If the white crane hadn’t arrive from the north, it would be hard to determine which direction tonight’s situation would go.

At this moment, he spoke out again.

People in the palace were a little nervous. They knew something was about to happen.

Mo Yu was thinking of ending the Ivy Festival midway so that she could end the proposal which had already turned into a drama but because of Xiao Song Gong’s attack and Jin Yu Lu’s shocking appearance, she couldn’t do anything. So what was going to happen next?

Tang Thirty Six dropped out of Heavenly Academy and there was internal matter in the Zhou people. He joined the Tradition Academy directly afterwards but all of this was irrelevant to the Southerners. The silence of the Southern ambassadors didn’t mean they accepted what was going on. The Ivy Festival did not end, but rather, it had just began.

Gou Han Shi’s expression was indifferent as if the South hadn’t been embarrassed by Chen Chang Sheng.

“On my way to the capital, I already knew that the Tradition Academy had reopened. I had been thinking, after more than ten years, the Tradition Academy, a place with such uncommon history, should indeed be revitalized by now. I was very happy about it. But I was curious, what type of person can take on such a great responsibility?

He looked at Chen Chang Sheng and the other two and said, “Tonight I know. Princess Luo Luo is actually at the Tradition Academy, and the princess’s master is actually a student of the Tradition Academy. With this, how can the Tradition Academy not be revitalize?”

“Many people want to know, after all, how far did the Tradition Academy come by now and I am no exception. Thank the Divine Queen for allowing all of the students in the South to participate in the Great Trial and the court for even inviting us to the Ivy Festival this year.”

Upon saying this, Gou Han Shi left his seat and walked a few steps down even though it only got him a few steps closer to Chen Chang Sheng’s group who were standing by the door. But now, he was standing right in front of them. He spoke to them kindly and calmly,

“Tonight is the third night of the Ivy Festival, also the last chance for the Six Ivies and other students who were invited to compete.”

“We came from ten thousand miles away and since we are participating the Ivy Festival, we obviously can’t miss it.”

“I, as a representative of the Li Mountain Sword sect, ask the Tradition Academy to please enlighten.” (In this case, please enlighten is a polite way of asking people to have a fight, or compete)


The palace was very quiet. Although not as dead as before, strangely, people were not surprised by Gou Han Shi’s suggestion. It was like everyone had already guessed that such thing would happen and actually hoped for it.

But before Gou Han Shi said this, people actually didn’t think of it. Tonight was the Ivy Festival.

To the Southern Ambassadors, Gou Han Shi’s suggestion was the best choice.

If he directly challenges Chen Chang Sheng, people would think that the Li Mountain felt angry about their unsuccessful proposal for Qiu Shan Jun and therefore wanted to revenge. He didn’t mention the fight between elder Xiao Song Gong and Jin Yu Lu and the story that happened in the past. He didn’t mention princess Luo Luo’s identity. And he also didn’t mention Tang Thirty Six’s disrespect to his sect but only mentioned the Ivy Festival.

There’s a rule in the Ivy Festival which said schools could challenge each other.

This was not a rule made by the Great Zhou First Emperor and it was also unrelated to the second Emperor. The Ivy Festival was the Great Trial, and both had its history and traditions. Therefore, the rules in the Ivy Festival should still be respected or were the Zhou people ready to break the rules themselves?

The palace was wordless, people remained silent.

At this moment, surprisingly, Gou Han Shi spoke up again.

He looked at Chen Chang Sheng said indifferently ,”Yes, what I just said was simply an excuse, or a reason.”

Chen Chang Sheng felt a bit dazed. Luo Luo felt a bit surprised. Tang Thirty Six felt a bit shocked. They all didn’t understand why he suddenly said this.

People in the palace felt even more astounded.

“Tonight, too many things had happened. No matter right or wrong, to us Southerners, to us Li Mountain Sword sect, there not delighting things. More importantly, my oldest senior is not present, to this thing so no one can hear his opinions. I think this is unfair.”

Gou Han Shi looked at Chen Chang Sheng calmly and said, “As a disciple of Li Mountain, I have responsibility to protect the reputation of my sect. As a junior, I want to represent my senior to show his attitude and so although I know the excuse or reason I used is boring but I still want to do something because we need to calmly leave the palace.”

Lastly, he made a bow to salute Chen Chang Sheng and said, “Please enlighten.”

The entire field was silent, everyone looked to Chen Chang Sheng, Luo Luo and Tang Thirty Six.

Chen Chang Sheng looked at Gou Han Shi and remained silent for a long time.

He knew Gou Han Shi’s reasoning. Li Mountain sword sect wanted to retain some of its pride by challenging the Tradition Academy and through this process, prove that he was behind Qiu Shan Jun. In fact, Gou Han Shi didn’t hide his thoughts and put everything in front of people.

Was this really justified?

He looked at Gou Han Shi said, “This only seems appropriate.”

Gou Han Shi said calmly, “This isn’t just, but open.”

Yes, his thoughts weren’t justified, but the way Gou Han Shi put everything in the public, the proposal to directly challenge the Tradition Academy, was open and could not be criticized. Therefore, it’s very hard to respond.

Based on Chen Chang Sheng’s personality, if he wasn’t manipulated by the Dong Yu General’s mansion and the high status people in the royal palace, he wouldn’t have acted this way against the marriage. If he was by himself, facing Gou Han Shi’s challenge, he absolutely would turn around and leave.

But now, he wasn’t by himself. He was representing the Tradition Academy.

He already felt attached to the school that had a big banian, a pond, a building filled with books, and an abandoned well.

The Li Mountain sword sect was not challenging him, but the Tradition Academy.

Then, he could not completely follow his own thinking.

He looked towards Luo Luo and Tang Thirty Six and wanted to know their opinions but he found out helplessly that both Luo Luo and Tang Thirty Six had strong desires in their eyes. Their eyes were extremely bright and burning to the extent that other people couldn’t even look directly at their eyes.

Indeed, people couldn’t look directly at the two people’s desire to fight and their fearless hearts.

“Eh…fight or not?” Chen Chang Sheng asked.

There wasn’t any principal or teacher in the Tradition Academy, only them. When facing such a big thing, obviously, they had to discuss it together.

Luo Luo was still yielding and said, “If master wants fight, then let’s do it.”

Tang Thirty Six looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot and said, “They already said it already, won’t you feel shameful to not fight?”

It seems there wasn’t a clear answer. Luo Luo said she would listen to his words. Tang Thirty Six used a question, but in reality, everyone knew their meaning.


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