Chapter 89: The Scattered Curtain of Rain

After cursing, Chen Chang Sheng finally felt relieved. But he suddenly realized that the atmosphere around the entrance got even heavier. What was strange was that this heaviness originated from Tang Thirty Six and Xuan Yuan Po. The expressions on their faces were awkward, especially Tang Thirty Six’s. He looked at Chen Chang Sheng with such a surprised look as if Chen Chang Sheng was an idiot.

The young noble was also severely shocked. He thought to himself, perhaps there are people in the capital who dared to yell at him, but who dared to bring shame to his grand aunt? The knights never thought such a thing would happen either. They were so surprised that they forgot about their rage. A weird silence filled the entrance of Tradition Academy.

“Do you know who he is?” Tang Thirty Six walked toward Chen Chang Sheng and whispered.

Chen Chang Sheng answered, “Who else could he be? He’s probably a member of the Family of Tian Hai.”

“You knew that he is a member of Family of Tian Hai and dared to curse like that?” Tang Thirty Six said while breathing heavily.

Chen Chang Sheng was confused, “Aren’t you not afraid of Famiiy of Tian Hai? Plus you also said that the Divine Queen and Family of Tian Hai are two different things.”

Tang Thirty Six looked at him stumped. He stared at him for a long time and finally realized that Chen Chang Sheng didn’t really understand. That curse was just a coincidence, or rather, a mistake. If weren’t for the serious situation Tang Thirty Six was in, he would have started laughing. But since this was serious, he held it in. Tang Thirty Six’s face got all red from his effort to keep himself from laughing out loud.

“What happened?” Chen Chang Sheng was still confused.

Tang Thirty Six patted on his shoulder and sympathized, “Family of Tian Hai isn’t the same thing as Divine Queen, but this person’s grand aunt…….is the Divine Queen herself.”

Chen Chang Sheng was stunned. He didn’t know what to say. Of course he knew Divine Queen’s last name was Tian Hai but he never thought that his random curse – or more precisely, his first curse would target the Divine Queen.

His expression was a little odd. He wanted to travel back in time but obviously that wasn’t possible. He couldn’t take the words back either so he could only lower his head and watch the raindrops hit the ground and pretend nothing happened earlier.

That young noble finally came back to his senses and looked at Chen Chang Sheng with a strange look. Perhaps he was so furious that a smile climb up to the corner of his lips, but his voice was colder than the autumn rain that was falling from the sky. He praised, “Such an outstanding youngster.”

Anyone who dared to curse at the Divine Queen on the streets of Zhou capital was obviously outstanding. And usually, the people who are standing out of the crowd would die first.

This young noble’s name was Tian Hai Sheng Xue. His grandfather’s name was Tian Hai You Guo. His father’s name was Tian Hai Cheng Wu.

Tian Hai You Guo is the elder brother of the Divine Queen.

The Divine Queen is his grand aunt.

The third generation of Family of Tian Hai included around a dozen people. The most famous of them were the four brothers of the elder wife. They were named the Four Sons of Tian Hai. One of the sons is in the government court, one of them is in the military, one of them is in the business field, the last one is…….fooling around. Tian Hai Sheng Xue is the one who was in the military. He’s also the most powerful xiuxingist in the third generation of Family of Tian Hai. He used to rank twelve on the Honor Roll of Green Cloud but now, he’s a xiuxingist who’s on the Honor Roll of Midas. Furthermore, he’s a strong competitor for the championship of next year’s Great Trial.

Just yesterday he came back to the capital from the northern frontier and heard about what happened in the capital. He also heard news of his cousin, Tian Hai Ya Er, who was disabled after the night of Ivy Festival. He quietly waited one night and made sure Princess Luo Luo left the Tradition Academy for the Academy of Li Palace. Then the first thing he did after waking up was go to the Tradition Academy.

He broke the door of Tradition Academy first and next, he will make Tradition Academy close its doors. He came to the school today to release his anger.

But he never expected his outlet of rage to be interrupted by the youngsters of Tradition Academy. They never played according to the rules; they didn’t say a word, they just held their swords and picked up the broken door and started rushing. Four of his knights were severely injured and lastly, that youngster…cursed at his grand aunt in front of his face.

Tian Hai Sheng Xu had a handsome complexion and his skin was white. Countless girls in the capital and the northern plains fell for him. Now his face got even paler because of the drizzle landing on his skin, just like a pearl. However, only people who are close to him knew that this represented that his anger has reached its maximum point.

Luo Luo’s departure for Academy of Li Palace was the first step for some particular power in the capital to destroy the Tradition Academy. Chen Chang Sheng and the others knew that they will face some big trouble and prepared themselves mentally yesterday under the big tree. Even so, they never knew that the first wave of destruction would come so suddenly and intensely.

This isn’t how the plot of other stories go. In those stories, the enemies would start out weak as mosquitoes and the righteous main character would defeat them. Then, the powerful enemies would come out and start trouble. In this case, the powerful enemy came out in the introduction.

“You came out too early……but, it’s more interesting this way.” Tang Thirty Six picked up his Wen Shui Sword and stood on the stone stairs in the rain.

He suddenly said one word to Chen Chang Sheng who was standing beside him.


A true battle was about to begin. It will be completely different from the competition that occurred last night in the Ivy Festival.

Chen Chang Sheng’s presence in the field would be completely meaningless because he can’t instruct his friends like he did last night. Even if there would be no fatalities in this battle, there will probably be severe injuries. How could Chen Chang Shang’s weak body handle such an immense threat?

