Chapter 84: A Full Night Talk

The willow trees around River Luo were waving back and forth in the night.

Luo Luo’s eyes widened. She looked at Chen Chang Sheng and said, “I’m very happy to know you as well.”

Tang Thirty Six scratched his head and felt that it was his turn to express his thoughts so he added, “All right, I’m happy to know you guys too.”

Chen Chang Sheng was speaking from his heart. When he decided in the old temple of Xi Ning Village to come to the capital, he never thought he would encounter so much trouble and meet so many people. An ordinary youngster like him became friends with the son of Wei Shui’s Family of Tang, a genius on the Honor Roll of Green Cloud. It was even luckier for him to meet the only daughter of White Emperor, the most noble Yao Princess in the entire continent.

“Don’t think of yourself as an ordinary youngster.”

Tang Thirty Six saw his expression and knew what he was thinking about, “That day when we met during the entrance exam of Heavenly Academy, I was sure that you were not an ordinary person. You are a genius…… am I so sure that you are a genius? Because a genius like myself want to be friends with you.”

Chen Chang Sheng thought back to the tavern when Tang Thirty Six said some similar things. It may seem like he was complimenting Chen Chang Sheng, but whilst doing so, he was praising himself.

Luo Luo thought what Tang Thirty Six said was logical. She always believed that Chen Chang Sheng was the most talented person in the world.

“Plus you are the fiance of Xu You Rong.”

Tang Thirty Six looked at him and said, “From just this fact, who in this continent would think that you are just an ordinary person?”

Luo Luo clapped and admiration filled her face. “Yes, yes,” she agreed.

Chen Chang Sheng was a little stumped. He looked at Tang Thirty Six and asked, “Why do I feel like this is the most important point you are trying to express?”

“What I am trying to say is that you should tell us about such an important thing next time.”

Tang Thirty Six reached his arm in front of Chen Chang Sheng and said, “Let me see that.”

“See what?” Chen Chang Sheng was confused.

“That marriage vow, of course.”

Tang Thirty Six looked at him as if Chen Chang Sheng was an idiot, “It’s the marriage vow of Xu You Rong!”

After showing the marriage vow in the palace, Chen Chang Sheng had already put the paper back into his pocket. But seeing Tang Thirty Six’s desperate eyes, he couldn’t not let Tang Thirty Six see it. However, he remembered that Xu You Rong’s date of birth was on the marriage vow, so Chen Chang Sheng didn’t open the sheet after taking it out. It was fine to just look at the outside.

Tang Thirty Six was more than satisfied by looking at Xu You Rong’s marriage vow. Even Luo Luo came around and looked at it curiously.

Tang Thirty Six touched the surface of the marriage vow with his hand and sighed, “Well then Xu You Rong…….never thought you would be in this kind of situation right?”

Chen Chang Sheng put the marriage vow back into his pocket and asked confusingly, “What kind of situation?”

Tang Thirty Six answered, “Marriage kind of situation.”

Chen Chang Sheng was still confused, “Isn’t it common for girls to get married?”

Tang Thirty Six said, “A woman like Xu You Rong……always gives off a feeling that she won’t ever marry to anyone.”

Chen Chang Sheng was speechless, but then he remembered that other name constantly mentioned together with Xu You Rong and asked, “What about….Qiu Shan Jun?”

Tang Thirty Six felt that Qiu Shan Jun was boring so he steered the conversion away from him, “We should be happy tonight, why are we mentioning something unhappy?”

Luo Luo asked, “Even if she does marry, why are you happy?”

Tang Thirty said righteously, “I’m happy for the young people who are under her in the Honor Roll of Green Cloud.”

Luo Luo nodded, “You are one of the young people under her.”

Tang Thirty Six was a little embarrassed, “So what? After she gets married, she won’t stay outdoor and fight everyone.”

Luo Luo said, “Why not? Who said that after a girl gets married, she can’t go out anymore? The Divine Queen wouldn’t agree to your opinion.”

“Only one person needs to agree with me.”

Tang Thirty Six glanced at Chen Chang Sheng and said, “Discipline your wife. Don’t let her come out and bother us.”

Chen Chang Sheng smiled but said nothing in return.


It was deep into the night when they returned back to Tradition Academy. Xuan Yuan Po woke up from the noise and opened the door. Under the lamp, the Yao youngster’s right arm was in a cast and his left hand was using a cane. He seemed to be a wounded veteran who returned from the battlefield and may fall at any second.

“Weren’t you healing him before? How come he’s in a worse state now?” Tang Thirty Six was a little surprised and looked at Chen Chang Sheng.

Chen Chang Sheng said, “If you can make him stay in one place for two days and not want to kick rocks and punch trees whenever he sees them, then perhaps his wound will heal more quickly.”

Xuan Yuan Po embarrassingly rubbed his head and said, “I won’t do it again or it would be a waste to skip an event like tonight’s Ivy Festival.”

Jin Yu Lu knew the princess would definitely talk about tonight’s event with Chen Chang Sheng and the other students, so he rode the carriage back to Herb Garden first.

The four walked from the entrance to the library and Xuan Yuan Po asked about the Ivy Festival. Before Luo Luo could say anything, Tang Thirty Six answered, “Yes, we won.”

When he was speaking, his expression was so calm as if he was talking about nothing major. He waved his hands like he was dusting off sand; as if nothing much happened.

Xuan Yuan Po was a honest and simple Yao youngster so he didn’t understand such posture and asked, “Who did we win against?”

“Mountain Li’s Sword Sect challenged us. And then we came out victorious.”

