Chapter 76 Not Bad

Hearing Cheng Chang Sheng’s voice, Gou Han Shi’s expression turned serious.

“Split the Ghost of Mountain!”

“Horizontal Star Hook!”

“Essence Dew of Tree!”

He said the three phrases.

They were three combos.

The three combos of the technique practiced by Mountain Li’s Sword Sect.

The two didn’t look at Tang Thirty Six or Qi Jian who were on the field and they didn’t look at the confused crowd on the stone stairs in front of the palace.

They just looked at each other and stated the techniques.

In fact, when Chen Chang Sheng said the first strike, Gou Han Shi started countering him.

Chen Chang Sheng’s second attack was a reply to Gou Han Shi’s counter.

Their voices floated in the silent Wei Yang Palace and into the arena and darkness of the night.

Their voices weren’t loud, but they were clear. Especially in the ears of Tang Thirty Six and Qi Jian, their voices were like thunder as it struck down with all its might!

Qi Jian’s expression was serious. He held his sword and cried out loud. His thin body left shadows in the darkness because of its extreme speed.

The dark Iron Rule in his hand struck through the night wind silently. It was like a demon with a rock as its snack.

“Split the Ghost of Mountain!”

Tang Thirty Six’s became cautious. He raised his sword to hang in front of his body. The second combo that Gou Han Shi called for was Horizontal Star Hook but he didn’t know what it was. He didn’t know if it would be as strong as Splitting the Ghost of Mountain, but he faintly knew that the three combos used by Qi Jian were of the same technique. They can amplify each other so that their power can reach staggering heights!

If Tang Thirty Six were to use his own method, he probably would take the first two hits, but he wasn’t sure if could sustain the last and strongest combo.

Chen Chang Sheng’s voice was still echoing in his head.

Those four words were clear and he was familiar with the four sword techniques.

In this moment, he didn’t have time to think how Chen Chang Sheng knew about the sword techniques of his family. He reacted instinctively and followed Chen Chang Sheng’s words. He raised the sword in his hand.

Just when he raised Wei Shui Sword, he noticed something wrong.

How could he connect those four sword techniques!

Flipped Golden Tube is the seventh combo of Yuan Feng Technique. Sea Essence was the eleventh combo of Kai Zong Sword. Shadow on the Window was the third combo of Yuan Feng Technique. Forest Longsword was the beginning of Kai Zong Sword!

They were sword combos from two different styles, how could they be mixed and used? The path of qi of these two techniques were completely different, how could he force them to connect? Wasn’t Chen Chang Sheng afraid that his qi would travel in opposite ways and get him injured internally? He followed his teacher to practice the Tang Sword when he was young, but he never heard that he could use his family’s sword technique like this.

Even if Tang Thirty Six was confused, he didn’t have time to sort it out now.

Qi Jian’s sword already arrived and after the terrifying power of Split the Ghost of Mountain, the form of Horizontal Star Hook began to take shape!

Tang Thirty Six made an decision and used Flipped Golden Tube.

Connected it to Sea Essence.

His qi traveled to his wrist and then suddenly dropped. He followed an undiscovered path.

Only this way could the Flipped Golden Tube be connected to Sea Essence.

Tang Thirty Six was mentally preparing himself for the internal injury due to wrong path of qi.

Except……nothing happened.

His qi comfortably traveled from the acupoint of his wrist into the veins.

He wasn’t injured, but that comfortable and open feeling made him want to cry out for joy!

Tang Thirty Six became confident and his sword was slashing like the wind. It stopped Qi Jian’s sword and switched from Sea Essence to the Shadow on the Window!

There was still no problem at all!

His path of qi was traveling swiftly. He even felt that those two sword combos were not from two different techniques and that they should originally be used together!

Countless sword clashing noises were heard in the night sky.

The people spectating on the stone stairs saw Tang Thirty Six’s body become strangely swift, just like a puppet with broken strings. In the moment of his rush, it seemed awkward, but it gave off a logical feeling!

No matter how powerful Qi Jian’s sword was, it couldn’t seal Tang Thirty Six inside.

After the sword clashing, Qi Jian finally used Essence Dew of Tree.

This was the last combo Gou Han Shi commanded for.

This combo was an execution combo in the sword techniques of Mountain Li. It took the death and isolation from the snow mountains and single peaks.

Hidden behind the fancy sword technique was the deadly, murderous way.

The Iron Rule seemed to be covered in snow and frost. Pressure was slowing coming onto the field.

Just like the arrival of winter, it was slow, yet unstoppable.

If he didn’t hear Chen Chang Sheng’s voice, Tang Thirty Six probably would’ve used the most aggressive combo and tried to end the fight in a tie. Or perhaps, he would try to end Qi Jian and himself in the technique and attack Qi Jian’s weakness in pressure.

But he didn’t need to do it now.

He just used a simple combo.

“Longsword of Forest!”

It was the beginning combo of Family Tang’s Kai Zong Sword.

If it was any other time, this beginning combo of Kai Zong Sword would be useless.

But previously, Tang Thirty Six’s sword successfully countered Qi Jian’s techniques and therefore, he was ready for the last combo.

No matter what angle, form, path of qi, or state of mind, he was ready for everything.

The forest was covered in frost.

But his longsword hung above the single peaks.

He drew back in the sword with his wrist.

Wen Shui sword was dragged across the Iron Rule and a spark was lit.

The sword couldn’t harm Qi Jian, but it started the wind.

After the nightly wind, his elbow hit Qi Jian’s sword-wielding hand.

It was a clean shot.

A light clash.

The Iron Rule flew in the air and landed in the depths of darkness.


Tang Thirty Six took two steps back and put his sword back into its sheath.

Qi Jian lowered his head and looked at his empty right hand. He was confused and then a moment later, he realized that…….he had lost.

Just a moment, his eyes were wet. He was sad and disappointed.

Seeing him like this, Tang Thirty Six was irritated, “What are you grieving about? You are still stronger than me. Normally I can’t defeat you, but……just the Tradition Academy didn’t lose.”

He was a prideful person, and he needed to state the truth – although Tradition Academy didn’t lose, it didn’t mean he won.

Qi Jian shut his mouth tightly and didn’t want to cry. His small face was red and said with a crying tone, “Thank you.”

Then he glanced at his senior, who he respected the most and wanted to understand what had happened.

Gou Han Shi was looking at Chen Chang Sheng,

The entire field was silent.

Everyone was looking at Chen Chang Sheng.

A lot of people didn’t understand what happened, perhaps even Tang Thirty Six himself couldn’t explain it properly.

Everyone now realized the most important point was the last sword draw and elbow hit. That combo was so delicate and precise that it was strange that it happened.

But everyone knew that what led to that precise strike was the previous setups.

The sword combos that Chen Chang Sheng stated.

Mao Qiu Yu looked at Chen Chang Sheng surprised. Prince Chen Liu looked at him with respect in his eyes. Xu Shi Ji and the head of Family of Qiu Shan didn’t look so well, and Mo Yu’s expression was complicated. She didn’t understand earlier how Chen Chang Sheng could leave Tong Palace. Now she knew that actually everyone underestimated this youngster.

Tonight, many people understood Chen Chang Sheng for the first time.

Including Xu Shi Ji and Mo Yu who have met him before.

The wrinkles on the bishop’s face was relaxed and he said, “Not bad, not bad.”

Everyone knew his comment of “not bad” wasn’t targetting Tang Thirty Six, but rather Chen Chang Sheng.

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