And for the chance of victory…… Tang Thirty Six was calm enough to realize it was impossible for such result to occur. Tian Hai Sheng Xue alone could easily defeat three of Tang Thirty Six. Even if Chen Chang Sheng stayed, all three of them together couldn’t win against one arm of their enemy.

But he didn’t hear any foot steps or the splashing noise of boots stepping on water. He turned around and saw that Chen Chang Sheng was still standing in his original position. Tang Thirty Six wrinkled his eyebrows and yelled deeply, “Why are you pretending? Even if you stay, you will be deadweight. You can’t help us, you will only drag us down.”

Xuan Yuan Po nodded but didn’t say a word.

“You don’t have to care about me……I know running away would be the best choice right now, but I just can’t start walking.”

Chen Chang Sheng said, “Plus you guys are not running either, so it doesn’t count as me dragging you guys down.”

Tang Thirty Six thought for a moment and knew he couldn’t convince this guy. He stopped talking, took out Wen Shui Sword and walked out of the entrance. He stepped on the water on the stone stairs. He slapped his Wen Shui Sword on his leg while his feet walked on the pond. Both actions made a clear splashing sound.

Following his slap, the rain water left the blade of the sword like pearls and scattered everywhere.

After been cleansed by rain water, the Wen Shui Sword was bright again. The Setting Dawn that would be used later will be prettier than the first one.

It is hard for them to move their feet when walking backwards. It was much easier to charge forward.

Chen Chang Sheng followed Tang Thirty Six and walked out of the entrance of the Tradition Academy.

Xuan Yuan Po looked at the wooden board that was once the door of the academy. He thought for a moment and didn’t let it go, but rather he kept it in his arms and followed them out.

Outside of Tradition Academy, dozens of knights from the North Army awaited.

But the three youngsters were fearless.

“Crush them.” Tian Hai Sheng Xue commanded expressionlessly with his right hand holding onto the saddle lightly.

He himself would be enough to defeat these three students of Tradition Academy.

But he knew that although it was early in the morning, there were a lot of people in the streets outside of Tradition Academy.

These people wanted to see how Family of Tian Hai would treat the Tradition Academy.

He will crush them directly, he will sabotage Tradition Academy.

He will prove it to the entire world that the honor of Family of Tian Hai is untouchable.

Suddenly, the rain intensified. The raindrops got bigger and landed on the marble floors of Hundred Blossom Street and were scattered into pieces.

The curtain of rain got denser and blocked people’s visions.

Horseshoes were tapping on the ground as if they were booming thunder. Dozens of dark shadows ran towards the entrance of Tradition Academy like arrows.

The battle horses were of unique breeds. They had the bloodline of magical beasts which was why they could accelerate into such a terrifying speed in such a short distance.

Observing this scene, Tang Thirty Six thought to himself, previously when he was getting his sword, he drank a cup of hot tea so why was he feeling so cold now?

Rain fell onto Xuan Yuan Po’s face and moisturized his beard while sinking into his lips. He was confused as to why he was shaking.

It was due to nervousness, and probably fear as well. Even if they were prideful youngsters, they never faced the danger of death.

Chen Chang Sheng’s expression didn’t even change one bit probably because he was under the constant threat of his doomed fate.

Suddenly, a wild wind started in the Hundred Blossom Street. The direction of the rain tilted all over the places.

A shadow with unimaginable speed appeared in the field and passed Chen Chang Sheng while charging at Tian Hai Sheng Xue and the dozen of knights.

A dozen of long spears were broken in half and the knights were thrown onto the ground covered with rain.

No one saw clearly what had happened.

When the sound of broken spears disappeared, two feet landed on the pond of water on the marble floor. In the thick curtain of rain, it scattered.

How fast did that person go?

Naked eyes couldn’t capture his speed, only when he passed the rain did he leave a mark on this world.

Tian Hai Sheng Xue’s pupil contracted. He felt an aura of danger.

He never thought there would be a hidden powerful figure in Tradition Academy.

He didn’t back off, because he knew that no matter how fast he went, he couldn’t escape the opponent.

He screamed and thrust the iron spear in front of him into the curtain of rain.

The place that he targeted was the frontmost location of the scattered curtain of rain.

The qi inside his body rushed out and cooperated with the momentum of the spear and broke through the intense rain in front of him.

Countless raindrops turned into thin strings and circled around the tip of the spear.

Suddenly a fist appeared in the air and crushed into the tip.

When that fist appeared, all of the attention on the iron spear was taken away.

The rain strings swirling around the spear head scattered and disappeared.

That fist broke the boundary of rain and crashed into the head of the spear.

The iron spear of Tian Hai Sheng Xue was obviously no normal weapon. Especially the spear tip which was crafted by the master ironsmith of Zhou Dynasty. It was made of meteorite iron. Who knew how many demon warriors were pierced and killed on the northern plains by this spear. But the tip of the spear was bent from its contact with the fist.

A formidable strength transferred from the spear back to its owner
Tian Hai Sheng Xue’s hands started bleeding and he couldn’t hold onto the handle of the spear anymore. The iron spear shook violently and shot out backwards like an arrow.

If the weapon landed on his chest, even if he didn’t die, he would’ve been injured badly.

Just this moment, another hand appeared in the air.

It was a thin and dry hand.

That hand landed on the shoulder of Tian Hai Sheng Xue.

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