Tang Thirty Six said, “Oh, by the way. I’m also now a student of Traditional Academy. You can call me Senior Tang.”

Xuan Yuan Po wasn’t interested in Tang Thirty Six becoming his classmate. Although he was honest and simple, he wouldn’t just call him senior. But hearing Tang Thirty Six announce that Tradition Academy won against Mountain Li’s Sword Sect, he couldn’t help but say, “You woke me up in the middle of the night just to tell me this joke?”

“It’s not a joke,” Luo Luo looked at him and said, “We really won against Mountain Li’s Sword Sect.”

Xuan Yuan Po was stumped. He still thought they were telling a joke, but…… his princess confirmed it. He had to believe his princess.

After they arrived at the library and sat down on the dark wood floor, the Yao Youngster realized that their words were actually true. He thought back to yesterday when he kicked the rock around the lake and broke his foot because he was mad at himself for not being able to participate in the Ivy Festival due to his injury. It was unfortunate for him to miss the scenes that happened tonight.

The night was long but the youngsters couldn’t fall asleep. The three who participated in the Ivy Festival were tired, but their spirits were still excited. They had different reasons to be excited. Tang Thirty Six was because of freedom, Luo Luo was because of victory, and Chen Chang Sheng was because of his newfound respect that he earned. All in all, they wanted to continued talking and live in the moment forever.

Chen Chang Sheng took out his long saved barley tea and said, “Drinking this tea at night won’t harm our brains and it is beneficial to our organs.

Luo Luo wouldn’t let him boil the tea himself. She took the tea leaves and went on boiling the water.

The tea was done after a short while.

“Even if you went, you would’ve only been able to watch. If you got pressured by the southerners to enter the competition, then we could’ve only tied with the opponent. Because you would definitely lose, and Chen Chang Sheng would lose as well.”

Tang Thirty Six took the tea cup that Luo Luo handed over and looked at Xuan Yuan Po while commenting casually.

Suddenly, he remembered that this tea was prepared and handed to him by Princess Luo Luo. Immediately, he felt the hotness of the tea cup and almost spilled it.

The tea that was prepared by the princess herself. Even his grandfather never got such an opportunity.

How come Chen Chang Sheng’s luck was so good? How come he randomly accepted a female student that happened to be the daughter of White Emperor?

When he was thinking, Tang Thirty Six looked at Chen Chang Sheng differently.

Just at this moment, Xuan Yuan Po said enviously, “I would be satisfied even if I was only looking at you guys in glory.”

Hearing this, Tang Thirty Six was more irritated. He put the tea cup down and said, “Glory? All the glory belonged to Chen Chang Sheng. Luo Luo and I were just two puppets.”

“Didn’t you retreat when master told you to retreat?”

Luo Luo, “You are refuting it now, but your body was honest to your heart.”

Silence filled the library.

Tang Thirty Six forcefully switched the topic, “Aren’t you guys interested?”

“Interested in what?”

“Why I left Heavenly Academy.”

Chen Chang Sheng and Luo Luo didn’t answer and Xuan Yuan Po was drinking his tea. They all expressed their attitude clearly.

Tang Thirty Six was even more irritated. He ignored their reactions and continued, “Zhuang Huan Yu is the son of vice principal Zhuang. He was given birth by the principal’s former wife. Yes, his mother was dead a long time ago and Zhuang Huan Yu lived in poverty when he was young…….The father and son met each other again in the capital. But years ago, vice principal Zhuang and my mother……..well, you guys understand.”

It wasn’t a complicated family history; not much drama. Basically Tang Thirty Six was dragged into this trouble.

Chen Chang Sheng didn’t ask anything because this business was Tang Thirty Six’s personal matter. He was more interested with the relationship between Jin Yu Lu and elder Xiao Song Gong.

Hearing his question, Tang Thirty Six looked at Luo Luo and said, “How could a hero like General Jin be a carriage rider? Even if the princess’s status is high, it’s still inappropriate.

Luo Luo said, “Uncle Jin enjoys taking care of financial businesses. Even my father couldn’t convince him otherwise, what can I do?”
The story between Jin Yu Lu and Xiao Song Gong wasn’t complicated either, but it was about blood and iron.

Years ago in that war with Demon Race, Mountain Li’s Sword Sect’s Xiao Song Gong and his companions were responsible for transporting military supply. However, their delivery was late and the punishment was supposed to be death sentence. Back in those days, Xiao Song Gong and his companions were extremely talented young xiuxingists. They were basically the same rank as the current day Seven Rules of Heaven. The southern generals in the alliance begged for mercy but Jin Yu Lu, who was responsible for the supply deliver field didn’t alter his decision. He killed the three people and when he was up to Xiao Song Gong, who was placed the highest hope in Mountain Li, the head of Mountain Li begged the Zhou Emperor to stop him. White Emperor also stepped in and voiced his opinion. Finally, Jin Yu Lu agreed to spare him.

Because of this, the head of Mountain Li gave the entire sword technique of Mountain Li to White Emperor as a gift. But also because of this, after the war with Demon race was over, Jin Yu Lu never accepted White Emperor’s reward and left. He lived in a ranch and became a farmer. Only until the birth of Luo Luo did he return to the royal palace, City of White Emperor.

The story of the past was done. Now it’s back to the present.

The joy of tonight has passed and dark clouds will cover tomorrow morning.

The young people in the library started thinking about the troubles Tradition Academy will face in the future.

Chen Chang Sheng sighed and said, “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but I think there will be a lot of troubles ahead of us.




Editor Bing: That stupid Vice- be messing with other people’s wives. Like seriously? wth and that is not drama? welll….


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